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Chapter Nineteen: Look Who Dropped In:

"Well this is nice; all of you dropping in like this." Aizen smiled all too sweetly as the group of infiltrators piled into the room and the door slammed shut behind them, "And Ichigo, my goodness you are absolutely blooming."

Ichigo gritted his teeth, his eyes widened momentarily as Stark and Renji both stepped in front of him and shielded him from Aizen's line of sight. Byakuya remained semi-frozen, staring at the brunet man who had been his superior and the cause of many of his problems.

"Do you believe you can simply hide him from my eyes?" Aizen asked in amusement as he disappeared momentarily and reappeared right behind the strawberry, one hand slipping around his throat as the other rested on the slight bump concealed beneath his clothing.

"Get your hands off me!" Ichigo exclaimed, wriggling slightly in his grasp as his three companions flipped around to try and aid him, each freezing as they saw the compromising position he was in.

"Aizen!" Stark was shaking with anger as he watched Aizen's hand slip beneath the folds of his mate's clothing to touch the slightly stretched skin o his belly, "Release him this instance!"

"No I don't fancy that I shall release him," he responded with a smirk, "Doesn't it make your blood boil? To see your mate in the arms of another, the very other who impregnated him with one of his cubs? I bet you just want to rip me to pieces don't you?"

"Among other things... But for starters, pieces will do." The trembling man snarled at him.

"Stark... Calm down!" Ichigo exclaimed, "He is trying to make you angry so that you'll do something reckless!"

The strawberry tensed when he felt Aizen's lips brushing his ear, "Be quiet Ichigo, I rather think you are distracting me enough with your wriggling without you talking as well."

"Then get your fucking hands off me right now you son-of-a-bitch!" he growled back at him, wincing as he was forced to look at him suddenly.

"That's not very nice." The Incubus murmured, "I'm being very understanding and patient with you Ichigo, I haven't yet killed any of your friends, or your little boyfriend. But if you don't start behaving yourself I will start doing just that."

Ichigo stared at him for a long moment before his mouth snapped shut and he did as he was told. Aizen smiled, condescendingly, and returned his attention to Stark, who was now being restrained by Byakuya and Renji.

"How about we discuss things over a cup of tea, and give Stark here a chance to cool off?" Aizen offered, walking off with Ichigo still firmly in his grasp.

Stark sagged and keened weakly as his mate disappeared from sight with the brunet Incubus and felt his stomach knotting in anxiety.

"You have to control yourself Stark," Byakuya said softly, "The only way to help Ichigo now is to sit and wait for the right moment to act."

"I know..." he replied quietly, "I know..."

"Then let's go with him for the now; bide our time and act." The raven haired demon murmured and slowly pushed him in the direction of the door.

A short while later, they were seated in a large and overly spacious room; Ichigo had been forced to sit beside Aizen on the only sofa, while Stark; Byakuya and Renji were sitting on chairs. Aizen had his arm around Ichigo's waist and was holding him tightly against him, his hand still firmly resting on his belly, much to Stark's displeasure.

"So," Aizen began as he sipped his cup of tea, "Here you are, having broken into my property via an underground and very secret passageway with a pregnant half-demon, for what reason I wonder?"

"Order from Yamamoto." Byakuya replied coolly, one leg crossed over the other, "It was not anticipated that we would be discovered so quickly, how exactly did you ascertain our presence so fast?"

The brunet chuckled, "I have cameras all over this instillation, as soon as you penetrated the first hundred metres of that tunnel, and the alarms were already ringing."

"How very cunning of you," Stark ground out, "I'm certain that we are honoured for you to have come and greeted us in person."

"Oh but of course," Aizen smirked, "Had I sent one of my subordinates there was no way of being certain that Ichigo would remain unharmed, and by extension, by heir."

Ichigo growled softly as he spoke and glared at the man from the corner of his eye before shuffling slightly and turning away from him as much as was possible given his position.

"So, getting down to business, I am more than happy to have someone escort you around this entire instillation before letting you return back to the Werewolf Estate if that is your desire on one condition." Aizen announced point blank ignoring Ichigo's obvious distaste and being held.

"Why the hell would you allow us to look around and gather information on you?" Ichigo asked; his eyes narrowed to mere slits as he looked at the Incubus.

