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Quinn POV at the start but the 2nd half morphs into a bit of both.


It was a Wednesday morning getting towards the middle of autumn and Quinn Fabray was getting out of bed ready for school. As she zipped up her bag she thought for a second and turned around back to her wardrobe.

"How could I forget?" She mumbled to herself as she went through her underwear drawer. She pulled out some panties and slipped them into the bottom of her bag.

It was a daily ritual for her now. A few weeks ago when she had had sex with Rachel Berry, she thought it was a good idea and that she would be getting it out of her system. Little did she know it would actually have the opposite effect.

Every time Quinn saw the diva memories flooded he and her arousal skyrocketed. When she heard Rachel sing it did things to Quinn's body that her voice really shouldn't. At first Quinn just did her best to ignore it but she quickly found it to be impossible. Sometimes she would have to run out of glee to a bathroom so she could splash cold water onto her face to try and rid herself of some heat.

Lately Quinn had resigned herself to the fact that Rachel was going to turn her on with as little as a look, so Quinn had just started bringing a second set of panties so she could change whenever the ones she was wearing became too damp. Quinn had also given up to the fact that she couldn't just ignore the Rachel. They saw each other far too often and as an added point, Quinn didn't really want to.

To her credit, Rachel had left Quinn alone as well. They only spoke if it was necessary and just stayed out of each other's way. One of the main reasons Quinn was staying away apart from the fact that her body heated up just hearing Rachel's name, was that she couldn't be certain that Rachel didn't have footage of them last having sex. The thought that it might get out scared her. Not that it was with a girl, more that fact that she was completely at Rachel's mercy as it happened.

By the time it was lunch, Quinn had only seen Rachel once. She waited at her locker because Santana said that they would meet up. After a minute, Quinn regretted that decision deeply. Finn Hudson was basically eating Rachel's face at his locker which was just down the corridor from Quinn's own.

Quinn didn't really know if she found it disgusting or if she was a little jealous. She soon realised it was both. She wanted to walk up and Punch Finn in the face, and then proceed to take Rachel on the floor of the corridor for everyone to see. Santana appeared beside her after a minute.

"Looks like a bear eating its own fluffy vomit, don't you think?" Santana said following the blondes line of sight.

"Get one of the cheerio's to slushie her for me will you?" Quinn asked before she knew what she was doing. She had a plan that she had been thinking of for weeks, it just wasn't very good, and now it was in effect.

"Sure. I know that glint in your eye. You have some kind of plan don't you?" Santana asked.

"Yeah, but only I will notice it and that's the way I want it."

"Okay, I'll tell someone to do it. You can wait here."

"Don't bother coming back. I'm going to disappear after it happens." Quinn informed. Santana looked like she was going to ask but, decided against it. Santana turned away. Less than five minutes later, two you looking cheerio's walked up one of them holding a slushie behind her back.

They split up. The one with her hands free tapped Finn on the shoulder so he turned away from Rachel; the other threw the frozen mess onto Rachel's face. Rachel didn't look all that surprised. She just wiped it from her eyes and turned to go to her locker after telling Finn to just go and have lunch. Quinn followed Rachel as she got her emergency slushie kit out of her locker and went to a bathroom.

The bathroom that Rachel chose wasn't the closest one to her locker, but it was nearly always empty. Rachel walked inside and locked the door after a few seconds. Quinn had banked on that. She waited outside and after about 10 minutes, the door reopened. Rachel stood in the doorway looking fresh in a change of clothes.

Before Rachel could move from the doorway Quinn had pushed her back inside. She closed and locked the door behind them. Rachel looked startled, then angry.

"What the hell Quinn?" Rachel asked. Quinn didn't answer. Instead she stepped forward and grabbed Rachel by the shoulders. Quinn spun her around and pushed her roughly against the door and pressed their bodies together.

"Quinn, what are you doing?" Quinn leaned forward to catch Rachel's lips in her own.

"I want you so badly Rachel. I need to get off." Quinn answered. She kissed Rachel hard again.

"Then why don't you get a fucking hooker?" Rachel asked. Quinn pushed her thigh between Rachel's legs to break them apart.

"I want you Rachel." Quinn ran her tongue along Rachel's bottom lip for entry. Rachel denied it to her.

"Rachel, please." Quinn begged. She started grinding herself on Rachel's thigh. It was a good thing that both girls had gone with dresses today. Quinn licked Rachel's bottom lip again.

"Fine." Rachel said. She allowed Quinn entry and let their tongues battle for dominance in her mouth. Rachel put her hands onto Quinn's hips and gripped hard to stop their movements.

"I have all the control Quinn." Rachel said forcefully. Quinn just nodded. Rachel spun them around so that Quinn was against the door. She shoved her tongue into Quinn's mouth roughly and explored. Quinn moaned loudly. Encouraged, Rachel decided to be rough with the blonde so she bit down on Quinn's bottom lip until she could taste blood.

Rachel thought that it was going to put off Quinn, but how wrong she was. Quinn moaned more loudly than before and wrapped her arms around Rachel's neck to pull her tighter.

"Too many clothes." Quinn breathed out. Rachel nodded. She pulled Quinn's dress over her head as well as her own. Rachel laughed.

"No bra Fabray? We might have to give a bit of a punishment for that." Quinn nodded. Rachel moved forward and took one of Quinn's breasts in her mouth. She sucked hard and pinched the other nipple in her fingers. Quinn moaned. Rachel remember that she was supposed to be punishing Quinn and that she was also trying to be rough, so she bit down on the blondes hardened nub until Quinn whimpered, then she swapped breasts.

