Hi. This is a Diary Of An Unpopular teenage girl who has moved to New York City. Her new school is AEHS, the same school as Princess Mia. Will they become friends? Or enemys? This is not a real diary. Enjoy!

1:30, At home, Sunday.

Okay so, my mom told me to keep a diary because she thinks I'm not "In touch" with my emotions. I think its all the medication she's been taking. Buttt she keeps insisting I keep it, so, I finally gave in or else she would of made my life a never-ending if my life isn't already a never-ending hell. Okay, now I'm just being dramatic. Whatever. So, he re is everything about me:

My name is Ashley Ketchum, and no, I'm not related to that pokemon guy. That's one of the usual insults by my peers. I am 14. I live in New York. I live with my mom and my three older sisters, all of whom are really hot. ( I obviously take after my unknown father)

I don't know who my dad is, and after my sisters dad died, my mom sort of had a fling with a guy which resulted in my presence on this unforgiving world.I don't have a boyfriend, but I have had a MAJOR crush on this popular guy David since, like, forever. He is kinda my friend, but not really. Like, I would have a meaningless conversation with him from time to time, but that's all. My eldest sister, Katy, is 17 and her boyfriend is called Derek. My other sister, Sarah, is 15 and her boyfriend is Davids older brother, Jason. And last but not least, Laura is my older sister but she's only 2 months older than me. Her boyfriend is Dylan, Davids best friend. So, as you can see, I am a complete reject, as I am the only one in my family who doesn't have a Boyfriend. I am best friends with Alan (big deal, I'm best friends with a guy!) and i've known him since almost forever. I know this is weird for me to think, but he's actually kinda hot. Anyway, that's all about me! I have to go, Alan and I are going soccer training.

3:30 Back at home, Still Sunday.

I got home at 2:30, but Alan came over for a while. The totally embarrasing part was when we were just sitting there talking about how our soccer teacher, Mr Duncy, resembles an anteater when Katy came in and said,"Hey sis, whatcha doin'?" Then Sarah came in and said,"Oh leave her alone. She's hanging out with her boyfriend." I turned bright red! It was so embarassing! Wait, though, it gets worse. They started making kissy faces! So I said,"HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!" Then Katy said,"Oh, so you fear commitment now, is it?" Then, they FINALLY left. "Sorry about them" I mumbled." "Oh, its okay. Thats not the first time" he said "Hey look at the time, I gotta go. Bye" "Bye" I said. Then he went home. I am fully going to pay back my sisters by showing their boyfriends the photo album where it shows them having their first poop. Yea. Oh and I am starting a new school tomorrow. Hey, I heard Princess Mia goes there. She's probably totally popular. I have to go. Dinner is ready.

4:00, at home, sunday

I am so bored. I'm going on the laptop to see if Alan is online. Because, I am fully dying of boredom. Yay he's online. Here's the conversation we are having:

Kittygurl: Hey alan

ilikesoccer: Hey ash. Wuu2?

Kittygurl: nm u?

Ilikesoccer: txting u

Kittygurl: I am so dense.

Ilikesoccer: ikr!

Kittygurl: ur mean. o yh, srry bout my sisters

Ilikesoccer: Hey, do you like grilled cheese?

Kittygurl: wdf?

Ilikesoccer: srry i got bored.

Kittygurl: i hav 2 go get my bag packed 4 school 2 morrow

Ilikesoccer: Oh ye me 2 for our new school 2morrow. Bye

Kittygurl: bye!

I know, I know! This chapter is teensy weensy! The next ones will be bigger! But I put it up as a kind of imformation centre so you can get to know Ashley Ketchum! Hold on, Ash ketchum, ASHley ketcum? I swear, I had no idea when I started! Lol. Review!