Hello there!

First off, I don't expect to be an award winning story-writer, though I do enjoy writing stories.

I also liked the Zero no Tsukaima anime, until it became shallower till the end of the last season's anime, where it degenerated into a -lolwut- situation.

So, this fanfiction is simple:

Instead of only Hiraga Saito, or somebody else swapping with him, we have another person join the fray during Louise's strange familiar evocation.

One who isn't a simple Japanese student who enjoys getting hit by a girl with explosions.

Zero no Tsukaima Fan fiction by Shadenight123

"The Familiars of Zero"

-Taken from original back cover-

"Who are you?"

Hiraga Saito awoke to find a pretty girl asking him that question. Looking around, he found himself in an unfamiliar place, people dressed as magicians surrounding him and the girl.

The girl, calling herself Louise, explained that she had "summoned" him from his world to be her "familiar". Saito's confusion grew, especially after she kissed him and claimed it was a "contract"! My first kiss, he lamented, but before he had even a chance to become angry, strange symbols etched themselves into his left hand, marking him as a familiar!

While searching for a way to return home, Saito must cope with being forced to live with Louise, as her familiar...

"Who are you?"

Elite 578639, codenamed COGMK6, was running for his life. Ducking for cover, he ends up jumping on a grassy plain with strange things next to him. How can a Commander of Genocide keep playing the part of a sort of demon, when his pride wants one thing and the intergalactic ensemble of laws dictate another? And when the Original, the Supreme Being considered by his people the apotheosis of his kind, personally tells him to "have fun"?

While trying to hold his real strength to the leash, and masquerade it, he must also manage to fight off a never ending stream of strange thoughts which risk of driving him mad, or worst, to betrayal.

"Miss Vallière, please recite your incantation" came the voice from Mr. Colbert, holding his wooden staff and pointing to the open patch of grass, while the rest of the crowd of students opened up to let a small, pink-haired girl make its way to the center, eyes gazed on her. Lots of eyes.

In the midday sun, of a warm spring day, the springtime summoning familiar ritual was about to take place again; with a new summoning.

Hiraga Saito was walking down the road, back home; in his backpack were a couple of things he had used during school, and some more he had kept to enjoy in the quiet peace of the evening park. Wearing his blue and white jersey, he pulled up his hood as a gust of cold wind made him feel shivers down his spine.

It was a cold autumn evening. As he walked slowly, his thoughts lingered on theories about his upcoming dinner; Warm dinner. The taste of the hamburgers he was going to eat were already salivating his mouth. With his mind busy he simply didn't realize the green portal which had opened right beneath his feet.

Elite 578639, codenamed C.O.6, was running on the scorched ex capital city of an otherwise green planet, Truan 8.

Hardly to blame, when you have a Scortifex slithering it's way at you with its ten feet tall body, five sharps claws per hand, four hands per arm and a serpent-like body capable of going at 50 km/h.

"Damned biological purge by-product!" he muttered to himself. The nanites forming his helmet pinged him about the incoming rescue shuttle: it would take two weeks.

Him and his goody two shoes attitude! -Go first please! I'll keep him at bay, wait for me at the secondary LZ! - Yeah, they left without even waiting. Those damn cowards! The Original was going to have their heads on spikes and throw them in a black hole!

It all had started two days before. An outbreak on a new type of genetical modifier had infected the otherwise meek lab rat population: giving them psychic powers. The rats had decided it would be fun to bend the bars of their prisons, the spines of the scientist and escape while freeing everything else along their path.

On the plus note, the recipe had been given to the Paladins, bringing them up to MK7. He still had one of the remaining vials though. It was crude stuff, and it would more likely kill him than not if he had tried to take a sip.

The city had been evacuated, and would soon be nuked from orbit. The shuttle de-facto issued a non-possible rescue, and his nanites pinged back to him the news.

He simply *had* to leave the city by foot. In less than three hours. Without letting anything else escape.

It would either be him, or no-one.

As he dashed around the corner, something green caught his eyes, straight in front of him. He rolled to the side to avoid it, but that thing moved, catching him up with unparalleled speed.

It was a second Scortifex; this one was smaller and more nimble, and faster.

His nanites absorbed much of the blow from the claws, but he could feel the cracks of his bones. -Betting on a compound fracture- "Compound fracture found, repair delayed, survival at risk. Suggesting escaping or self-destructing."

With no intention of going down without a fight, Elite 578639 charged right in nanites sword forming in his right hand. As claw was about to meet sword though, he felt himself being pulled away.

