So this is my Third Fanfiction. The idea came to me during a conversation with PurebloodPrincess09, so thank you very much for inspiring the idea my friend!

Summary: Ichigo falls pregnant after a one night stand with Lord of the Incubus demons, Aizen Sousuke. He's in a long term relationship with Stark Coyote and is overwhelmed when he realises he doesn't know which of the two is the father of his baby. With Aizen Sousuke determined to make him his Mate and Stark battling to ask Ichigo to marry him and be his for as long as they both shall live, who will Ichigo chose?

WARNING: -Contains graphic scenes of Yaoi smut from the first chapter and will be a main theme throughout, please if you do not like Yaoi DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

-Will contain scenes of adorable fluffiness

-Will contain Male Pregnancy, please if you do not like DO NOT READ FURTHER THAN THE FIRST CHAPTER

-Contains StarkxIchigo and IchigoxAizen from the first chapter

Please enjoy and review! ~13 :3

On with it!

Chapter One: The Spell:

Ichigo cuddled up to Stark for the night, letting the brunette pull the sheets up over them; he let out a contented sigh against his lover's bare chest and looped an arm around his toned and muscled stomach.

Stark looked down at his Ichigo and rested an arm around his shoulders, he kissed his cheek and turned the nightlight off as he laid down properly, "Good night my love." He murmured softly through the dark.

"Mm… Night-night wolf."

The grey eyed sex-god smiled at the nickname he had come to adore and closed his eyes curling up with his love and drifting off to sleep.


Ichigo moaned in his sleep, arching his back and frowning weakly. His cheeks flushed pale pink and he panted gently; he could feel his member straining between his legs even in his slumber. He arched again and groaned quite loudly, gripping the sheets in his hands tightly.

His eyes shot open suddenly and he sat up, he was alone in bed. Where was Stark? He had been there only a moment ago… Hadn't he?

He looked around, for some reason he could no longer see the walls or the window and door. He couldn't see any furniture except the bed.

Ngh… The bed… For some reason just thinking about it made him even harder than he already was…

Ichigo flopped back on the bed and whimpered, unsure if he should ease his agonising erection or wait for Stark to return and get him to do it for him. He glanced around again, still unable to see anything but darkness around the bed.

Ngh… The bed… Fuck…

He closed his eyes and panted slightly, his toes curling and uncurling repeatedly as his dilemma continued to race around his mind. He glanced down at the throbbing bulge in the duvet and blushed. He couldn't believe he was this turned on… He hadn't even been having a filthy dream!

He dropped his head back onto the pillow again and started squirming. He was about to reach down and make short work of his problem when another hand wrapped around him.

He moaned in relief and bucked his hips frantically, thrusting up into the hand repeatedly before finding himself pinned down by a strong pair of hands around his middle. He whined as the friction was removed from his member and bit his lip hard as his eyebrows knitted together.

He opened his eyes slowly and they flew wide as they settled on the man above him. He wasn't Stark. He was a total stranger. But he was fucking hot! Ichigo's member throbbed in agreement and his body arched in delight.

The stranger had lightly tanned skin; he was butt-naked so Ichigo was able to get an eyeful of that blemish free skin, there was a six-pack but it wasn't over prominent which was nice. His arms were long and lean, with muscles that rippled slightly as they held Ichigo down on the bed; his legs were long as well and they were rested either side of his own. The berry's eyes moved up a little further and he felt himself turn to liquid mush as he eyed up the strangers' manhood.

A throaty chuckle escaped the stranger and Ichigo dragged his eyes up to his face. He had angular features, high chiselled cheekbones and a sharp nose. His eyes were molten chocolate and his hair was dark brown. A curl of disobedient hair hung in front of his eyes.

Fucking hell… This man looked like sex on legs. And he was on top of him. Wait… Why was that again?

Ichigo opened his mouth to ask him what the hell he was doing and why he was naked in his bed but he was cut off by the softest lips he had ever felt pressing against his. Ichigo melted and moulded against the stranger, his arms thrusted up and wrapped around his body, feeling his skin and moaning at his taste.

The stranger smirked slightly at his reaction and pressed against him, rubbing himself against the younger man's already straining member. It was most amusing the effects he had on his victims. He loved it every time. And this young man was even more delectable, he was just his type. He couldn't wait to ravish and ruin him, making him his and give him the night of his life.

The berry pulled back for air and panted heavily, gasping for breath as his head spun. He opened his eyes again and looked back up at the stranger, "W… Who… Who are you?" he panted weakly.

The stranger smirked in amusement and leaned down, nibbling his ear, "You may call me Aizen Sousuke." He purred and pushed his tongue inside his ear provocatively.

Any further questions were cut off as he let out a stream of moans and groans and arched up against him. Ichigo panted and bucked his hips, trying to get some friction on his painful hard-on again. Aizen Sousuke soon got the message and chuckled, reaching down and wrapping his hand back around him. He pumped him slowly and watched his reaction with a face of pure heavenly descent.

Ichigo wailed in pleasure and jolted into his hand eagerly, moaning brokenly and panting his name like a chant.

Aizen pulled his hand back and kissed the younger man until the berry's lips were bruised; then he descended on his throat and left a trail of dark red love bites down to his shoulder. He continued to kiss, bite and suck down his chest and abdomen, flicking his tongue into his navel before continuing down and looking at the present between his legs.

