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Quinn walked into the house just after Rachel did. As the smaller girl closed the door, their eyes met. Quinn couldn't believe she had been so lucky. Of course, she had worked hard and done whatever she could to come after Rachel, but that didn't mean it wasn't still a miracle. Just to be able to look at the girl and smile. To actually feel happy about what she had done, it was something she wouldn't trade for anything.

When the door was secure, Quinn quickly closed the gap between their bodies and leant down to catch Rachel in a passionate kiss. It wasn't rushed, forceful or even needy. She had the diva, and she wasn't going to let her go. From what Rachel had said, she wasn't going to let her go either. That meant that there was no need to be forceful or needy. They had each other. They loved each other. And that was what they were going to express. Their feelings, not their urges.

"What did I say about your clothes? I want to be with you, not this fabric." Rachel sounded so serious. Then again, she might have been, Quinn giggled anyway.

"You want my clothes so badly, you should take them."

"I like that idea." Rachel admitted. Quinn smiled as she connected their lips again. She felt Rachel's hands begin to run up and down her sides. It was sensual torture that was giving Quinn shivers and Goosebumps.

"Rachel, please take my dress off." Quinn was growing tired of Rachel's slow teasing of her sides. She wanted more.

"But I'm the one who wants your clothes so badly." Rachel teased. After one more prolonged kiss, she lifted the dress up and over Quinn's head though. That left Quinn in a matching pair of black lace underwear. "So this is what you wear on a normal day is it?" Rachel asked.

"If you're suggesting that I expected this then you'd be wrong."

"Seeing someone else on the side are you?" Quinn could see the joke in Rachel's eyes, so she wasn't worried.

"Cheat on you? Never. You're all I need. All I want." Quinn began kissing down Rachel's neck. She was proud with the little squeaks and attempted to be muffled moans. "Rachel, be as loud as you want to. Actually, be louder than you want to. I like to hear you." Quinn pulled Rachel's sweater over her head and threw it.

"What about my self-respect?" Rachel moaned as Quinn started kneading her breasts through the rough material of her bra.

"It's only me." Quinn said simply. She hoped that was a convincing argument.

"It only ever will be." Quinn hadn't expected a response like that. The best she had been hoping for was a 'good' or maybe an 'I trust you'. What she had been supplied with was so much better though. She had believed Rachel when she had told her that she loved her. Really, she had. It was just that it made it so much more real to hear Rachel say things that didn't directly state it, but heavily implied it. Nothing could beat the actual words from her mouth, but that didn't necessarily make it feel real.

This gave Quinn some courage as well. She had been perfectly happy just letting Rachel control the tempo, but she felt confident now that Rachel really wanted this again. She reached behind the diva's back and unhooked her bra. Rachel quickly let it fall to the floor. Quinn would have to admit that she missed this. Although it had only been a couple weeks, she had missed Rachel being confident and open enough with her to not cover herself up. It was a big step that had been over looked when she had first gone out with Rachel. These things needed trust.

Before Quinn could act on the new expanse of skin she had uncovered, she felt her own bra go limp. She shrugged it off her shoulders as Rachel licked her lips. Quinn didn't see the point of allowing Rachel's tongue to be used on her own lips, so she crashed their mouths together. She licked Rachel's bottom lip, begging for entry. It was immediately given to her. They let their tongues dance in each other's mouths. Exploring each other's mouths was something they had been doing a fair bit over the last few days, so it was nothing new to either of them. What was new was that Quinn felt she had the right to reach up and start kneading Rachel's uncovered breasts. Apparently, the diva felt she had the same right on Quinn.

Both girls were moaning into each other's mouths. Anything one would do, so would the other. Quinn quickly learned to use this to her advantage. If she felt like she needed some stimulation to a certain part of her breast, she would just do it to Rachel. This was working pretty well, until she noticed she was uncomfortably wet. As Rachel just seemed to be copying her, she unzipped Rachel's skirt and pulled it down along with her panties. Quinn wasn't disappointed as Rachel started to pull down hers.

"Quinn, we are not making love on a couch. Take me to our room." The next thing Quinn knew, Rachel had jumped and wrapped her legs around the blonde's waist. Quinn wrapped her arms around the tiny diva and carried her upstairs. She was happy that Rachel was so light; it meant she could do things like carry around the smaller girl without straining herself too much. When they had arrived at the bedroom, she sat Rachel down on the bed.

Quinn felt Rachel grab her hand and tug it forward slightly. All the blonde had to do was follow the pull and let Rachel do what she wanted, she knew that the end result would be the same. When the hand stopped pulling her, they were on their sides, laying down and facing each other. Their eyes locked as they each slid a hand down the other's body. Quinn decided she would just copy whatever Rachel did now.

Rachel slowly entered two of her fingers into Quinn. Quinn sighed lightly and did the same, earning a soft moan from the diva. Slowly, the girls started to thrust into each other. They never lost their eye contact, even as they sped up and added another finger each. Their moans and whimpers were less soft now. Rachel had set a furious pace, and Quinn was doing her best to keep up. That was difficult when she was feeling so good.

"Rachel, I'm so close."

"Me too." Almost as if Rachel could read her mind, she started using her other hand to rub on Quinn's clit.

"Come with me." Simultaneously, they pinched each other's clits, sending each other over the edge. "I love you Rachel." Quinn whispered as the last waves of her orgasm left her body.

