Years had passed, Ruth was now literally lying on her death bed. She had been sick for a while now and had recently gotten diagnosed with cancer.. She was only given a couple of weeks to live.

Sipsey had stayed by her side, each and every day, giving her injections to releave her pain.

However, this day was different, Ruth was even paler, hoarser and in more hurt than previously.

Idgie stood in the middle of the room, staring at her friend nervously.

A feeling of dread crept up in the pit of her stomach.. She knew Ruth was too weak to hold on any longer.

Ruths pained low groans broke her heart into more and more pieces each time she heard them.

Sipsey held up the syringe filled with medicine to numb the pain, however Ruth shook her head slightly in protest against the needle.

"Poor baby.." Sipsey mumbled, placing an ice cub to Ruths lips, however, Ruth pushed her hands away and groaned weakly.

"I'll leave you two alone.." Sipsey made her way out.

Idgie stood there, staring nervously at her friend until she got the strength up to walk over to the curtins.

She was just about to fully close them until Ruth protested, leading Idgie to instead upon them up fully.

"That's nice.." Ruth mumbled.

"There's so many.." Idgies voice broke.

"Things I want to say to you.."

Ruth didn't take her eyes off Idgie. "Tell me a story."

"I don't think you want to hear the last story I've got to tell.." Idgie trailed off.

"No, I love your stories.. Tell me a good story.." Ruth insisted.

Idgie looked down for a moment. "Well.. There was this girl.. Who didn't think she'd ever find someone she'd be so fond of.. Someone she actually wanted to spend her entire life with.. Someone she would do anything for.. Kill to protect.. However.. She found that someone.." Idgie trailed off.

"But because of a misfortune years ago, she found someone she would give the world to if only she could.. However, she was foolish enough to let it slip out of her hands.. She didn't realize what she had until it was too late.. A girl so worried about other peoples judgement let a good thing go.." Idgie took a deep breath.

"Ruth, that girl is me.. When I first met you, I didn't like you.. Until I got to know you.. Then I realized you were a great friend.. You were more than a great friend.." She trailed off once more to regain control of her self.

"At the cafe.. When I kissed you, it was the greatest feeling I had ever known.. I was just ashamed to admit to it.. I wish I would've.. I let all those years pass by with only wondering what could've been because I was scare of what people would think.. But.. That is the reason why I couldn't find love in any man.. I found love in you Ruth.. Everyone fell in love with you, and I was no exception.." She looked down, letting a few tears fall.

"I waited too long to say this but it's better late than never.."

"Ruth, I love you.. More than I have loved anyone, since the day I met you up until now and I'll continue loving you.. You made me feel like no other could.. I've been praying for a miracle, so I wouldn't have to live life without you but.. The good always die young.." She swallowed deeply, looking up at her friend who now laid motionless in bed.

Idgies eyes widend, her heart now fully shattered. She wondered if Ruth even heard all that.

Only for a split moment did she think her words were wasted because even if Ruth had passed on while she was talking, she was looking down on her, listening.

However, that wasn't enough to put Idgies heart back together.

She ran over to Ruths bedside and clung to her, wanting nothing more than to wake up and this all be a dream.

"You can't leave me.. I love you.." She repeated over, even when Sipsey came back in.

"You've got to let go of her now.." The woman spoke low, gently trying to pull Idgie back after she had stopped the clock in the room.

"I loved her.. She can't go.. She can't leave me.." Idgie sobbed.

"I know.." Sipsey soothingly spoke as she contiued to pull the blonde away.

Idgie was just about to move back, when she remembered Ruth telling Buddy Jr. about giving her a kiss in order for her not to be sad again.

Idgie knew it was risky, what was running through her mind but she also knew that Sipsey was good at keeping secrets.

Idgie broke free of Sipseys grip to lean down and place one last kiss to Ruths lips, lips that were once so warm and soft, now were dry and cold.

"May all the worlds happiness be with you.. " She spoke low, trying to regain control of her own self as she pulled away. However, she knew her tears wouldn't stop so easily.

"It's going to be okay... She's in a better place now.. Where she isn't suffering anymore.." Sipsey mumbled as she led Idgie out of the room. All the blonde could do was cry at that very moment.

She could live without Ruth, but she didn't want to and getting over this would take years and still, the void in her heart would never be filled by another..

Ruth was and always will be, her one and only true love.

The End

Death is a challenge.
It tells us not to waste tells us to
tell each other right now that we love each other. - Leo Buscaglia

What we have once enjoyed we can never lose;
All that we love deeply, becomes a part of us. - Helen Keller

So this chapter was better.. I cried when I watched the movie this time and I cried again when re-writing this. It's so sad, but yet, so very well crafted in the original movie. It's emotion like this that makes plots worth while..


Thank you for reading!