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I named this story Heavy Prey because it was Lacey, from Flyleafs, Underworld music video that pushed me to write this, i love that song and that Video, so please check it out if you haven't.

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"Sir?" The confused voice pulled the man away from his inner thoughts. His head quickly shot from the cold dark water beneath him to the man standing only inches from him. "What should we do?"

"Find them." He stated as if it were the most obvious thing. The water was still moving at a violent force from the explosion that had been set off no longer than a minute prior. "Before they awaken." He quickly turned on his heel and walked away as men dressed in diving gear ran past him, the sound of splashing water signified they were starting the search.

Finding a moment of silence in the chaotic madness he picked up his cell phone and punched in the memorized numbers. He feared the conversation about to take place. His heart raced as his gaze took in the scene before him, the Capitan of the nearby boat was being hauled away for questioning while men shouted from the docks to the freezing water below to the search crew underneath the slowly calming surface.

"Dr. Lane." The voice barked in, a word hadn't even been spoken yet and already the boss was in a bad mood, no comfort was left for the called.

"Sir, it's Bradson." He sounded unsure of himself.

"How did it go?" Lane's voice had softened and lowered by an octave. This was everything they had been planning for, everything they were working so hard for. A chance at survival.

"That is still unclear sir."

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN 'UNCLEAR'!" The voice boomed over the speaker, Bradson found himself pulling the phone away from his ear to avoid the intense sound.

"Well sir we located the Hybrid. Unfortunately a woman entered the picture and tried to save him."

"The woman you were supposed to send your men to destroy." It wasn't a question, just an irritated comment.

"Yes sir, apparently these two are stronger than expected." He spoke softly remembering how the man with the blonde hair had transformed into a creature unlike any other. The woman clad in all black had been there for him as if his life alone guaranteed hers.

"Is he…" He trailed off, shuffling could be heard before his soft toned voice spoke again. "Is he…everything we hoped for?"

"Yes, sir." The bullets of silver didn't kill him instantly, they only weakened him for a brief second. Deep down Bradson knew that had Morris not thought on his toes both the hybrid and his mysterious friend would have ripped them all limb from limb and drained them dry. "If not, more so."

"Good. Good." He sounded pleased, a smile heard in his words. "Where is he now?"

"We're looking into that Sir. Last we saw both male and female landed in the water. I have a special diving rescue team searching for them now." His gaze shot over to the scene where his men had lights flashing into the water below while others held guns at ready should something go amiss.

"Good. As soon as they resurface I want both subjects brought to me."

"Yes Sir."

"Oh and Bradson…should something go wrong, don't bother coming back."

"Yes Sir." He whispered before disconnecting.

He stood there a moment dueling on his own thoughts when a young kid, quiet possibly their youngest soldier approached. He was breathing heavily, most likely his first night on the job. To think they had allowed him on such an important task.

"Bradson, Sir? The men found something."

Bradson took off faster than his feet would allow, outrunning the kid in pure adrenaline. He reached the end of the docks to see pulley's and rope working hard to pull an object out of the watery hell below. He could feel his heart racing as a dark object broke the surface. Hair was plastered to the face, but none the less the victim was indeed unconscious. Everyone watched with curious eyes as the body was moved over to the solid wooded ground and lightly dropped.

Bradson moved over to the body, it was soaked and curled up in the fetal position, weak from the explosion. As he approached it he knew it wasn't his target, the black leather gave that away quickly. He looked down to the pale fleshed face as he removed the hair from view. She was beautiful in a dark and hateful way.

"Keep looking she's not what we came for!" Bradson called out. With the words spoken everyone went back to business.

"What shall we do with her Sir?" A tall man asked, a gun was at his hip, but not in his hand. Behind him sat a large white van, ready to haul away the target and any other victims.

"Keep her knocked out. Lane will decide what we do with her, should we lose the hybrid it'll come to us knowing we have its mate." He spoke and watched as the man known as James picked the body up and disappeared with another man.

"How do you know she's his mate?" A man asked approaching him from the side, he was tall, though an inch shorter than Bradson himself.

"Come on Luke, did you see the way she protected him?" Bradson asked turning to his old comrade. "If she wasn't his mate then she wanted him for another reason…and I doubt it'd be worth dying for." Luke nodded his head in agreement before lightly patting his friend on the back then walking towards the mess before him. Bradson was alone with his thoughts once more, but not for long.

"Frank!" Luke called out in the night. "We got him!" A smile broke out on Bradson's face as he once again rushed towards the end of the pier.

He watched once again with a heavy weight on his chest as the pulleys and ropes worked twice as hard to pull another body from the water. Excitement burst through him as the dirty blonde covered head broke through the surface and presented him with a male face. Though the dark grey skin was gone, having returned to his human form in its weakened state, everyone knew it was Michael Corvin that was being ripped from the water.

"James!" Bradson called out. "We got us our man!"

The next hour flew by as the bodies of both night creatures were carried away. Bradson stayed behind as the team cleaned up the mess made and securely shut down the pier from any prying eyes and any of those wishing to escape. It appeared that now, the cards were in the hands of the Lycans.

Dr. Lane marched down the white corridors to the main holding facility. He had requested to identify the bodies before sectioning them off to their holding containers. He wanted to see for his own eyes the hybrid, the one creature that would put Lycans at the top of the food chain.

The doors opened before him, presenting a small room with a computer and equipment, both the male and female pulled from the water were naked and laying under white sheets. Their clothes were labeled off to the side. The male known as Michael Corvin was labeled as Subject 0, while the beautiful woman at his side was labeled Subject 1.

"Ah…Mr. Corvin. Finally we have found you." He spoke to the unconscious body. "We intend to use you for the exact reason Lucian had you created." His gaze shot over to the woman now, though unconscious he could tell she was not a force to be reckoned with. "What of this one?"

"Sir, we believe her to be his mate." Bradson said, he had entered the room during Dr. Lanes personal conversation with Subject 0.

"Lycan or Vampire?" He questioned looking down hungrily.

"Vampire Sir." The man behind the computer spoke.

"No reason to keep her alive, we have what we want. Kill her."

"But sir?..." The computer man spoke up.

"I said kill her and that is an order."

"Yes Sir. But I believe you should know that the hormone levels in Subject 1 are at an extreme high."

"What does that mean?" Dr. Lane asked looking to the man, his eyes fogging over to a dark black.

"She's pregnant sir."

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