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Chapter Fifteen: First Meeting - The Ginger Strawberry and the Scarlet Pineapple!

Renji was pissed off. It had been nearly six whole freaking days since he had seen Byakuya; he was lonely, he was grumpy and he was horny twenty-four-fucking-seven. He had been waiting for his mate to return home so he could share some interesting news but the god-damned asshole hadn't come home!

So here he was, trekking across the part of the Demonic World, trying to make it to the bloody Werewolf Estate where his dearly beloved Byakuya was spending every second of his very precious time.

When he got there, so help him, he was going to raise god-damned hell! Hell hath no fury like a redhead scorned, and he was about as redheaded as people got without using that funny smelling dye that made them look like glow sticks on legs.

Stomping in an overly girly manner, he came to a stop in the centre of the supposedly derelict village which had been heavily populated up until about fifteen years ago when a rouge ball of molten rock had fallen from the sky and obliterated it. There was a very good reason as to why that fiery ball had fallen, but he hadn't paid attention to the facts while making a tally of the death toll.

He glanced around and shivered, feeling like he was being watched from the shadows before he began walking again, but this time he walked faster. He was an Incubus demon, if someone attacked him he would easily take care of them. He had been the third in command until Aizen had betrayed them; Byakuya was supposedly taking over the Clan at some point so it seemed increasingly likely that he would be promoted to Second in command. A daunting but exhilarating idea... Which made it all the more important that he talk to his absent lover soon.

Walking swiftly away from the former village he was glad when the feeling of being watched was left behind as well. He saw a faint structure in the distance and was relieved to note that he was only about half an hour away from the Werewolf Estate.

Taking his time to work up his anger so that he could royally explode at his lover, the vibrant redhead strode onwards, approaching the Estate with a tempestuous metaphoric storm cloud over his head.

Reaching the gate, he was admitted without too much trouble, his old friend Ikakku was on guard duty.

"Yo, Abarai!" the bald man grinned widely as the redhead entered the grounds, "What brings ya to these parts?"

"Hey Ikakku," he replied before scowling, "My missing boyfriend."

"Ohhh..." the other smirked darkly, "Heh, he's in the Old Man's office. Want me to take ya there?"

"No thank you. I can find it." He replied menacingly before he waved and headed into the large Estate.

He followed the scent of his lover towards Yamamoto Genryusai's office; he paused outside for a moment before he knocked roughly and pushed the door open, going inside.

Byakuya looked around in surprise and his usually cold eyes warmed at the sight of his lover, he stood up and smiled faintly, "Renji! I wasn't expecting you."

"Clearly." The redhead snapped and folded his arms, "Do you realise that I have been waiting, at home, on my own, for you for SIX DAYS?!"

"Uh... Calm down Renji, I told you I was really busy. You know I wouldn't leave you on your own for that long unless I had no choice." The raven haired demon said uncomfortably as he shot Yamamoto a look.

"I know you are BUSY but you haven't even CALLED me!" he protested, "I had some REALLY important news and you... YOU haven't been around to share it!"

The raven haired Incubus frowned at his tone of voice and wondered if something bad had happened at the Incubus Estate; maybe Aizen had appeared to them and riled another riot, he strode the rest of the way over, resting his hands on his lover's arms and looking into his dark eyes.

"Did something bad happen? Did Aizen appear or... Are there more problems with the Clan?" he asked urgently, receiving a harsh slap in response; he stared, stunned.

"Oh dear God! Why does everything revolve around Aizen?! He is a traitor! That is all that matters! I have been dealing with the Clan!" Renji exclaimed furiously, "I've been to see the Clan Healer!"

Byakuya blinked and slowly the surprise at having been slapped wore off, "Huh? Why? Are you hurt?"


"Then what is it? Renji for goodness sake you are concerning me greatly now." The steel grey eyed demon almost raised his voice.

"I'm pregnant."

Kuchiki Byakuya, known and respected by all members of the Council as a man of dignity and control, fainted in the middle of Yamamoto's office and crumpled on the floor.

Renji blinked and looked at him, "Hmm... That is an interesting response." He muttered and knelt down, tapping the pale cheeks of his lover's face to try and rouse him.

Just then, the door creaked open again and Stark stuck his head around the door, he broke into a grin as he saw Renji before he frowned as he saw Byakuya, "What the heck is going on? Renji, good to see you." The brunette joined him and scooped the unconscious man up; laying him on the nearest sofa.

"Oh... He fainted." Renji replied and rubbed his forehead, "Good to see you too."

"Kuchiki Byakuya fainted?" Stark repeated, almost breaking into laughter at the thought, "Why did he do that?"

The redhead huffed and patted his belly, "Because he just found out he's a daddy that's why."

"... Wow, congratulations." Stark murmured, "I didn't even know the two of you had been trying..."