"I would permit it for the simple reason of giving you all sufficient evidence to terrify you all into submission, of course." He responded with a chilling indifference.

"Tch, you really are totally full of yourself." The strawberry snarled, "Why would one glance around make anyone do that?"

Aizen pulled him closer and pressed his lips to his neck, ignoring the growl it caused from Stark, "Because, I have had years to prepare for this war and I can tell you right here and right now, it will not last a day if the Clans go all out. There are traitors at every turn, and I have a palace full of resources to use against them all."

Ichigo flinched at the contact on his neck but faltered as he spoke, "I don't believe you."

"It doesn't matter if you believe me or not, the act is that it is the truth and all that I have stated will come true if this war is not ended before it begins." The brunet murmured, his lips still brushing the younger man's throat softly, "So, Byakuya; Stark... Renji, are you willing to do a deal?"

Ichigo frowned as he was left out of the list and watched as the other three exchanged glances; Byakuya finally spoke up, "That would depend entirely upon this 'condition' of which you mentioned."

"Certainly," the brunet's hand crept around and rested on Ichigo's belly again, "Ichigo remains here with me and you can go free."

"NO!" Stark leapt to his feet, his eyes glinting dangerously and his fists balled tightly.

Byakuya stood up in a heartbeat and rested a hand on the other's shoulder, "Stark! He is looking to provoke you, ignore him."

"On the contrary, dear Byakuya," he smirked as his former subordinate trembled at the nickname 'dear', "I am perfectly serious. I am certain by now you are all aware of Ichigo's precious blood, his own power will make the cubs he carries stronger than they would have been before; due to my own connection to Dominis, my heir will be of astronomical power and I would rather keep Ichigo close until he gives birth and I can ensure that my child is not murdered for its heritage."

"We would not allow the child to be harmed," Byakuya stated, "As an Incubus he or she would be well protected by the Clan for the sake of the Clan."

"I do not wish to take that chance." Aizen stated.

"And I have the same concern for my cub!" Stark snapped, "If Ichigo stays with you there is no guarantee that my cub will be allowed to live!"

"Then we appear to have a problem." The Incubus murmured.

"Maybe," Ichigo growled suddenly, "Someone would actually like to ask me what I would like?!"

All eyes turned to the fuming strawberry haired male and silence fell around the entire room. Ichigo pulled himself forcefully from Aizen's grasp and slapped the man firmly around the face before he walked over to the grand balcony doors.

"First off, I am not a piece of meat that you can simply trade between places; any more of that talk and I will leave and abandon the rest of you here in my place. Secondly, these are my cubs; I am carrying them and I will decide where I have them, you are a traitor and a danger Aizen Sousuke and I have no reason to trust the cub which is yours in your presence and nor would I trust you with the cub that is Stark's." He turned to look at them slowly, "Having said that, if you refuse to let us leave here unless I remain with you then I don't see what I can do. Anyone who comes after us will simply befall the same place and that would be an even quicker end to the society I have newly been introduced to. However, I will not sit and wait here with you until I am ready to give birth. This is a war Aizen; no one trusts you and no one is going to sit around and let everyone play happy families."

Aizen, who had gritted his teeth when slapped, was now watching him with amusement; entertained greatly by the rant which was spewing from his mouth. He knew, of course, that most of what Ichigo was saying was perfectly true, not that he was overly willing to admit it. He knew what he wanted, and he usually got what he wanted one way or another.

Stark on the other hand, was much calmer now that Ichigo had begun to take control of the situation; in all their time together he had learned a lot about Ichigo, and the biggest thing he had learned was that when Ichigo didn't like something he took control and he made things happen his way.

Ichigo walked back over to them, "So, I propose this," he folded his arms, "I will stay here, under the agreement that you release Stark, Byakuya, and Renji. However, if Stark manages to get back inside this instillation without being detected within the next two months, you will release me from your custody and allow us to leave unhindered and unharmed."

They all stared at him in a mix of horror and surprise; there was a moment of silence before Ichigo's three companions exploded in protests and refutes.

Aizen however, sat silent, contemplating the suggestion before he smirked faintly and sat forwards, "Very well. That, I consider, to be a fair proposal."