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They were in hyperspace in no time. Chewie had managed to get R2 out of the droid hold and the three of them plus the little droid were on their way back to Coruscant. Leia commed Reikkan right away and explained to him the situation. Han sat with her, holding her hand as he scolded her and she had genuine sadness written all over her face. She hated to disappoint anyone.

No one was truly mad, just frustrated. It was a set-back, but one they would gladly take for the happiness of the Princess, and once business was taken care of, Han and Leia finally had some time to talk to each other alone.

They sat in his cabin on the falcon. She was still in the dress she had put on so hurriedly back on Colin's ship, and she lounged on her side at the edge of his bed. Han sat up, cross-legged, surveying his Princess from the other side.

"Don't give me that look sweetheart, I didn't HAVE to come back," Han smirked.

"But I am so glad you did. I'm glad you came Han, truly," she smiled at him. He could see the joy in her eyes. It was the carefree air of her being a young girl again, being comfortable, and laying there with him without a worry in the galaxy to tend to until they got back in 2 days. Nothing but catching up to do.

"So am I. I just wish I didn't leave in the first place," he admitted. He crawled over to where she was and took her arms, pulling her up towards him so that they were then laying side by side facing each other on the bed. He wanted to see her more than anything. He rested on his left arm and carefully brushed the drying hair out of her face. She smiled up at him. Vulnerable, soft Leia was one he was growing to love more than anything.

"How long has it been?" she asked softly.

"Since what your highness?" only an air of sarcasm pervaded the response this time.

"Since you started loving me," she grinned devilishly, pleased at herself that she had racked up the courage to ask. He looked taken aback, but he didn't have to search his brain to know.

"Since the day you insulted my ship," he teased and she raised an eyebrow, "I'm only kidding. But seriously, I started falling in love with you the first day I met you. You challenged me. You didn't think I was anything special. You humbled me. I'll never forget it. And the day I knew I was in love with you for keeps….well that was my first day on Kashykk. It hurt so bad I knew I would rather die than see you in the arms of anyone else," Han explained. She was silent for a moment, and not much rendered Leia speechless.

"I love you Han, I guess I always have too. I was just afraid to admit it to myself," she whispered softly.

"I know," he grinned, he smile rising up his cheeks and he leaned closer to her, giving her a soft kiss. It quickly turned deeper and more passionate. After a few moments they both knew there was nothing more they wanted than each other.

Leia suddenly gasped and pushed him away, he sat up, disoriented from the fire passing between them. He could hardly bear not to touch her.

"What is it?"

"Han…I've…I never…" she fumbled for the words. She felt silly. She was nineteen for Gods sakes, but he couldn't fault her. She didn't exactly have much time with escorts and guards following her around all the time. He pressed his finger to her mouth to silence her.

"Honey, I haven't been around the galaxy as many times as you think I have," he winked at her, trying to lighten her mood back to the playful Princess he had just seen, "I'll be gentle."

With that he kissed her back. His heart filled with love and lust and passion and happiness. He knew this would be his last first time with any woman. He knew in his heart of hearts that he would never make love to another woman besides Leia again in his lifetime. And he knew he would never want to.

He didn't think he could ever have enough of that maddening, wonderful, gorgeous creature.

His hands softly skimmed up her thigh, taking her white robe up with it until he was able to slip a hand other and cup her sex. She squirmed in the most delicious way and he kiss intensified. He then moved her robe further up her body, slipping it over her firm breasts and over her head. He broke free from her and nearly passed out.

He surveyed her body with a wonder greater than a hundred times of seeing the Falcon for the first time. It was pure, creamy, delicate, perfection. He was in awe of it and he placed a hand on her stomach gently. She purred, looking up at him with her big, liquid eyes. He explored her, ran a hand over her breasts with her tiny pink nipples and down to the meeting of her gorgeous thighs. Her back arched and he smiled as he began to undress himself.

He threw his vest to the floor quickly and Leia helped his shirt off. He was straining against his pants so uncomfortably that he sighed in relief when he stripped down to just his black briefs. He moved and hovered over Leia, taking in her glorious nakedness with the biggest grin on his face.

She reached up and cupped him through his briefs, before pulling them down and letting him spring free. He was…much bigger than she ever anticipated.

"That's…not going to fit…" she said with all of the naivety of her age upon a first time. Han laughed. He was clearly flattered. He looked about to come back with a salacious remark when she said, "I swear Han Solo don't say something immature and make me re-think all of this," she teased.

All he could do was grin as he went back to kissing her passionately. His hand snaked down back to her center and found her wet and warm for him. He groaned in anticipation, placing himself at her entrance. He felt her stiffen, clutching onto his shoulders. He moved his mouth to her ear.

"I love you, relax sweetheart," he assured her as he gently eased in. He had never been any woman's first before. He felt the unfamiliar barrier and his body relaxed fully…he knew she had been telling the truth about Colin, but this was undeniable proof.

Princess Leia was his, and he was the luckiest man in the galaxy. He wanted to shout it to the stars.

He pushed a little harder and they both heard the snap. Leia gasped and he eased farther in. Her nails on his shoulders made him wait until her breathing slowed. He looked her in the eye, staying with her through every movement, making sure she was okay. When the pain ebbed for her, he finally saw her face begin to etch with pleasure.

He took it slow at first, enjoying the rocking motion between them, the soft delicious moans she was making, and the way their bodies fit perfectly. Leia was a natural, and he smirked to himself, he knew his Princess would be.

Soon they were fervently gripping each other, upset that they couldn't get closer still than this skin to skin, him inside of her. They needed each other with every fiber of their bodies and Han thrust into her hard, bringing her to the edge for the first time in her young life. What he saw when she finally came undone was magical. He imprinted it in his mind, because he never wanted to forget the expression on her sweet face. It was love in its purest form. He kissed her hard as he came inside of her, both of them riding it out together in a stream of 'I love you's' and kisses and moans. It was heaven.

They finally collapsed side by side onto the bed, panting, and holding each other's hands. Leia's face was glowing. Han was in shock. Both of them just couldn't believe what they had just felt. It seemed so unreal.

After a few moments she turned to him, snuggling up against his side. She looked up at his face – a bit older than hers, but the only thing she ever wanted to look at every morning. She didn't care who objected. She knew Han Solo would be her husband one day.

"I'm never, ever leaving your side again Princess, my pride be damned," he smiled at her, giving her a sweet kiss on the forehead.

"I'm holding you to that flyboy," she grinned back, her arm draping lazily over his chest as they both fell asleep.

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