Maya visits Izu with Masumi! take place after the Crimson Goddess first performance.

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Maya was taken by surprise when she went out to the lobby. Her knees turn weak and her eyes, filled with tears of happiness. The lobby, it was filled with the scent and color of the massive bouquet of purple roses. Maya slowly walk toward the biggest one, right in the middle, and took the card out and read it:

Dear Ms. Kitajima,

Congratulation on your first performance of the Crimson Goddess. No words could describe what I had witness tonight. You left me utterly speechless and in awe. It was truly magical. You pulled the audience towards your every movement and leave them spell bounded. It was a lifetime experience that I would never forget.

Your fan

The media buzz as they try to take pictures of Maya's reaction, but never, have anyone imagine that she would start crying.

'I'm so happy.. I.. Hayami purpose rose fan.. he loved my Goddess...I..' Maya thought to herself as she cried.

Masumi, who was nearby, watching her reaction quickly ran towards her, bend down, and with a worried tone, asked "Maya! What happen? why are you crying? Maya!"Masumi shook her shoulder, confused. As Masumi lift her up, he could see Maya's face redden but decided that it was because of the crowd. Taking Maya by the hand, he led her to a more quite place, that is, Maya's changing/make up room behind the stage.

"Maya... stop crying already.. really..I don't know what happen but.. it really upset me to see you crying..." Masumi started when they were settled in the room.

"I'm so..happy.. I.." to herself, Maya thought 'Hayami san.. purple rose fan…I'm so happy that he liked it..'

"eh? What do you mean? weren't crying because you were upset about something?" Masumi asked confused

"Of course not! Why would I be upset when my fan send me flowers?" Maya says, wiping her tears away. She looked at Masumi and their eyes met. 'Hayami san.. my purpose rose fan..'

Masumi moved closer to her and bends down to eye level with her and smiled. "I love your crimson goddess. Maya.. it was truly magical. You did well Maya.."

Maya's heart melts. "Hayami-san… I… um.. thank you.." she mumbled and her face redden and she starts to play with her hand.

Masumi rubbed his neck and told her to sit down on the couch as he sat beside her. "Umm, Maya, about the trip to Izu that I told you about on the cruise… well, um… the next performance won't take place in another month… I.. I'm going to Izu this weekend so… I was wondering…would you like to come with me?" Masumi asked; his tone soft and his face blushing.

Maya's head shot up, her eyes wide and her face, grinning "Really? You'll really take me?"


Hearing that, Maya blushes even harder and a bit unsure, she lightly touched Masumi's and whispers "I would love to come with you.."

Maya couldn't sleep that night. Her mind was filled with Masumi's words 'would you like to come with me?' and his expression when those words came out of his mouth. She repeated that scene in her head over and over again. She grinned to herself.

So there it is. The prologue. I know, I know, some fans out there would say 'hey, if this is the crimson goddess first performance, where is the part where Maya gives Koji her answer?' Well, I'll write a separate story for that, since well, this story is about Maya and Masumi, not Maya and her sorry ass ex co-worker whatever.

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