Hi. I told myself that I was going to do one chapter a day but, since chapter 1 was so short, I decided to do 2 chapters today. Enjoy!

8:00am, On the schoolbus, Monday.

Omg. I am going to throw up. When I got on the bus today, everyone was giving me and Alan weird looks. Thank god he was with me or I would of had a nervous breakdown. Okay so when we got on the bus a really pretty girl with blonde hair and pink lip gloss came over to me and said, " So, your the new girl, huh?" I looked up at Alan and then replied, " Um.. yea" like the dork I am. "So, is he your boyfriend?" she said, pointing at Alan. I turned red and mumbled, "No" I swear, I almost died when she said, "Oh. Friend-zoned, I see" and then she flounced off, her perfect hair bouncing after her. She whispered something to her friends and they all looked at me and Alan. She whispered something else and they all started laughing. I swear, it was the most embarrassing thing EVER! Alan just told me not to mind her. Oh, we are at the school. I am freaking out.

12:00, Lunch at school, Still Monday

Well, the day so far is totally NOT going my way. Firstly, I met princess Mia. I'm her friend now. I think. I'm also friends with a girl called Tina Hakim Baba, and another girl called Lilly Moscovitz. And a guy called Michael Moscovitz, who is Mia's boyfriend. Of course. Tina's boyfriend is this weird guy called Boris Pelowski, and he tucks his sweater into his pants. Um, excuse me, but someone call the fashion police. Anyway, Alan is friends with Michael and Boris. I told Mia about the blonde girl on the bus and she narrowed her eyes and sort of hissed,"Lana Weinberger" I looked over to where this Lana person was sitting. I guess she is one of the populars. "What about Weinberger?" Michael wanted to know. "Nothing" Mia lied. I noticed, though, that her nostrils seemed to sort of, well, flare as she said this. I didn't mention it though, as I thought it would be rude. Now, here comes the embarasaing part. For the SECOND time today, Mia said, "Is he your boyfriend?" pointing at Alan, in front of EVERYONE at the table. I noticed, as she said this, everyone seemed way interested. "n-no.. " I managed to stammer. Tina leaned over to me and whispered, "Meet me in the bathroom" So I scuttled after her and then she said,"Do you like Alan?" I was all ready to say, get over it! We're friends! But then, I thought about it. The way I felt when he brushed against me. The way we would have endless conversations. The way my heart melted when he looked into my eyes. But then I thought, we're just best friends, that's all. I liked... well actually no one since I cant see David anymore, because I moved schools. I replied to her, " No" and she said back to me, in my totall embarassment, " Well you two certaintly seemed very close, chatting away like best friends" I looked at her like she could read my mind and said,"Well, we ARE bestfriends" She looked at me like I said I surfed down Niagra Falls. "Really? Wow, is he friend zoned?" she wanted to know. "I hope not!" Then I thought about what I had just said and blushed. "I.. I mean..." I was mortified! She narrowed her eyes and said, "You like him, don't you?" I didn't know what to say, so I just went, "I..I don't know" She was about to say something, but then the bell rang.

12:30, Algebra class, monday

Grr! I don't understand one bit of this crap! Intergers are equal to slope B, as is A to slope E. So, Interger B is equal to AE. I'm sorry, but WHAT? Oh bye the way, did you know that Mia's mom is MARRIED to my algebra teacher, Mr. Gianini? Oh, and just like me, Mia carries around a diary that she always writes in. And she doesn't understand algebra, just like me. We have a lot in common. Another thing that we have in common is that we both love Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I think we'll be really good friends! Oops, gotta go. Mr. Gianini is looking.

1:00, Gifted and Talented class.

OMG. Principal Gupta said I should be in this class because I like to write. She says I have a lot in common with Mia Thermopolis. Except I'm not a princess. Whatever. Michael is in this class, and so is Boris. Alan isn't in this class, even though he plays the guitar. But he's too shy to tell anyone except me, 'cos I'm his best friend. He should tell the principal, so his guitar will drown down the noise of Boris playing some whacko tune called "Bartok" on his violin. A supply closet is just NOT enough to stop us from going deaf. I don't know how Tina puts up with him. I'm bored. Everyone is doing something, except Michael. He looks pretty bored. Mia is so lucky to have him, he's so hot! And he's a senior! Not that I would go out with him or anything, since he's with Mia. I'm so bored. I'm going to study my algebra.

1:15, g+t, STILL MONDAY

I guess Michael must have seen the confused faces I was making at my algebra book. So he offered to help. So now, he's moving his chair over here. I'm so embarrased!

Y slope = C negative, so slope negative= YC slope. WHAT? I'm so dumb. Michael says I'm just like Mia. Whatever, can't you see, Michael, that I'm so NOTHING like her, except the diary and our dumbness at Algebra. GET OVER IT! My life is so sad.

2:00, English, MONDAY still!

Bored. Nearly home time. Yay!

Lilly just asked me if we could have a chat. (on paper obviously) I said sure.

Lilly: this is so boring

Me: ikr!

Lilly: hey, hope you don't mind me saying, but your friend Alan is kinda cute


2:30, english, mondaaayyy

Can you believe this? My very first day and I already have extra homework! Ms. Martinez gave me and lilly an assignment on the joys of punctuation because we were passing notes during her little lecture on quotation marks, and how important they are. Whatever. I have a totall head ache. Oh, theres the bell.

3:00, french, mmmmoooonnnnedddaaaayyy!

And now I am bored.

3:30, Bio

At least I have one happy thing today. I'm bio partners with Alan! And now I have to disect a frog. I am going to puke!

4:00, bus on the way home, monday (as usual)

Soo sleepy...


4:15, home, MONDAY

I almost fell asleep on the bus! How embarrasing! I'm going to start my homework straight away. I am so totally NOT going to fall behind on the first day!

7:30, home, monday

Omg! I fell asleep when I was supposed to be doing my homework! My mom has to write a note to the principal telling her that I could not complete my homework because I fell asleep on account of today being a busy day, after starting a new school and all. Omg! My first day and I'm already behind! What could happen next?

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