"Marvelous and divine familiar?" "Nah, she said supreme and beautiful!" were the common giggles from the student's crowd, which dispersed slowly, as an explosion swiftly followed by a hefty dose of dust, formed around the center of the grass patch.

A slow wind gust dispersed it, to reveal the strangest of things; which also made the crowd stand silent.

There was not a single familiar, but two figures; One completely different from the other, a boy and a demon.

The boy was wearing a blue and white jersey, black hair and hazel eyes, and looked confused and wordless.

The demon was...well, COGMK6.

He was in his battle suit. A humanoid like exoskeleton made of pure blackened Kevlar and diamond fiber, composed of sentient nanites, nicknamed Demon mk2 by the researchers. It had long claws which could be retracted, modeled after whatever melee weapon of choice, or used in whatever way they could be instructed, a helmet made to assume an aerodynamic form and filled to the brim with sensors and a small AI, the center of the nanites cogitative thinking. It also had a system of recycling organical matter. Basically, it was a fortress the size of a human and which looked like a demon from the pits of hell. The demon didn't seem to bother much with his surroundings.

Any place was better than Truan 8, and he was able to adapt, it was a requisite for surviving the Elite Course.

The boy on the other hand was perplexed, laying on the ground his face up.

"Who are you?" the pink haired girl in front of them asked.

Saito shook his head, thoughts twirling around, before answering with a slow "My name is...Hiraga Saito".

Cog stayed silent. He did sense that the bald men next to them was prone to charge though; looked like a strange guy, with a wooden staff, a calm smile, yet he could feel it, he was hiding at least a military grade training. Maybe he did have the wrong impression of him; yet he did have a sword in hand, which slowly retracted into basic claws, again. This did give a sort of feeling that he was about to strike...maybe?

-Why trust people like this? - They have no sense of preservation. Teleporting a Commander of Genocide out of his entrusted area and Original knows where. They truly must hate their own species.

Looking around they did seem human.

Like the boy which was next to him.

This clearly wasn't Truan 8, though.

"Where are you two from? Commoner, is he your pet?" the girl said, hesitant after a while, deciding to speak to the human-like creature instead of demon-resembling one.

No replies came in soon, the boy was disoriented, and "Cog" wasn't in the mood to give out valuable or sensible information. Something was still not being right, at least for his sixth sense.

Snickers and remarks soon boomed from the crowd.

-Seems this girl here isn't liked a lot- was all Cog thought.

"I just made a mistake!" the girl shouted back, pouting.

"Two mistakes don't make a right Louise!" "But she's the Zero, so it's to be expected".

"Mr. Colbert! Please, let me do it again!"

"I cannot allow that, never has it happened for the springtime summoning to summon a human as a familiar, even more to summon two familiars at once, but it's a ritual that goes above laws."

-Human? - Cog's ears could have actually been seen stretching.

-Human, huh...- something was ticking him off. The boy clearly wasn't human to his standards. Maybe it was for theirs...but not for his.

Cog stretched some more, claws feigned to stretch and move like his fingers, while his eyes, covered by the helmet seemed like reddish holes, three on the right and three on the left, making him look sort of like a spider, were pointed on the bald man.

He was going to intervene, probably, his hands were twitching, but maybe it would prove to be unnecessary.

"Please proceed with the contract Miss Vallière; you have graduated to a second year...the contracts, my mistake."

Saito had just regained half of his senses, that the pretty girl already started chanting again.

"My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers; bless this humble being, and make him my familiar." It was strange how she methodically repeated those words, moment after moment. Then suddenly, she leaned in, her lips touching his.

When she removed herself, moments later she simply stated "It is done".

"What? What is done here? What did you do and why?" but he was ignored, Louise, the girl, had suddenly turned towards the other thing, the demon.

He growled, assuming a menacing and beastly-like form. He had no clue what they were trying to do, but in any case nobody was going to touch him. "Attention, no hostilities detected, compound fracture is about to be repaired, please hold still" appeared written onto his visor, all that Cog could think of was –Why now!...Argh! - Before letting out a beastly roar of pain he tried running, but to no avail, the nanites were quicker.

The nanites responsible for self-repairs assembled on his broken arm; they would have had a small dose of anesthetic, but they had already repaired a lot of his body during the initial assault in the Truan 8 secret Laboratory base, so they mended the arm, and repaired the bone all, without a single drop of anesthetic, but with a hellish pain.

"Mr. Colbert?" she whispered, slightly scared by that roar; a feeling of fear running through her veins. Why would she be scared? The familiar had been evoked to be her servant, right?

