Upon regaining consciousness she quickly noticed several things. The first thing she noticed was in the back of her mind a loud noise rang in her ears, like nails on a chalkboard. She gathered that this single sound alone had pulled her from her deep and peaceful slumber. The second thing that entered her mind was the uncomfortable cot she slept on was not her bed; and as her heavy lids fought sleep to open she noticed a third thing. Not only was she not in her apartment, but she was in a small room and despite the lack of lighting the bright walls had her slamming her eyes shut.

Again the distant crying entered her ears, reminding her why she dared to open her eyes in the first place. She violently turned on her side and through her lashes glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand next to her. In bright red lights it read one forty-two. She groaned, frustrated at her lack of sleep, then turned to lay on her back. The crying not only growing louder, but slowly pulled her back to reality.

The crying; it was that of a child. And not just any child, but an infant. Quickly it all came flooding back to her, the image of Subject One lying lifeless on the table as her offspring was ripped from her womb. The haunting image of Subject Two's eyes while she had cried, and how they had returned to a soft ocean blue when the crying had ceased invaded her peaceful dreams.

She once again rolled over on her side and climbed out of bed, shivering when her bare feet touched the icy cold tile floor beneath her. She grabbed her robe from a nearby chair and covered herself in an attempt to maintain some warmth. As she approached the basinet on the other side of the room she quickly took in her surroundings and noticed a camera on a nearby wall. The red blinking light told her she was constantly being watched. She tugged her robe tighter around her form in attempt to keep some modesty before gaining enough courage to pick the young female from her small bed.

She brought the baby close to her, hoping to offer solace to the agitated soul. Gently stroking her head, and moving thick black hair out of her line of vision. She carefully carried them both over to the white rocking chair in the middle of the room and sat down, taking the child into a warm embrace.

"Hush child…hush." She soothed, rubbing her back as the baby's tiny frame wracked with sobs, drenching her shoulder in tears. "Shhh…it's ok."

The words fell on deaf ears. Still the child cried.

Her hand fell to the diaper the subject wore and was confused to find it dry. She had hoped all the child needed was a new diaper, but alas that was not the issue.

"Don't cry." She whispered, sending a silent prayer to the baby's deceased mother in hopes of quieting the child. She silently rocked them both back and forth, hoping the movement would quiet the unsettled infant.

"What's going on?" Bradson asked walking into the control room. He yawned openly as he put his jacket on to break the chill.

He had been fast asleep when Dmitri came bursting through his door, waking him in the process. He had quickly explained he was needed in the control room of Subject One before disappearing, most likely to retrieve Quint or Dr. Lane himself. Which was where he stood now, looking out the glass window as one of the doctors drew blood from the frozen specimen.

"At approximately one twenty six Subject Two slept soundly sir…" he started off, but was cut off by a very agitated Lane.

"What does Subject Two have to do with Subject One?" He asked approaching both men.

"When Dr. Peters inserted Subject One with a needle and began to withdraw blood at one thirty eight, Davin entered with news that Subject Two had arose. The subject was screaming and crying sir." The man stated confused.

Subject Two was only two weeks old, and despite the fact she was a newborn the child had slept through every night peacefully as possible. Never once did any member of Antigen even mention Subject Two crying for anything. Lida had even been found hovering around her crib on several occasions to be certain the child was still alive and breathing. Lane and a few other doctors had figured it was something to be added in the notes. Subject Two never cried…that is until now.

"Where is Subject Two now?" Bradson asked studying his boss's silent demeanor.

"In her room sir…with Miss Lida." On that note both Bradson and Lane quickly departed into the hallway. Both men stared at the door just a few feet from the room they had left. They listened for any sounds on the other side, but heard none.

Once entering Lida glanced upon both men, slightly irritated someone would come barging into the room only seconds after she had successfully silenced the child and put her back to sleep. She quickly brought her finger to her pouted lips, telling them to keep quiet. Dr. Lane motioned for her to come outside as Bradson and himself stepped out of the room. Quickly, but cautiously, Lida placed the young girl back into her basinet and quietly exited.

