Convenience Store

Whipped cream: Check.

Cherries: Check.

Grand Theft Auto-

Mello rolled his eyes at the sight of the item on the list. He ignored it and skipped to read the next one.

Syrup: Che-

Then he paused and turned to the redhead next to him.

"Hey, Matt, what syrup are we looking for?"

Apparently, Matt was too busy picking out random food items from the selves and dumping them in the push cart to pay attention, so it took Mello a little bit more effort to get him to listen.

"Matt, dammit!"

"Ouch! Mother of-!" Matt gave out a cry of pain and rubbed the injured area which was the side of his rib. He turned to Mello with grimace. "Jeez, you're so hostile! You didn't have to poke me with whatever dangerous object you carry on. That's illegal!"

"Well I guess possessing an elbow is illegal…" Mello replied sarcastically. "Okay, syrup. which?" He added after turning the cart to another lane.

"Maple!" Matt replied enthusiastically. Mello though gave a disgusted look.

"Seriously? Maple? It's not like we're making pancakes, you know."

"Fine, chocolate, again…" Matt replied, enthusiasm gone. Mello on the other hand had a triumphed smile as he reached for the bottle of Hershey's and dumped it along with the rest of their junk. "Hmm… What about ice cream?" Matt added as he looked down on the gallons, pints, and insert here other sizes of ice cream, inside one giant freezer.

"Nah, too messy…"

Matt smirked and cooed into Mello's ear, "We'll be making a mess anyway."

"Right… Anything else?" The redhead sighed at his partner's indifference and replied 'no' and shook his head. "Guess that's it then."

Scratch the whole "Greet your customer with a smile" get up. When the two arrived at the counter, the cashier greeted them, not with a smile, but a weird look towards their cart.

"Well?" Mello said impatiently.

The brunette in the counter nervously apologized for her rudeness and proceeded to scan each item. Items included: water-guns, plastic handcuffs, ropes, chains, groceries, pruning shears (although we obviously know that Matt and Mello don't own a lawn). Wow. They didn't call this Convenience Store for nothing, huh?

"Hey, aren't we getting any of these?" Matt wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as he held up a tiny square-shaped plastic embossed with a circle in the middle between his fingers. Mello took it, eyed it suspiciously, and returned it to the tray.

"Matt, it's not like one of us is going to get pregnant..." He stated bluntly.

"Who knows? I might impregnate you with all my love…" Matt grinned cheekily as he poked Mello's leather-clad waist playfully.

"Shut up. You're too corny…" The blonde rolled his eyes, paid for their things, grabbed the plastic bags that contained them all and headed to the exit. Matt was in silence.

Unsure as she was (but it was the 'polite' thing to do) the brunette managed to yell, "Enjoy your things!"

"Thanks, we will." Mello said plainly, without looking back, and waved one gloved hand before exiting with Matt behind the glass door.

Awfully short and not fairly interesting. Sorry T_T I felt like I just had to put it out here.

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