"He's your summoned familiar and your responsibility...but do not worry, if things get messy I'll intervene miss Vallière." Colbert reassured her.

Nobody said anything; the crowd was silent after the roar. Everyone stood still, very still.

Cog looked at the pink haired girl move slowly forward, the more she got closer, the more the difference in height, one meter and ninety seven for him, became clear.

"My...My name is..." the girl whimpered, scared, and unable to get closer. It must have been the pheromones. They were out in the open after all, so it was obvious it would take a while for those to kick in. Right now they were set on Fear. In a battlefield, it was the most useful feeling to give to your enemies. Right now he was on verge of collapsing from the pain. -Not even a drop of painkillers huh?- "Negative" -it was a rhetoric question- "Affirmative" -No, you simply don...- his sight grew hazy, and then he fell on his knees.

"Deactivating pheromones for lack of situation" came as a small sound as he lost consciousness.

The rest was a haze. He did feel like being carried by someone.

But that was just a discontinued thought.

It had happened twice before: on the battlefield of Sigma 3 and on the deck of Starcrusher Poseidon.

In that case there were technologically advanced alien fleets and enemies. Suffering a loss of conscience and having to be dragged because of a broken bone? He'd be the laughter of the entire Elite Class if the rumor ever made it back.

He woke up feeling groggy. His suit was still on him; the Ai had recorded what had happened after he had lost consciousness, and also the audio. He had fainted, and then the girl had quickly proceeded with the ritual. The nanites noted no difference, but mimicked the runes which had appeared on the boy's hand for "camouflaging purposes".

It had seemed like Mr. Colbert had carried him all the way, while flying, to the… stables. The boy and the girl, instead, had walked back.

When he actually started discerning his surroundings, he realized someone was looking at him. It was a girl dressed in a maid outfit, with black hair and hazel eyes; she was looking at him with a perplexed and mixed look.

He tried moving. A tingling sensation on his right arm made him stop. He looked down to see a chain had been placed. "Composition of restrain analyzed, basic ferrous substance. Advice use of moderate strength to break" –You don't say- .

"He…hello?" the maid said, a bit whimpering. Had they never seen a battle exoskeleton on this world? Seemed like it. He kind of wondered why his trick hadn't already been called, but looking around the nanites already gave him the answer "Possible middle-age technological world: probability of 87%".

"You won't harm me, right? I have brought you some food…" she added hesitantly with a small package of paper, enclosed within, once she threw it near him, was raw meat.

-Yes, they have no idea what this is. - He looked at her, and then looked back at the food. Nanites assembled on his helmet to mimic a puzzled look.

"You don't…eat meat?" –No, I eat the souls of the idiots- "Maybe you graze grass?" was she really hoping for an answer? He sighed, which, through the nanites voice modification sounded more like a rasping groan. A flick of his claws and the chain was broken. A scream soon followed as the maid started running away. Courage wasn't her point it seemed.

He stood up, finally, and scratched his head slowly.

"A message has been received, impossible to refuse orders within." –Who is the sender? – The message unfolded in front of his visor, and silently, Cog began reading.

Little one,

I'm sure you're puzzled, but don't worry, everything is fine.

Remember to judge accordingly, and give out a proper result based on facts, and not anger.

Remember that, worst to worst, I'll be always there.

So, have fun, and remember the laws.

Yours with a tight hug,

The Original.

His brain went blank for five seconds.

-What did I just read? - "Message sent by the Original himself". "I'm unworthy! I'm too unworthy to receive such tender words from my god!" he would have yelled to the sky, but he had orders to respect. He looked at the runes which the nanites had mimicked to ensure camouflaging. The Ai was puzzled too, since it needed something to confront them with before giving out a proper translation.

"Please…stay calm" the voice shook him from his thoughts. The maid had gone back with a … frying pan in hand? He made a step towards her, she made a step back "please Mr. familiar, don't eat me, I've still got to find a nice guy to marry". She was panicking, starting to murmur every little reason why she shouldn't be killed.

Cog drew closer to her, and once close enough he stopped; the maid closed her eyes in prayer to a certain founder Brimir. He lowered his hand on her and… patted her head, twice, slowly and gently.

She carefully opened one eye to see him, or better yet, his nanites mimic a smile on his helmet. A wicked and filled with teethes smile, but a smile never less.

-So…what fun can I have around here? I've got it: I'll follow the flow. Won't be bad, and, at the end of it all, I'll probably have enough to judge this world- Those thoughts in mind, he left a speechless maid behind and went outside the stables. The night showed him her glory with three moons. –Well, this clearly is not Truan 8. It's got five moons that planet-.