Gallant Hero with too many sins (original title)

Author: Victoriaswords

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! I just play around with the boys in my weird thoughts

Summary: A never failing Dean earns himself a very non-human protector.

She ran at light speed faster than she ever could but she knew she wouldn't be able to outrun it she was done for and as if hell could hear her she soon fell stumbled and tripped. She looked up in horror as the monster came closer but never came for as if he was an angel he hurdled himself in front of her and blasted the monster away literally blasted it away . He turned and swooped down to see if she had been hurt but in her eyes she saw a brilliant white knight fall from the heavens to meet her but when he came close he took the very air away from her as if he was Death his beauty could not be outmatched but within the brilliant green orbs in front of her they held to much pain, sorrow, guilt, to many sins for someone so beautiful. It was suffocating.

"Are you okay?" his voice so deep and beautiful even had its own brilliance but was laced with pain and sorrow fierce determination griped her heart as she threw her arms out to enlace him in a hug which took him by surprised as he patted her back telling her comforting things like It'll be okay, It's okay, It's gone. She looked up from his shoulder with such determination it would surprise anyone and the words that rang in her mind would shake heaven and hell themselves.

It will be okay cause I will take away all of your sins.