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Chapter Twenty-One: Keep Yourself to Yourself!

Ichigo was woken by the caress of someone's hands on his growing stomach, whining in his sleepy state he rolled over and cuddled closer to the warmth of the body beside him in the bed; a kittenish whimper escaped him as his new pillow insisted on moving.

His eyes opened slowly as he became aware that it was not the arms of his lover Stark whom he was sleeping in, but his biggest concern Aizen. With a growl he shoved the man away and rolled onto his other side in a huff, curling up in a loose foetal position as he scowled at the wall opposite.

"Ichigo, surely you cannot continue to be angry with me?" the brunet sighed, exasperated after three whole days of the exact same treatment, "I might remind you that it was you who decided to set this bet, I merely agreed to it."

"Yes." The strawberry snapped, "But I didn't think it through! And I certainly didn't expect to get so fucking horny in Stark's absence!"

"I could always-"

"DON'T SAY IT!" the pregnant half-demon exploded, "I do not even want to hear that you'll satisfy my needs!"

Aizen rubbed his ringing ear and sighed heavily at the young man, in truth, he had never anticipated that his hormones would be quite so... Forceful. He had no past experience to draw upon for Ichigo carried his first and only heir, and from the reception he was receiving it was looking increasingly likely that he would never ever allow himself to impregnate another demon. They were far too much trouble for his liking.

He sighed and sat up slowly, "Whether you like it or not you are stuck here indefinitely-"

"Until Stark get's here." Ichigo butted in arrogantly.

"Indefinitely," Aizen repeated, slowly losing his temper with the younger man's attitude, "And I am in charge of taking care of you, as per your own orders when you created this bet. So you can sulk all you like... It is not going to change the fact that I am currently your guardian, and above all, I am going to damn well make sure you look after my cub!"

Ichigo flipped over in the bed to face him and clambered on top of him, hitting him with a pillow, "Shut your trap!" he yelled, "Whether you are my guardian or not you are capable of keeping yourself to yourself and I would appreciate it if you would start doing that! I do not want to be groped in my sleep!"

"I did not grope you in your sleep!" Aizen protested, grabbing the pillow off him and gripping his wrists before he rolled them and pinned Ichigo beneath him, being careful that he didn't put his weight on his belly, "I am able to sense the stability of my cub when I rest my hands upon your stomach, which I like to do often so that I can ensure that I am properly taking care of you. If you are stressed or unhappy, hungry or sick, it all affects the stability of the cub."

The strawberry stared for a moment before his mouth fell open and he looked away in shame. He hadn't, not even for a moment, considered that Aizen was doing anything other than perverting himself on him; he swallowed heavily and for several moments fought back tears before he looked back up at him.

"Sorry." He said quietly, "I just... I just... Assumed and... I didn't..."

"Shh..." Aizen sighed and released him, sitting back on his hips before he pulled his pregnant guest into his arms, kissing the top of his head, "I know that you and I did not get off to a good start. I took advantage of you, even if you consented at the time you believed it to be a dream and the blame lies with me on that count. And then I have continued to make a bad impression, parading myself around with arrogance and pigheadedness and I never stopped to consider how it might be affecting you. We are both to blame for this argument."

Ichigo was concerned by Aizen's flip flop moods, but realised they were not much different to his own in a way; he swallowed and gripped his jacket tighter in his hands as his eyes welled up. He missed his home in the Human World, he missed his boyfriend, and he found himself missing normality.

"Is there anything I can do to help you relax?" the brunet whispered, brushing his fingers through Ichigo's silky locks.

"No... I don't think so..." he murmured, "I think I'm just... My hormones and I'm missing home and stuff... And I am just taking it out on the nearest person. I'm sorry."

"Shh, shh... You have no need to keep apologising." He whispered soothingly, pulling back slightly and looking down at him.

He sighed, longing to simply lean in and calm him with a passionate kiss. But he knew too well, that if he did that, Ichigo would pull away and his anger would reignite and they would simply end up at each other's throats again. So for the first time in his life, he resisted.

Meanwhile, Stark was receiving the worst bollocking of his life from Kurosaki Isshin. The man was enraged. He was a demon, no pun intended. When he shouted, Stark's ears rang; when he paced Stark grew dizzy; when he asked him questions, Stark felt like he was in a court room.

"I just... I don't understand why the hell you would actually allow him to stay there with Aizen of all people, and without a chaperone!" the man finally sat down and let out a hefty sigh, "Anything could be happening to him now Stark... It's already been three days..."

"I know that." He said softly, "Believe me I know that... Aizen could have the love of my life handcuffed to the headboard and be screwing the life out of him right now... But there was nothing I could do. I had to comply to Ichigo's wishes or else I wouldn't have got the chance to go back and rescue him. I would be dead."

"I guess so..." the man cringed at Stark's suggestion of what Aizen might have been doing to his son but nodding in agreement slowly, "I just don't want him to get hurt. I swore to his mother that I would keep him safe no matter what."

"And we will get him back, I am certain of it." Byakuya said as he joined them, "Ichigo isn't stupid, he knows Stark has the potential to sneak in without detection, otherwise he wouldn't have suggested it in the first place. Your son is very clever Isshin."

"I guess so." The man said again and slumped in defeat.

Renji walked over to the older Kurosaki and patted his shoulder gently before navigating over to his partner and sliding into the sea beside him for comfort Stark sighed heavily and sat back, running a hand down his face and letting out a long breath.

"I will get him back, and when I do I will never let him go. It's just a matter of waiting for the designated time, and then I will steal him from Aizen." The brunet said certainly, having already come up with hundreds of different plans over the last seventy two hours, he merely had to chose the most effective plan and turn it into a strategy that couldn't be beaten.

"I know you will." Byakuya smiled comfortingly at him, "And I will help you as much as I can without placing Renji and my cub in danger."

"Thanks Byakuya... It's appreciated."

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