"We weren't." He replied shortly, "Despite all demons male and female being able to conceive it was suspected that I could not because of the severe malnutrition and pneumonia I suffered as a child, the healers believed that it had damaged my body and that I would never carry. However... I started being sick about a week ago, got feverish, dizzy, was starving and I was as moody and horny as hell so I went for a check up and what do you know? I've got a mini Byakuya growing in my gut!"

"Well... That certainly rings a bell or two with me." He said as he looked towards the doorway where his strawberry haired lover was waiting shyly.

Renji appraised the ginger curiously before noticing the bump hidden under his clothes, "So this is the guy he mentioned right?"

"Yes, this is Kurosaki Ichigo." Stark introduced his lover before wiggling his fingers at the young strawberry, gesturing sweetly for him to come closer, "He is Isshin's son."

"Yo, Strawberry!" the redhead grinned at the newcomer.

"My name is Ichigo." He said coolly as he put an arm around Stark's waist and leaned against his lover, "Seriously... I'll kick your ass into the ground if you call me Strawberry again."

Renji leaned back and laughed loudly, grinning at Stark, "I see why you like him!" he smirked, "Is he this feisty all the time or just when he's carrying cubs?"

Stark chuckled throatily and rubbed his lover's back, "All the time, but I wouldn't want him to be any other way."

Ichigo gave Stark a look before relaxing as he finished speaking; he smiled slightly and rested his head on his chest as he looking back at the redheaded man again, "So... Who are you?" he asked, "You know Byakuya?"

He ceased trying to wake his unconscious lover and straightened back up, rubbing his currently flat stomach thoughtfully, "Yah, I'm Abarai Renji, his mate." He replied, "I'm practically his second in command as well at the moment."

Ichigo observed him for a moment before he nodded his head and smiled, "So, Byakuya's gonna be a daddy eh? It is hard to imagine, but then, I haven't known him for very long so I'm probably not the best judge of character..."

"Oh I don't know," Renji smirked, "He is kind of sprawled on the sofa unconscious after discovering I was pregnant... Not exactly a promising result is it?"

Giggling he looked at the raven haired male and sniggered, "Mm, there are better ways to respond that is true."

Stark smiled as the two seemed to instantly click and blend as friends; he glanced at Yamamoto who was silently watching the entire affair with a look of curiosity passing over his ancient face.

The brunette chuckled inwardly before looking around as Byakuya began to regain consciousness; the raven haired man was pretty pale - paler than normal even and his eyes held much uncertainty in them. But his shoulders were squared and he seemed sturdy enough not to faint again as he sat up and looked at his apparently pregnant partner.

"R-Renji." There was only a slight tremor on his voice but he cleared his throat and tried again, "Renji, how can it be so? I thought, at the beginning of out courtship you told me you could not conceive?"

The redhead smiled as his lover awoke and he instantly seemed to gravitated towards him, brushing his slightly calloused fingers through the others dark; silky locks, "Mm... I truly don't know. I believed what I had been told by the medical staff however... I am with child, your child, two months gone."

"Two months?!" Byakuya exclaimed, slowly reaching out and resting his hand over his lover's stomach, "I can hardly believe it... I am sorry that I was not there when you received the news."

"S'okay, I understand why you have to stay here." He shrugged, "I just missed you."

"And I you."

Ichigo thought he was going to throw up, and he decided that if he was ever that disgustingly doe-eyed towards Stark he would have himself shot. He loved his brunette werewolf dearly, but he was not known for being as affectionate as these two appeared to be. He liked Stark's manliness, his rouge streak and his ability to make him feel like he was the only man on the planet; but he also liked the times when Stark was a little more demanding, a little more forceful and in control. Most of the time they were equals but sometimes, just on a rare occasions Stark really took control and was so dominant it made Ichigo's toes curl in pleasure.

Clearing his throat, Ichigo dragged his mind away from the gutter it had fallen into and squeezed Stark's hand as he took it and smiled at him.

"You alright?" Stark asked softly.

"Yeah..." he replied quietly and leaned up, kissing him softly, "I like Renji... He seems easy to get along with."

"He is, you are both very alike actually. In personality and in the way you think." He smiled, "It would be nice for you to make some friends, I don't want to think I've dragged you into this world and you would be all alone."

Ichigo tapped his nose, "You have no need to worry. I am happy actually. I have always felt like I was lacking something and now I have found it. Besides, Urahara and Yoruichi are nice and I get on well with them. And that Chad guy from the meeting the other day. But yeah, more friends would be cool with me too."

"I am pleased." Stark leaned in and kissed him a little deeper before he pulled back, "Yo, Renji, no one has really talking Ichigo through what to expect with a demonic pregnancy, seeing as you are in the same position would you mind... You know, filling him in on the details. Birth and such like?"

"Sure no problem!" the redhead smiled and pecked his lover on the lips a final time before he slung a casual arm around Ichigo's shoulders and lead him from the room.

Stark and Byakuya looked at each other before sharing a smirk, "it's like they were separated at birth." The raven haired man murmured.


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