Summary: Len, a boy diagnosed with schizophrenia, has to deal with his hallucinations every day. 400, 24 hours, Sycamore, and a girl named Wednesday... Based on the song 'Calalini' with a twist. May have 'Paradichlorobenzene' references.

Disclaimer: Y ME NO OWN VOCALOID :'(

"Mommy, mommy, look, a magical puppy!"

"That's great, Len."

He smiled bitterly. Those memories haunted him every night.

Those fake words his parents told him.

Those fake comforts.

Those fake laughter.

Nightmares, the whole bunch of them.

I smiled, a little bit insanely.

You ask, why did I use past tense? The answer is simple.

I killed them.

I murdered them.

Who am 'I'? Simple.


No surname? You ask again.

I don't need such disgraceful surnames.

Why did I murder them? You queried.

They're fake. They're a disgrace to my world. 400 told me to kill them. And so, I did. Pleasure to do so.

400? What's that? A serial number?

400 is a cat. My cat. MY friend. Calalini. MY teacher. Calalini.


The border between my world and your world. Calalini. An island. With lots of colorful animals, unlike this monochrome world.

Do I have any friends there?

Yes. 24 hours, another cat. He's MINE. Sycamore. A dog. MINE. MINE.

Um, anyone you are afraid of?

Not afraid of, but she's bad. Wednesday. Not mine, NOT mine.

"Uh, thanks for your time. I-I have to go." What? Scared of my insanity? I'll show you what real insanity is.

WAIT! Don't leave. I'm lonely. Calalini. Come here, sis.

I smiled, showing my pointed teeth. You shivered.

400 came.

"She's scared of you, master. Kill her, she's not worth it." It bared it's teeth.

Pleasure to do so. My 40th kill. Say hello to Calalini.

My hands formed claws, and choked her.

She died. She died. She died. She died. SHE DIED.


Is it simple? Dying, just like that? It's nothing like the fakes' death, after all.

Colorful blood on my hands. Colors up this monochrome world.

Red. Blood. Yellow. Skin. Blue. Ice. Green. Mold. Rainbow. Calalini.

I sing, sang, sung, sing, sang, sung. Paradichlorobenzene. Calalini. Paradichlorobenzene. Calalini.

Is there any meaning to this song?

No, there isn't.

Is there any meaning to Paradichlorobenzene?

No, there isn't.

Giggling. What...? Where...? Who...?

"Wednesday," 400 commented helpfully.

Wednesday. Wednesday. Wednesday. Wednesday. WEDNESDAY.

I growled.

Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. KILL.

Lung. Choke. Scratch. Bite. Claw. KILL.

"Can't do any of that, could you?" She giggled. Again. Again. AGAIN. She jumped out of the way, again, again, again, her long flowing freaky teal hair flowing, flowing, flowing.

Shut UP. Words ice cold, but unaffected, as usual.

"Call it a truce today, okay? I have a favor to ask you." Becoming serious, she asked.

Fine. What to do, to do, to do? Singing, singing, singing. Paradichlorobenzene.


Who...? Happily, happily, happily. Killing, killing, KILLING.

"This person." A picture of yellow(1) hair, blue eyes, white skin, red background. Colorful, Calalini.

Will do so, happily do so, with pleasure. Lips formed into a smirk, laughing, laughing, laughing. Payment. What about payment?

"Hmm. Haven't thought about it yet. What do you want?" Her brows furrowed, furrowed.

This. Lunging, scratching. Remember me forever, this scar is evidence, ah yes, evidence.

"Deal's sealed. Kill her before the full moon." She smiled maliciously, flicking her teal hair, disappearing, disappearing, disappearing.

(1): Len says yellow because his mind is crazy, ya know. He only has the concept of colorful and monochrome. The word blond=yellow in his mind.

A/N: (Wiping brow furiously) DONE!:D Supernatural is supernatural. Story is short. Meh. I'm trying to write with a new style. Hopefully, you will not be disappointed. BTW, if anyone doesn't understand the writing style, I'll tell you that this is written in Len's point of view. It's Len's mind who's thinking like this. If you really don't understand, PM me, and I'll send a 'normal' version to you or something. Happy late April Fools by the way. (I dunno if it's passed already in the west side of earth, but in Asia it passed already) :D

P.S. Guess who's Wednesday:P