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Chapter Sixteen: The Exact Situation That We Are Both In:

Ichigo gawped slightly as he sat opposite Renji, enjoying a mixed plate of barbecued meat with the vibrant redhead as the latter began to talk him through what to really expect while going through a demonic pregnancy and he had to be honest... He was about ready to castrate Stark and Aizen both.

"You already know that we don't carry for the full nine months, which is good in the sense that we aren't laid up for as long as women. But it also sucks, because the kid grows quicker and we get the effects worse. Apparently the back ache and the fatigue is pretty damn bad, it is my first time too though so I'm just spreading what I've been told my others." The redhead said around a mouthful of spicy chicken rib.

Ichigo tilted his head, "What other symptoms are there aside from those two? I had the sickness for a few days before that died down; I've been getting pretty tired but at the moment my back is okay."

"Well... You get super fat; have cravings; getting a bit of high blood pressure, back ache, sickness, increased hunger, increased sex drive, increased moodiness..." he shrugged, "The normal kind of effects that pregnancy has on women, but in cases where physical changes are involved we get them worse because our bodies aren't used to it." Renji shrugged and downed a couple of Chinese style ribs.

"H-How can you sit there and be so nonchalant about it?" Ichigo asked, increasingly deciding he really wished he wasn't pregnant.

"Because I was told I could never carry a child. And considering I am one hundred percent gay, and one hundred percent uke... It would mean I could never have a family. Byakuya was fine with that, he said he didn't want kids but I could see it in his eyes. It nearly destroyed out relationship a few years back because I told him to leave and find someone who could give him what he wanted, what he needed." He sighed, "He didn't go though, and he stayed with me and voila! The impossible has become possible!"

The strawberry looked at the meat on his plate thoughtfully; he nibbled a plain piece of chicken and sighed softly, wondering what his cubs would look like when they were born, and if the Incubus Clan would seize their blood heir.

"I know it's a hell of a lot easier for me than it is for you," Renji said with a sudden sereneness in his voice, "I... Probably shouldn't tell you this but, Aizen once had designs on having Byakuya as his mate, to the extent that he sexually abused him and impregnated him."

Ichigo's eyes went wide and he stared at his new friend, "W-What?!"

"Yeah... Pretty shocking isn't it?" he sighed, "Byakuya is a very proud man, and Aizen had trampled all over his pride; he was intent that he would go to the authorities and report him for his crime. But Aizen couldn't allow that... So he was forced to silence him, at least he tried to. He attacked him for a second time and landed him in a coma; as well as that, Byakuya miscarried the child he was carrying and forgot everything."

The half human stared at the redhead, "And... He carried on working for Aizen... Without even remembering it?"

"Until Aizen betrayed us, then his memory returned because Aizen acted the same as he had back then."

"Shit!" he ran a hand through his hair.

The redhead sighed, "He got over it remarkably fast. As far as he was concerned, Aizen was no more father material than his own right thumb, and I was his mate not Aizen. He doesn't let anything hold him back; it is one of the things I really admire and love him for."

"He seems really strong, in mind and body," Ichigo smiled, "And you seem good together."

"I thought the same thing about you and Stark, I didn't think he would ever settle down, even more so when he was so wrongly exiled." He sighed for a moment before grinning, "He any good in the sack?"

Ichigo went crimson and nearly choked on his food, "W-What?!"

"I'm curious!" Renji exclaimed with a pout, "He looks all big and strong after all..."

The strawberry averted his gaze, "You have no idea."

"Heh, niiiice." He smirked.

"What about Byakuya?"

"He is a perfectionist in his work and in keeping his mate perfectly content." The other half beamed, "And I am sure he will have no problems when the increased sex drive kicks in."

"God we sound like a pair of hormonal teenage girls." Ichigo cringed and huffed, "So... I am kind of curious... How do we give birth?"

Renji sobered slightly and his face tinged with pink, "Ah yeah... That part."

"Ooh, I don't like the sound of that..." Ichigo said in concern, "How do we do it?"

"Well... There are three different ways for us pregnant blokes..." he began tersely.

"Go on..." the strawberry urged uncertainly.

He sighed, "First things first, the Witch Clan is specifically trained to deal with medical ailments and pregnancy of both sexes. At some point we'll both get called to see the Clan Leader, Unohana, she is terrifying but really really talented." He rubbed his forehead, "The easiest way is by caesarean, removing the, in our, cases temporary womb."

Ichigo shuddered slightly and gulped, "Sounds... Lovely."

"Mm... Tell me about it. I'm fine carrying his bloody heir but as for popping it into the world... Not so happy." He mumbled, "The second way is that Unohana induces a transcendence incantation which makes the kind of the lower abdomen and temporary womb pliable and... Kind of... Like cobwebs, it makes it possible for her to slip her hands through the skin without an incision and lift the child out, so it's like a non-invasive caesarean."

"Okay... That one doesn't sound quite so bad... Are there any side effects?" he asked curiously.

"Only one or two, and they are pretty rare and they are perfectly manageable."

"Okay... Not too bad then." He hesitated, "What's the last one?"

"Unohana gives you one of her more evil potions which create a temporary connection between the womb and the... Well... The... Backside." He said in a rush before going the same colour as his hair.

"W-What?" Ichigo said again, looking rather pale as a piece of rib dropped from his fingers, "You mean... So we can give birth... 'Naturally'?"

"Yeah... It was the closest thing to 'natural' she could come up with." He sighed, "I swear she thinks up these ways for fun."

"Fuuuuck..." he squeaked, "I am never... Never ever... Going to go for that one! NEVER!"

"Ditto... I'd rather have my own fingers cut off than go through that..." he shuddered.

"Which would you go for instead then?"

"The second preferably, but if it was necessary the first."

"Mm, I'd have to agree with you I think." Ichigo murmured and shuddered again at the thought of pushing a baby out of his... No, he wasn't even going to finish that thought.

They sat in silence in the wake of the slightly gruesome discussion of the fate which awaited them both, finishing their food and grabbing a drink they chilled on the large couch with their legs interlocked.

Although having only just really met, their personalities meshed well together and they were easily relaxed around one and other; Ichigo found himself wanting to spend more time around the fiery redhead who didn't seem afraid to voice his opinion on anything. He could see them becoming pretty damn good friends.

He yawned and set his drink down before he curled up against the high back of the sofa and fell asleep, moments later, Renji joined him.

Meanwhile, Unohana Retsu read the two recent reports she had read and groaned inwardly at the idea of delivering two male pregnancies so close together. There would only be a few days between the birthing of Abarai's cub and the Kurosaki boy's cubs. And if she was especially unlucky, they would be even closer than that.

Rubbing her forehead she slotted the reports into her folder so that she could go over to the Werewolf Estate where the two pregnant men were camping out and talk to them about how they wanted their births to go.

With a final thought that she should perhaps come up with a contraceptive pill to counteract the effects of male pregnancy. Maybe that would stop all these young things getting pregnant without preparation.