"Yes sir?" She asked softly, tugging tightly on her robe in attempt to hide her nervousness.

"How long ago did the subject wake?"

"About twenty minutes ago sir. She woke me up crying."

"Crying?" Bradson asked, searching the woman's face for any signs of lies. It was almost too odd to believe.

Had it would have been any other child it would have been expected, but no this wasn't any child. This was a child who hadn't cried in two weeks since the day she was ripped from her mother. A child who randomly one night wakes up bawling only minutes in coincidence with her mother being stabbed with a needle.

"Is it alright now?" Lane asked, it was a stupid question, the three of them knew it, but Lida related it to his concern for the test subject and lack of sleep. He never referred to her as a female, only as an 'It' as if giving her a name and specifying her gender was a disgrace.

"Yes sir. She just quieted down five minutes ago and fell asleep shortly after."

"Very well. Lida, Good Night."

"Good Night." Bradson chimed in.

"Good Night." She muttered opening the door and reentering the room to attempt sleep once more.

"Tomorrow I want a blood sample from Subject Two." Lane muttered once the door was closed and he was half way down the corridor. Bradson was only steps behind him.

"But sir, she is still just two weeks old. We said we wouldn't start the blood tests on her until she was at least six months."

"I know what I said!" He yelled, stopping in his tracks, his eyes turning black in front of the younger Lycan. "And we will stick to that. I want one sample of her blood tomorrow for analyzing." He paused and took off walking again. "She's quiet all of two weeks before waking up screaming. It's because we drew Subject Ones blood. It's too much to be just a coincidence."

"Yes sir. I'll have the blood drawn and the reports delivered to you once the tests you request have been performed."

There was no response, just the slamming of his door echoing in the deserted hallway.

The next morning Lida was forced to carry Subject Two out of the room and down the hallway. She curiously followed behind two guards quiet as could be and watched as they brought both females into another quiet room. This one was white, like the rest of Antigen, the only one that made this one any different was the machines that filled the empty space. A large computer rested on a nearby table while needles sat on a surgical platform nearby. She watched as a few doctors ran about talking to one another before a male approached woman and child.

"Hold onto her." He said; she did as asked. She had met this man once before and knew him only by the name Balthazar. "Tightly." This time the doctor barked out demanded as he searched for her vein and stabbed the child with a needle. Lida watched as the blood filled three vials before the needle was pulled out. Before the doctor could even react and place a cotton ball on the crying girls arm, he noticed the wound had healed up on its own. "What the hell?" He asked looking the arm over, no sign of the puncture wound existed.

He quickly turned on his heel wrote a few notes in a nearby book before turning back to child and caregiver. Picking up a nearby scalpel, he slowly brought it to the subjects arm.

Lida twitched softly, wanting to protect the girl from the sharp object, but knowing disagreeing now would only cost her a job and the ability to protect the girl. She watched with the other people in the room as he broke her skin and slowly brought the scalpel downward, cutting a straight line from her shoulder to her elbow. Every doctor watched in shock as the skin healed itself before the next millimeter could be cut open. Blood stained the sharp instrument, but the red substance was not on the child's arm.

"Call Doctor Lane." The male doctor said in shock.

Lida was forced to watch as the demonstration was repeated several times over for the doctor. Each cut caused the girl in her arms to cry out in more pain. She tried calming her down, but knew it was useless as long as they kept cutting her. Lida locked eyes with the bewildered Doctor Lane, silently begging him to stop.

Six Months Later:

Lida sat in her rocking chair watching as Subject Two lay on her bed. She had managed to wrap herself in a fuzzy pink blanket Lida had bought for her when she had turned a month old and silently sucked on her fist. Her blue eyes searched around the room curiously as she giggled softly into her knuckles.

"What are you laughing at huh?" Lida asked, her voice high pitched and childlike. "What's so funny?" She questioned gently poking the almost seventh month old child in the side.

