I… don't know why I'm posting this.

The slight figure gazed at his prize with rapt attention. He was sleeping, innocently unaware of his surroundings, of his capture. Mine. The sinister child thought gleefully. All mine.

He brushed his hands through the fiery red hair, marveling at the soft texture, the stark contrast between his pale hand that that beautiful orange. He had wanted to take him for so long, wanted to steal him away and protect him from all the others. Finally a chance had arisen, and he took it. It had been dangerous, even after putting his precious toy to sleep, the spell had been interrupted, and his pet was so fast, so hard to contain. Luckily he had subdued him, had gotten him away from possible rescuers.

The villain let his nails trail out of his possession's hair, down his neck and across his arm to the glowing band of magic that held him secure. He would keep him safe, always safe. Because no one else would get to his pet, only him. Luthor and the others would try to take him when they found out, just like his pet's friends. But they won't get him, he won't let them.

Wally was his.

Mine. He thought again, kneeling so he could see the tranquil face, the freckles sticking out under the artificial blue glow from the surrounding magic. Oh, he knew his precious baby wouldn't be happy at first. After all, the little boy was taken away from everything he had known. He would be angry, frightened, scared, sad.

But eventually his pet would give in, would come to understand that there was no one else in the world for him. He would accept his new master, be happy with his new master. But it would take time, perhaps a long time.

But a Lord of Chaos has all the time in the world.

Okay… I'm kinda starting this on a really, REALLY childish whim. I've been reading (practically religiously) a story called 'But I Did!' (go read it. now.), and it made me start thinking about this really, really crack pairing. And just so we are ALL clear, this is a ONE SIDED KlarionxWally. Because the Lord of Chaos is NOT in love, just twistedly obsessed. And Wally, once again, is just the poor victim in the matter.

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