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"Amu, you should just tell him your feelings already!" A tall blond yelled," You always encouraged us with our relationships and even gave us advice. This time is when you take that advice yourself." Utau stood in front of the television, pointing at Amu.

Three girls were in the living room of Rima's house. The house consisted of two bedrooms with bathrooms connected to each one, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and an office. One of the bedrooms belonged to Rima and Nagi. Yes, they were married. The other bedroom was for guests. The living room contained a burgundy coffee table that sat in front of a orange couch. The floor was a red carpeting, and the walls were orange. The ceiling was just plain white. A flat screen television lay on one end of the wall with the coffee table and the couch in front of it. The front door was at the wall to the left of the television, the bathroom door connected to the right wall, and the kitchen and dining room behind it with no walls hiding its existence. I'll explain the other room's exteriors and details as the story goes on.

"B-But h-he already has a g-girlfriend," Amu told her friend, Utau. Amu was sitting on the couch, fumbling with her fingers.

"That's the fun part of the relationship, claiming what's yours. Now move, Utau," Rima commented, trying to flip through the channels. She sat on the couch next to the right of Amu.

"W-Wait, I-I-"

"'Stop your hesitation, or he'll be taken away from you before you know it' that's what you said," Utau hopped onto the empty space to the left of Amu, sitting on the couch.

"He's already taken away from me!" The blushing pinkette exclaimed.

"'No one can ever take him away from you as long as he still loves you' that's what you said during our college graduation," Rima stated bluntly, still flipping through her endless channels.

"B-But h-he d-d-doesn't l-l-l-love me," The red tomato muttered under her breath, still audible to the two blonds.

"'Has he told you that?' Now, that's the saying you always told us," Utau smirked triumphantly.

"Q-Quit quoting what I tell you!" The cornered woman yelled.

"We'll stop once you confess to your beloved cosplaying neko pervert," Rima imitated Amu's high pitched voice at the end, causing Utau to laugh at Amu's predictableness.

"Fine, I will then," Amu declared, shooting out of the couch.

"Right now," Utau challenged, gazing at the determined person.

"Yeah, right now," She replied.

"Fine, let's see that happen," Utau scoffed.


Her statement was interrupted by a slam of a door and an exuberant yell.

"I'm getting married!" A husky voice announced, making his dramatic entrance. Rima dropped her remote, and Utau's and Amu's face instantly fell. An awkward silence overcame the room in that instance.

"Didn't you hear me I'm getting married?" Ikuto replied to their unexpected reactions.

"C-Congratulations, Tsukiyomi-san. You're finally getting married to the love of your life! The w-woman who y-you o-only l-look at, r-right?" Amu's voice croaked at the middle and end. She just stared down at her lap, not looking at the male.

"That's right, Amu. She's the love of my life, my dream girl, and the only one for me," Ikuto smiled, SMILED.

"I-I have to g-go," Amu rushed out of the door.

"Wait, Amu!" Ikuto yelled, stopping her. She stood five feet from the door. "What are you talking about going? Aren't you excited over the great news? It's so unlike you, Amu."

Amu's heart was gone, replaced by an empty void. Her heart was numb with immense pain ever since his prescence was made.

"I am rejoiced at the news. I just have to go," Amu replied, running back to her car and driving away. Silence replaced her presence.

"What happened with Amu?" Ikuto asked his sister and the blond midget, completely puzzled at the murderous gazes coming from the two blonds.

"You have such great timing, Tsukiymi-san," Utau laughed hysterically, holding herself back from being a murderer.

"Get out of my house!" Rima stomped her way to Ikuto, pushing him out of the front door. "And never come back until you repent for all of your sins!" She poked his chest then slammed the door in his face.

"What did I do?" The oblivious blue haired boy asked himself.

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