Harry's Twin Hearts

( Disclaimer) I don't own Harry Potter or The Suite Life of Zack and Cody if I did both wouldn't be for kids. Oh and I don't own His Dark Materials.

Bashing: Dursleys, Dumbledore and Theo Cavanaugh.

Pairings: Harry/Cody/Zack(later), Severus/Remus. More will be added later on.

Warnings: Slash(later), AU/OOC, Child Abuse, Twincest, and Language.

Settle dæmons: human-animal-name-sex

Carey-Red Winged Blackbird- Colman-male

Arwin- Burrowing owl-Niko-female

Mr. Moseby- Beagle-Abigail-female

Severus- Serval- Ella-female

Maddie-mutt dog(Scamp)- Lucas-male

Esteban- Jack Russell terrier- Holly- female

Dumbledore- Raccoon- Azeban- female

Remus- Wolf- Diana- female

Tom - Python- Nagini- female

Lucius- Peacock- Narcissa- female

Sirius- Scottish Deerhound- Grim- male

Kid's dæmons: human-name-sex

Harry- Dominic- male(Dom is always white with dark blue eyes)

Zack- Nathan- male

Cody- Tyler- male

Theo -Ginevra- female

Draco- Ashley- female

Side note: There is no magic in this story but when kids dæmon's settle at around age thirteen some kids are able to take on one or more of their dæmon's characteristics. Ex some people with cat dæmon's can see better at night, ones with dogs can smell or hear better. People only talk to each others dæmons if they're family, very close friends or lovers/mates.

Harry is Harry Tipton. Some characters from Harry Potter will be in here. Severus Snape is Harry's adopted father Severus Tipton. There is no London Tipton in this story.

Just wanted to give all the information needed before uploading chapter one next.