"I love you too Quinn." Rachel kissed her nose. Quinn just smiled. When they had both regained their breath, they pulled each other in close. "Is it completely wrong for me to want to just fuck you now?" Rachel asked into Quinn's chest. Quinn laughed.

"We just made love. I'm cool with whatever you want to do to me now."

"Good." Quinn felt the bed dip slightly. All of a sudden, Rachel was straddling her waist. "Are you ready to squirt for me Quinn? I never really got the chance. And I kinda promised you that I would." Quinn gulped as Rachel began running her hands up and down her sides. She was slightly grazing the sides of her breasts as she did so.

"I don't think you can make me Princess. I have this thing called self control." Quinn joked. She knew she would come hard, but she was confident she could keep herself from squirting.

"You won't think that I'm such a princess when I've made you squirt all over our bed. See, you don't even have to touch me to make me really wet for you. How does my wetness feel, all over your stomach?" Quinn knew that this was more her punishment for before than anything. As her punishment though, she didn't let herself touch Rachel. Not that Rachel really needed any touching right now though. She was doing quite fine on her own, humping Quinn's stomach to show off her wetness.

Rachel then leant down and started attacking Quinn's neck. She was biting and sucking wherever Quinn made a noise for. The blonde knew she was going to be covered in hickeys for tomorrow at school, but she couldn't find it in herself to care all that much. If Rachel wanted to mark her, who was she to complain? Especially when it felt this good.

"Look at this Quinn; you're already dripping onto the sheets. Do you want me to clean you up?" Quinn knew that Rachel was mocking her. She knew it. That didn't stop her from nodding her head furiously though. "Well, I'll get to it when I get to it then wont I?" Quinn was appalled when Rachel slid down her body so they were flush against each other, and started toying with both her breasts.

"How can you be like this now and so sweet and loving less than five minutes ago? Quinn asked as Rachel greedily sucked on one of her nipples while pinching ad rolling the other. Quinn was an absolute mess. She was throbbing and drenched. She knew that she wanted more, but it seemed as long as she was moaning and whimpering as loudly as she was, Rachel was just going to keep toying with her.

"Don't pretend you don't love it. You are so wet right now if I go any lower I just might drown."


"Fine, but you asked for it. You aren't allowed to be embarrassed when you squirt all over me." Rachel slid herself even lower down Quinn's body until her face rested between the taller girl's thighs. She then hooked her arms around the girl's legs and pulled them apart. Quinn received one last smile before pleasure destroyed her vision. She couldn't see anything. It was all a blur. All she could be sure of was the intense feeling of three fingers being slammed into her tight channel repeatedly and her clit being sucked on harshly.

"Oh my God. Rachel." Quinn grabbed the back of the diva's head to hold her in place. It didn't seem like Rachel was going anywhere though. Her fingers were scraping that perfect spot inside of Quinn every time. Her mouth was battering Quinn's clit like a punching bag. Her free hand was playing with her own clit. It was all too much.

"Are you close?" Rachel asked quickly before diving back in.

"Yes, I'm so close." Quinn was falling apart. Only a little bit more and she knew she would be coming all over Rachel's face.

"Good." If Quinn thought she was being taken care of before, she was sadly mistaken. Rachel still only used three fingers, but her furious pace became that of a mad person. She latched onto Quinn's clit with her mouth and pulled up a little. Just when Quinn thought she was going to explode, she did. She could only see stars as the intense pleasure washed over her. She could hear screaming. She thought it was Rachel, then she realised it was herself. Rachel was laughing.

"Good girl. Keep it coming. I want everything you have for me." Quinn realised she must have been squirting from the way Rachel was talking. She wasn't too fussed though. If squirting meant she got that type of orgasm, who was she to care. When Quinn had finally relaxed enough, Rachel pulled out. Still gasping for her breath, the blonde opened her eyes.

It was then she noticed that Rachel's face was covered with her come. It was everywhere. In her hair, cheeks, lips, nose, everywhere. It was accompanied by the biggest shit eating grin Quinn had seen in her life. Quinn just covered her face and laughed. Rachel ripped her hands away.

"That was so hot. Watching you squirt all over me made me come too. Obviously it wasn't as powerful as the one you just experienced but..." Rachel started laughing again. Quinn just reached behind her own head and grabbed the pillow she was resting on. She then hit Rachel on the head with it. Rachel continued to laugh as she wiped her face with her fingers and then stuck them in her mouth, moaning at the taste. Then she heard the front door open and close.

"I'm home." They heard ring throughout the house.

"Rachel! You told me he was going to be working until late." Rachel seemed nonplussed.

"I thought he was. Clearly I was wrong. People do that Quinn." Quinn didn't think that Rachel was getting the full effect of this.

"Rachel, our clothes are down there. That includes our underwear." Rachel just shrugged.

"So they let him off because it was his first day back. Not my fault that he told me he was going to be late and then got home on time. Let him deal with it."

"There's something that's been bugging me. I haven't really been paying attention to the news. Don't answer if you don't want to, but did they catch the guy that did it?" Quinn knew that this was a sensitive question she was asking, but she wanted to know.

"No. Daddy doesn't want to know either. He said he would rather not have a face to connect to it. I must say that I agree." Quinn nodded. "I'm tired." Quinn smiled at how adorable her girlfriend was.

"We can take a nap then. I love you Rachel. Sweet dreams."

"I love you too."


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