She watched with amused eyes as her hips moved and she giggled louder. Her fists were raised high and fell roughly on the bed as a loud squeal escaped her mouth. Lida watched with saddened eyes as the girl brought herself up to a sitting position only to crawl to the edge of the bed. She had been crawling all of a month now, and knew it would only be a matter of time before she would be walking.

She quickly reached over and took the child into her embrace as the door was opened. In the doorway Dmitri stood quietly, eyeing both females. She glanced to the clock before getting up and carrying the girl in her arms down the hall.

Once again she entered the all too familiar surgical room. The regular doctor, she had come to know as Dr. Hillman approached her yet again, needle at the ready.

"How as her development been progressing?" he asked softly, attempting conversation as he stabbed the subject. As always she started to cry.

"Nothing new, just continuing to crawl." She answered looking closely as he dragged the scalpel down her arm and to her elbow.

Lida watched with horrid eyes as the blood poured from the wound for ten seconds before finally healing back up. Dr. Hillman turned and wrote again in his notes before dismissing them both with a polite thank you and a promise of seeing them tomorrow.

Ever since they had found out she was capable of self-healing, they had been forcing her skin open, timing how long it took to heal back up and how much blood was lost. It had appeared to be an attribute she held dear only as infant and was dwindling with her age. She was just terrified of the day she wouldn't heal at all and bleed out before her very eyes.

Lida held the six month old close, trying to soothe her cries as they walked the short distance back to her room. As she threw the pink blanket on the ground and placed her on top she sat next to her.

"Can you say 'Lida'?" She questioned softly, staring into her blue irises. The child sat quietly, her eyes were covered in tears that had yet to fall. "Say 'Lida'. Come on Subject Two. You can do it."

Lida sat there quietly staring as the child once again gnawed on her fist, caking the skin in saliva. Lida got up from her spot on the floor and brought her pillow to rest beside the girl before returning to her bed. She lay there watching as the subject smacked the pillow hard before coming to the conclusion that it wasn't a threat and climbed on top of it. She curled up in the fetal position before bringing her head down softly and quietly. And just like that she was asleep. Lida watched in utter amusement and silence before sleep overtook her as well.

"UMMA!" The loud cry pulled Lida out of her slumber and her gaze fell upon the violently sleeping child. "UMMA!" She cried in her sleep, tears fell freely. Within an instant she was at her side trying to wake her up. Her heart broke when her lids slammed open and fear covered her features. She backed away from Lida quickly, as if afraid her presence would burn her.

Lida reached a hand out to the girl, desperate to offer support. She blinked back tears before opening her mouth.

"Mumma?" She muttered softly. Lida looked down at her in disbelief as if she had just rotated her head in a complete circle.

"What did you just say?" She questioned again almost unable to believe the word escaped her lips.

"Mumma?" She questioned again, her face cringing in pain as realization hit her that her mother was nowhere in sight. Lida looked to her confused. How had she even known that word? Nobody in the entire facility had used the word before, not even herself.

"Come here Subject Two." She demanded and watched helplessly as she crawled off into the corner and cried.

Lida stood to her feet and looked to the crying child. It seemed everything she had come to know about the girl changed the second that word left her mouth. She couldn't help but feel a tug at her heart, even though her mother was dead and she had no idea what a mother even was, she still called for her. Her inner instincts told her something was amiss and as she cried out for the one person who would protect her from all of life's dangers. Lida couldn't help but feel broken over the fact it would never be her she cried for. As she got older she would only cry out her name because she would come to learn her mother would never be there. All Lida would serve as is a substitute to the girl's delusions. She knew that's why she had been hired, yet the thought had started to sicken her. In that moment she envied the woman who had carried her for nine months, had come to loathe her in that very second. As a mother, she would forever be connected to the being before her and never be forgotten, whereas she herself could only hope to leave a small imprint in her life. For the first time Lida left the child to cry. Turning on her heel she left the room, closing the door behind her. She needed fresh air, and she needed it now.

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