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It had been another long day in Cloud City. Leia was utterly exhausted. Thankful that Lando had given her, Chewbacca, Luke, and Han spacious accommodations; she decided to take advantage of them that evening. She had her mind set on a long bath now that she finally had the luxury of water again. The thought made her sigh out loud as she walked into her room to change. She sat on her bed and brushed out her long hair, closing her eyes as she remembered how her hand maiden would do that for her back home on Alderaan. She almost had to choke back a sob just thinking about it. Her father, her friends, what she knew of a home.

Now that they were in the middle of the rebellion, she often didn't have time for such thoughts. She store that hurt and pain away months ago. But today, while she was alone in the spacious apartment in Cloud City, with a whole night's downtime before her meetings with ambassadors tomorrow; she could finally take that hurt out of its little box in the back of her mind.

When she finished brushing her hair, she twirled it up loosely in a bun at the top of her hair and secured it. She drew a bath for herself and when the water was nice and warm, she slipped off her robes and sunk into the warmth. She curled her toes out and in and arched her back, stretching in the water. She finally rested her neck on the edge of the bath and closed her eyes.

"What a day, eh Chewie?" Han groaned as he strode through the doors to the apartment with his sidekick in tow. Luke was a few steps behind, enthralled with something on the data pad he had brought along with him.

*Yes, cub, a long day indeed* Chewie replied and made his way to the couch where he sat down. Han kept walking.

"Oh Princess, where are you?" Han called out in a jokey sing-song. He was actually looking forward to a night in on the planet. Over the last few months he had enjoyed his newfound camaraderie with Luke, his renewed relationship with Chewbacca, and his undeniable feelings for Leia. He was hoping he could talk to her tonight, maybe take her out on the balcony of the apartment in between friendly games of Sabacc and try and convince her that he didn't always have to be a scoundrel, it was just his preferred way of keeping his heart safe until she came into his life.

He didn't hear an answer from her anywhere so he decided to check her room. Maybe she was asleep. He had noticed the last few weeks she had been quite prone to little cat naps in the afternoons. Han loved these hours because he could watch her undisturbed. She seemed to vulnerable and sweet at those times; looking more like her 19 year old self rather than the cold Princess that spent her waking hours bossing him around. He desperately hoped that this would be the case this afternoon.

"Your worship?" Han asked with a smug little smile as he gave a quick and careless knock on her door, barely pausing before barging in. The room was quiet, the bed sheets undone, and her white senatorial robes were folded on the foot of the bed. He saw the bathroom door open and hear the light sound of water splashing softly up against something. Curiosity got the better of him and he rounded the corner.

"HAN!" Leia screamed nearly immediately, grabbing a towel from small table next to the bathtub and literally covered herself inside the water. Han couldn't see anything before she submerged her towel in the water, and he laughed out loud at her extreme measures for chasteness.

"Sorry your highness I just wanted to make sure you didn't drown! I've been yelling for you since we got back," he said, and instead of backing out of the room, he just leaned against the door jam.

"I heard you, I just was trying to have a moment to myself," she said, her face was flushed a pretty pink color from the warmth of the bath and the tips of her hair that had fallen loose from her bun were wet, giving her a caught-off-guard beauty that Han couldn't stop staring at. After a moment, he cleared his throat and spoke.

"I was going to ask if you wanted to have dinner with me," he said, surprising himself. He knew that wasn't the plan for tonight but he couldn't help but try, once more.

"Sorry flyboy but that's never going to happen," she said coldly back to him, her pretty big eyes no longer carrying the vibrant youthful spark they had a moment ago.

"I can make you change your mind…" Han pressed the issue, pulling his winning smile out of his bag of tricks but she wasn't having it.

"I'll see you and Chewbacca and Luke later," Leia finished the conversation, making it very clear that they would not be eating alone. He raised his hands to show he was giving up. Sometimes she utterly infuriated him and now was one of those times. He closed the door to the bathroom behind him and walked out of her room quickly, back to the spacious common area where Luke and Chewbacca were amicably talking.

"Boys, we are going out on the town tonight," was all Han said gruffly. The last thing he wanted to do was spend another night thinking about HER. She had rejected him a hundred times and he wasn't going to let it get to a hundred and one. The Princess could have her alone time tonight, he thought, but I won't.

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