Rachel repeated the process before moving her mouth back up to Quinn's neck. She sucked on the panting blondes pulse point before moving her hands to Quinn's panties. She pulled them down and laughed.

"You're so wet Quinn. All for little old me?" Rachel mocked. Quinn remained silent as it was all for Rachel. Without warning, Rachel slammed two fingers into Quinn's dripping cunt, making her breath hitch.

"Yes, Rachel please more." Quinn begged. Rachel complied, slipping another finger into Quinn.

"You're such a slut aren't you Quinn? You follow me into a bathroom with your pussy dripping and ask to get fucked by me. But you're not just any slut are you? You're my slut. Whose slut are you Quinn?" Rachel husked out. Quinn remained silent. Rachel slapped her in the face, lightly enough for there to be no pain, but hard enough to know she meant business.

"Answer me." Rachel said angrily.

"Yours." Quinn whispered.

"What was that Quinn?" Rachel asked slowing her hand.

"I'm your slut Rachel." Quinn said more loudly but still in a soft voice. Rachel picked up the pace of her hand until Quinn was moaning and bucking her hips uncontrollably.

"Good girl. Good sluts aren't ashamed to say that they are sluts to their owners. Your my good little slut aren't you Quinn?" Rachel asked using her hand that wasn't already inside of Quinn to play with the blonde's nipple.

"Yes Rachel. I'm you good slut." Quinn answered.

"All this talk of you being my slut is making you even wetter, isn't it Quinn?" Quinn gathered a little bit of herself respect and shook her head negative. Rachel didn't like that. She took her hands out of Quinn making the blonde whimper at the loss of contact.

"Someone seems to be forgetting their place. Come on Quinn, be a good slut for me and I won't punish you." Rachel said. Quin shook her head again but didn't move. She still really wanted Rachel to make her come.

"Bad girl. Oh well, looks like I will have to punish you." Rachel held out her hand. Hesitantly, Quinn took it. Rachel led her over to the taps and put Quinn's back against the edge. Quinn's body was over the sink, but her feet were still on the ground and her pussy was in front of her body pointed at Rachel.

"No moving." Rachel said as she brought her hand down and slapped Quinn's dripping pussy. Quinn moaned loudly. Rachel did it again with more force, which caused Quinn to moan louder.

"Quinn, your pussy is dripping down your leg. Say that you will be my good little slut and that I own you, and I will clean it up for you." Rachel said in a sweet voice, she wanted Quinn to submit. Quinn on the other hand didn't want to give all the control to Rachel.

"No." Quinn said, but there was very little conviction. Rachel growled in frustration. She grabbed Quinn by the shoulders and spun her around. She pushed her back down so that she was at a right angle, with her head and body on the counter.

"Just say it Quinn and this will all end." Rachel didn't want to have to hurt Quinn. Not badly anyway.

"No." Rachel sighed. Oh well. She reeled her hand back and brought it down on Quinn's ass leaving a red print. There was a sharp intake of breath from Quinn, but no words. Rachel brought her hand down harder. Same results. Again and again with more force each time, Quinn just took it but the pain was evident on her face and her now red ass.

"Be my slut Quinn. Just be my good slut and the pain will go away." Rachel pleaded. Quinn shook her head in the negative again. Rachel reached around and took Quinn's clit between her fingers and ran her other hand along her slit. It was even more drenched than before. She brought the hand with wetness to her lips and greedily sucked off Quinn's juices while rubbing her clit in slow circles. It gave Rachel an idea. She spun Quinn back around to face her.

"We aren't leaving until you admit you like to be owned by me. If you don't say it you will be dripping and throbbing in here for hours. You will be like this." Rachel brought her hand to the waistband of her panties and slipped her own fingers through her wetness. She pulled the glistening fingers out and held them in front of Quinn. Quinn moved her head to suck on Rachel's fingers but was pushed back by Rachel's other hand.

"Do you want it Quinn?" Rachel asked in a mocking voice as she waved her fingers in front of Quinn's face. Quinn licked her lips.

"So much." Quinn responded.

"Say you're my good slut who likes to be owned." Rachel demanded. Quinn was silent for a second.

"I'm your good slut who likes to be owned." Quinn mumbled she just couldn't take it anymore.

"Speak up Quinn."

"I'm your good slut Rachel and I want you to own me, now please fuck me." Quinn begged, completely defeated.

"Good girl. Was that so hard?" Rachel asked as she stuck her fingers into Quinn's mouth who moaned at the taste. When she was done Rachel removed her fingers.

"Rachel please."

"Good slut." Rachel cooed. She brought her hand back to Quinn's dripping hole. Without warning she stuck four fingers into Quinn.

"God Rachel, yes." Quinn breathed out. Before long, she was coming. She bit her lip hard to stop herself from screaming out. Rachel just watched in awe as Quinn's body crunched her fingers and the blonde's body convulsed. When she was sure Quinn had enough control of her body, Rachel slid down Quinn's body to her centre. She licked up the blonde's legs to remove any evidence of the girl's earlier arousal and come. She swapped legs tantalisingly close to her pussy and cleaned off the other leg.

Seeing the cum on Quinn's pussy lips was too great a temptation for Rachel and she licked the folds clean, making Quinn shiver and begin to get wet again. When she was satisfied with her job, Rachel moved back up Quinn's body.

"See you in glee." Rachel said as she turned around threw her dress back over her head and walked out the door. As Quinn got dressed she thought to herself. I denied myself that for the last few weeks? What the hell is wrong with me?