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iii. bliss

"You know, I think it could work," The Bad Wolf says, stretching her hands out and letting her hair wave in the New York breeze. "The pig and the showgirl." Smiling, she turns to the Doctor, who's looking down at her sternly. "No?" Her happy gaze falls and she turns away from him. "Well then..." she mutters, crestfallen.

"It's time to go." She hears the words behind her and nods her head. Time to die... She thinks, and shakes her head. Of course, it isn't really, but she's an over reacting Time Lord harnessing a human body. She's going to think that. Taking one last look at the beautiful city, she heads towards the TARDIS, where the Doctor holds the door open for her. She lets her mind travel to the future, and smiles at what will happen.

The Doctor closes the door, unknowingly but evidently sealing her fate. No turning back now... She walks up to the console and touches it's surface, and the machine communicated to her. She is its child.

"Who are you?" she hears from behind her and opens her eyes to look at the machine. She must be cautious; maybe the Doctor thinks Rose is dead. She ponders her brain for what to say, and just settles for half of the truth, even if it's a little vague.

"Rose Tyler's saviour." She mutters the words from her mouth, loud enough for him to hear, but still quiet enough for a serious conversation like this. She doesn't want to startle the Doctor; she doesn't want to get on the bad side of the Uncoming Storm. Not ever, she's seen Rose Tyler's memories, it's pretty bad.

"What does that mean?" the Doctor responds softly, and the Bad Wolf is happy that she's succeeded in her mission to make him calm. She sighs and turns to him, her hands leaning on the edge of the console.

Straining her mind to think of what to say next, she suddenly gets a sharp pain to her sides. Ignoring it, she continues. "I saved Rose Tyler from certain death. I'm the reason that in a few minutes you'll have her back." She clutches her side as pains pierce it, her left hand massaging it.

"What does that mean?" The Doctor has either not seen the woman's pain, or has chosen to ignore it. The Bad Wolf still clutches her side, and has slumped a fair bit. She can slowly feel herself leaving.

So this is what it feels like to die... she thinks, and curses inwardly.

"It means..." she moans, and she's unable to finish her sentence, she falls to the ground. The Doctor runs over, not letting her sink to the ground entirely. After short breaths, the distance between each gets smaller. "I don't think I'm going to be able to tell you now," The Bad Wolf says, deflated. "I was looking forward to seeing your face." The Doctor looks puzzled and afraid, and he honestly is as frightened as hell.

The Bad Wolf is scared too. She only woke up twelve hours ago, after a very long time of not even existing. She was sad that she was leaving; really, she wanted more than a half life. Get a grip on yourself, woman, she thinks, and, in her head, slaps herself. Rose Tyler is bound to need your help one day! She travels with the Doctor, for Rassilon's sake.

"She will be back soon, Doctor," she moans, and lets out a small grunt. She takes his hand, squeezes it gently, and smiles. "Be patient." Now, she's lost all feeling to Rose Tyler's body below neck level.

"What's happening?" he asks, so frightened, it's one of those times where he really has no control over what is happening and his emotions.

"You'll see," she whispers and closes her eyes. The Doctor, now even more frightened then before (which is something he did not think could happen), checks her pulse. She is still breathing, which is something of a relief to this man who will do anything to save her. Holding onto her, he picks her up gently. Hauling her over his shoulder, he jogs to the infirmary, holding tight to his lover. Pushing open the door with his Converse covered feet, he places her on the bed, checking her life signs on a nearby computer.

Somehow, the Doctor doesn't get time to find out what's happened to her before she wakes up.

"Doctor?" she whispers, leaning up, holding her head in one hand, her other hand holding her up. "What... where am I?" The Doctor spins around quickly, seeing her puzzled face and grinning.

"Rose Tyler, you are amazing!" The Doctor says, and runs over to her, picking her up in a breathtaking hug. "I thought you were gone!" He kisses the top of her head, and she frowns into his jacket.

"What 'cha mean?" she says, but it's muffled by the Doctor's embrace. He just sighs and puts her down. She sits on the bed, and he just stands, hands on her knees. Leaning in close to her face, he kisses her, silencing all of her thoughts and doubts. They are the Doctor and Rose Tyler, together forever, saving the universe but forever in love. They are inseparable, no one will be able to take one from the other.

This is bliss, Rose thinks.

He finds her in the library.

Books have always calmed her. Well, ever since she met him. She'd stroke the books as she walked down the endless aisles and she'd pick a book randomly, most probably the TARDIS chose it for her. Today, the one that felt right to her was Divergent by Veronica Roth. She's never heard of it, so she turns to a page near the front; it says it was published in 2011. That explains a lot, she thinks, and walks over to a small lounge near the pool.

He walks over swiftly, almost scaring her as he places his hands on her shoulders. She smiles and reads the book quietly, the only thing that tells the Doctor she's acknowledging his presence is the fact that she moves his left hand to her left shoulder, placing her hand on top of his. Perfection at its highest, she doesn't want to break this moment. Grinning, the Doctor places a kiss to her scalp.

A sudden jolt that thunders through the TARDIS almost takes the Doctor to the fall, and he has to steady himself before running towards the console room. Rose places her book down and runs after him, but he's been in the console room for a while when she arrives. Damn those Time Lord legs, she thinks, and smirks. It has only been a day since 'the Bad Wolf fiasco', as the Doctor put it, and Rose still doesn't understand a thing. The last thing she remembered was carrying poles of metal, and then her memories just... black out! She frowns, and hopes that she will remember soon.

"Where are we going?" she asks the Doctor, who's doing his dance around the console, flicking and pressing things while she stands there. She leans against the metal barrier, and crosses one of her legs behind the other. Grinning, she looks at him as he finishes what he's doing.

"I can't stop it," he whispers, and just leans against the metal barrier next to her. Facing her, he shrugs. "Rose Tyler, we're going to London."

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