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It was just five minutes before the wedding ceremony.

Right now, Lulu, Utau, and Rima were in the large tent, waiting for Amu. She hadn't arrived yet, and they were worried that the plan would fail. The music began to play, signaling it was time.

At a rooftop somewhere

"I wish I had enough courage to actually be there. At least, I could watch it from up here," Amu sighed to herself on top of a building. The outside marriage gave her an advantage because she could see without them seeing her. Without the tree blocking the building she was on, they would see her in an instant due to her pink, extraordinary hair.

"Is this what you do when your childhood friend is having his wedding, especially when you're the maid of honor?" She could hear the familiar voice chuckle. She could also tell that the man had his signature smirk plastered on his face.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at your wedding with your beloved bride?" Amu complained to the groom of the wedding.

"I am, but she ran off," He took a few steps closer to her, stopping two feet away from her.

"No, she didn't! She's right there," Amu pointed at the distant figure by the tent.

"She's not my bride," His smirk widened.

"What are you talking about?" Amu exclaimed, flailing her arms.

"My bride is… right here," His arms snaked around her, causing a very deep red to spread across her face to her ears.

"T-this i-isn't t-the time f-f-for t-this," Amu stammered, struggling to get out of his hold and looking away from the man's face.

"Look at me," His playful tone dropped to a serious tone, catching her attention. "I did all of this for you."

"W-Why did-"

"Amu," When he said her name, she stopped. By now, tears were falling from her eyes.

"Marry me," Ikuto said.

"I-I would… b-b-but what a-about the engagement ring and Lulu?" Amu tried to find any excuse.

"Lulu and the rest already knew, and you already have the engagement ring. It's on your finger."

"WHEN?" Amu stared at the ring on her finger. The ring had a clover at the top of it. Each petal had a different color. There were four colors, pink, green, blue, and yellow.

"I put it on your finger when you were sleeping in the taxi after our search for the location," Ikuto explained. "Do you accept?"

"I-I accept," Amu replied with a smile.

"Yes!" Ikuto grinned, picking his bride up and twirling her around. "We're getting married!"

"Right now?" Amu stared in shock at the man who stood next to her.

"Yes," He carried her bridal style. "Hold on tight." He jumped off the three story building with a screaming woman choking him as her hands were wrapped around her neck.

"Why'd you do that?" Amu yelled as Ikuto ran to the wedding with her in his arms.

"We're in a hurry, right?" He reasoned with her. Amu was too happy to argue with him.

Wedding Ceremony

"Do you, Tsukiyomi Ikuto, take Hinamori Amu as your bride?"

"I do," Ikuto smiled.

"Do you, Hinamori Amu, take Tsukiyomi Ikuto as your husband?"

"I do," Amu smiled with tears falling from her eyes.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride now."

"It would be my pleasure," Ikuto smirked, closing the distance between them.

"Finally~!" Everyone except Amu cheered as Ikuto and Amu broke the kiss. Amu was blushing the whole time.

"Ikuto, why did you do all this?" Amu asked the question that had been bugging her this whole time.

"It's because," Everyone listened in. "When I confessed my love to you, you thought I was joking. I figured you would think I'm joking if I proposed to you."

At the explanation, everyone was dumbfounded at the whole reason behind this.

"Amu, you never told me he confessed to you!" Rima whined.

"I thought he was joking," the bride laughed nervously.

"I thought you had matured, Ikuto, but it turns out you still hold a grudge over a tiny thing," Utau hit Ikuto upside the head.

"Ikuto, Amu," Kukai put a hand on both of their shoulders. "I wish your children the greatest luck in the near future with their lovers."

"W-Why d-do you t-think w-we're gonna h-have c-children?" Amu blushed.

"Ikuto, it seems like it'll take a while. Hold yourself back until she's prepared," Kukai advised Ikuto with a blushing pinkette's protests blasting through his ears.

"Amu, you heard him. You better prepare yourself. I might not be able to hold myself back," Ikuto smirked smugly at his new wife.

"Ehhhh!" Amu screeched.

"Ikuto, you better hold yourself back from my little Amu," Rima and Utau glared.

"Don't forget Amu's mine," Ikuto licked his lips, holding onto Amu.


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