Dean and Sam had just finished a hunt with a giant yeti and after getting back to the motel room and taking showers all this between an awkward silence. Dean had just walked out of the shower with nothing but a pair of grey sweats on that it was there when Sam noticed a long swayed cut going from deans hip crawling up his back and each time dean moved it started to gush out blood.

"Hey when'd you get that?" He asked curiously.

Dean looked up at Sam and then to his cut "Oh the yeti scratched me that's all, I'm gonna stitch it up right now." Just as he said he started to pull out the first aid and then went on to get some whisky cause a cut that big he knew was gonna HURT if it got infected. Sam being soulless knew that his brother wouldn't ask him to sow him up because he couldn't care less but as he watched Dean sit down and start to tie the thread into the needle he started to get agitated and he didn't know why. As dean pushed the needle through his skin and gave a quick tug he gave out a little cry of pain.


And at that Sam exploded in five long strides he stood in front of dean his arms crossed over his chest and biting his lower lip he looked down at Dean and in return dean looked up from where he was looking

"What's wrong Sammy?"

As Sam looked on his agitation grew and he still didn't know why! And it was bugging the hell out of him. Dean just shrugged and dismissed it he then went on to do another stitch and again gave out a little whimper of pain. Sam went crazy he grabbed dean's arm pulling him into a fast standing position causing dean to lose his grip on the whisky bottle, the needle, and his head. He groaned at the sudden spinning of the room as he swayed a little Sam suddenly grabbed a hold of both his arms pulled them up close to his chest and jogged Dean a little . So his face was looking at him, Sam then studied his brother dean's face was a little white his hair sticking out in all directions and the needle he was stitching himself with was now dangling from his side swaying back and forth. As Sam looked at this something squeezed at his chest and with that he pulled dean towards his bed threw him on it and before dean could say anything he took a syringe from his duffle bag turned and as he did this, Dean looked up from the pillow Sam threw him in confused and dizzy he focused at what was in Sam's hand and instantly began terrified he started to back away into the headboard while Sam came closer.


Dean sat there his knees up close to his chest causing his cut to splitter out blood also causing pain to surge up his spine making him tilt to the side Sam saw this and began his ascent closer to dean. Dean refocused as he saw his freakishly tall little brother's shadow cover over him he put his hands up and started to struggle against Sam until finally Sam took a hold of deans arm and squished dean underneath him, laying flat on top of Dean, Sam stretched dean's arm out.

"Sam! Sam! Stop please!" Dean cried.

But he didn't as dean kicked and struggled wildly underneath Sam ,Dean felt the sting of the needle go through his skin and whatever was in it through his blood stream. Sam held him down until Dean stopped struggling and his breathing evened out he then lifted himself off dean still holding his arm he looked over his brothers now sleeping form he then laid dean into a position he could see dean's cut from Sam stood towering over Deans small frame and let out a big huff of air and ran a hand through his hair. He was soulless meaning no emotions, no feelings so why at the sight of dean's injury did he freak?

He shrugged sat down on the bed next to dean pulled up the needle that was left alone during the assault and again started to do the work that his brother had started to do.