He looked down as he felt breath between his legs and blushed as he watched him, groaning and throwing his head back as the other's warm wet tongue glided up his member and pressed against his head. He scratched at the bed sheets as the action was repeated three times before his whole member was engulfed in wet heat. Ichigo bucked his hips wildly and moaned as he hit the back of his throat, his breath hitching as he was sucked on and swallowed around.

His climax approached hard and fast, he started to see white spots in front of his eyes and started letting out bark like cries of carnal bliss. His vision was suddenly clouded by pure white and his stomach muscles clenched, his climax sending his release into the other's mouth without warning.

He collapsed against the bed panting and whimpering as his orgasm faded and he shuddered in the aftermath of such overwhelming pleasure. He opened his eyes sluggishly as his cheek was tapped and he looked around at the stranger slowly.

"Did you enjoy that, Ichigo?" his voice was like satin and so arousing…

"Ngh... Yeah… Yeah I did…" he stammered weakly.

"Good, good. Do you want some more?"

"Oh fuck yes." He whispered, his cheeks flooding with colour.

Aizen smirked and nodded, "I thought you might." He murmured and leaned down, claiming his mouth forcefully as he lifted the smaller man's legs around his waist and reached down, rubbing two already slickened fingers against his tight entrance. He smirked as this brought a growl of bliss from the man beneath him and eased the fingers into him without hesitation.

He bean rocking his fingers inside of him and stretching him firmly; he nudged his fingertips into his nerves and smirked widely as it tore a cry of his name from his new lover's lips.

He pulled his hand away and positioned himself at his entrance, glancing down at him before snapping his hips forwards and sheathing himself inside of him.

"Ahh! Ooooh… Aizen… Aizen… Ahh… Oh my god… oh my god…" Ichigo panted and cursed repeatedly as he adjusted to his size, suddenly bucking up against him and forcing him deeper still.

Aizen took this as his cue and pulled out of him before slamming back inside again, setting up and steady rhythm of ramming himself into him as deeply as he could, making sure to pound his nerves every single time. He was right to have chosen this amusing little berry head as his next victim, he was already screaming for him.

Ichigo jolted with each thrust, scratching at the others perfect and beautiful skin as he was pummelled into repeatedly, his prostate feeling numb from the overload of beatings but the rest of his body on fire with sensation.

It didn't take long for his second climax to approach, his breathing began to get laboured again and his pupils dilated. Aizen smirked down at him and claimed his mouth forcefully as he continued at the same pace, wrapping a hand around him again and pumping in time with their thrusts.

Ichigo half screamed his name suddenly as his muscles went into spasm around him and he threw his head back as he released over Aizen's had and stomach. In an instant, the brunette's back arched and he let out a feral growl of pleasure as he spilled his seed into the young man and rested down against him as he recovered.

Ichigo's breathing returned to normal and he whined quietly, "W… Who are you?" he whispered.

"I told you."

"You told me your name… Who are you?"

Aizen smirked and pulled back slightly, pressing his lips to his ear, "I'm your biggest fantasy." He purred, "I'm what you want in the deepest depths of your wicked, filthy little mind."

Ichigo blushed and shuddered, "W… What is that meant to mean?"

"I'm an incubus Ichigo. Or rather, The Incubus. I command all the others, they're my subordinates." He murmured.

The berry head's eyes widened in shock and he flinched, "You… You're a demon!"

"Come now Ichigo… You didn't think I was some human did you? How else could I bring you to this room? How else could I know all the little kinks you love in the bedroom? How could I make you have such a strong orgasm?" he breathed over his ear, smirking as the breeze brought goosebumps to the surface of the others skin.

Ichigo whimpered and turned his head away, "Ngh… Please stop… I couldn't go again if I tried…" he whined.

The Incubus Lord smirked and sat back slowly, running a hand down Ichigo's chest and stomach, "Alright, but I think I'll come back. You have captivated my interest. In a few moments you will sit up in bed, you will be back in your own bedroom with your own lover beside you. You will think this was a dirty dream… I assure you it was not."


Ichigo sat bolt upright in bed and panted heavily, his eyes wide and his body drenched in sweat. He felt stiff and sore, like he'd just been taken. He glanced at the other side of the bed and saw his partner fast asleep, making adorable whining noises.

He slid out of bed and looked down at himself; he didn't look like he had just had sex with a demon. He felt like it though. He could remember the feeling of his skin against his, the way he had slammed into him and utterly dominated him. He shuddered and groaned, plodding into the bathroom for a quick cold shower before he tried to go back to sleep.


Aizen looked in from outside the bedroom window and smirked widely as he observed the naked male, he felt his member twitch slightly in desire and longing and bit his lip. He let out a quiet groan as he watched the backside of his latest prey walk sleepily into the en-suit bathroom and ran a hand through his hair, remembering every indent and crevice of his skin. The way it rippled and stretched as he had arched beneath him, the wanton moans which had escaped those deliciously seductive lips, the sweet taste of his mouth and the feel of his muscles around him.

The Incubus shuddered and stood back, "Yes… He is the perfect mate." He purred and instantly rubbed himself against the wall of their house, leaving his scent for any other demons to sense. He was marking this one as his own; none of his greedy brethren would have him. This one was all his. All his.