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At the confence table there was a staring contest between Gibbs and Don.

"This might go on all day." Larry started to say more when Gibbs started to talk.

"This is the deal, you and your agents will listen to what I have to say if not then you get a plane ride home and have to wait for us to finsh."

"Fornell did say that you would be a pain in the ass about that but I have to keep my brother safe." The rest of the group nodded while Don looked over to Charlie who was talking to Abby about something on a computer. "Did he forget lunch?"

"No," Tim spoke up, "Abby had me get everyone lunch, that was before you got here."

"Here's what we need to do," Gibbs sent Granger and Tony to the hotel to see about getting Charlie's things from there since it was clear that he wouldn't be going back there. Gibbs sent the rest to work, Ian and Don were asked to come for a walk so that they could talk more.

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