Chapter 1: After What Was Missing

"I'll kill you!" Marceline yelled, and the four of them, Bubblegum, Finn, Beemo, and Jake, all went running-scattering in different directions. She didn't chase them past the door that led to her house though, and thankfully, none of them turned around to see her stop. Slowly, sadly, Marceline turned back into herself and floated through the door in the ground and back into her living room. As it closed behind her, she saw it fold up and disappear.

Sighing heavily, Marceline collapsed on the couch that she had never sat on. Finn was totally right, this couch is like, super uncomfortable. But she didn't have it in her to float at the moment. Finn had been wrong when he said the Door Lord hadn't taken anything from her…but then he had been right at the same time. Marceline didn't really connect to things; after all, when you've lived more than a thousand years, that's all they become: things. What Marceline was chasing after, however, was whatever that butt of a Door Lord had taken from Princess Bubblegum, because the picture perfect Candy Kingdom royal meant the world to Marceline, no matter how much she denied it. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for that pink nerd...

She sighed again, trying to sink even further into the rock she called a couch, which only succeeded in causing an awful ache in her neck. Why do I even have this stupid thing? It's not like I use it ever…appearances I guess. It's important to maintain those, isn't it Miss Bonnibel? She hissed a little at the memory of their falling out, which caused the day's events to come flooding back to her. She let out a frustrated yell and thrust herself off the couch, hair wildly floating around her in serpentine-like motions. Her grip on her axe-bass tightened, as frustration and sadness quickly dissolved into something the immortal knew far better: anger.

Why did she have to-? And why did I-? Ugh! Marceline swung the bass hard into the radio in the corner of the room, successfully destroying it. And then with that lumping SONG! She gritted her teeth and embedded the musical weapon into her television, sending sparks all over her floor. I totally got carried away and I wasn't even thinking! Why do I want to? She swung around wildly, destroying anything and everything she could, until she reached the biggest thing in the room: her stupid sofa. The sofa she didn't need. The sofa she didn't use. The sofa she kept for appearances.

She swung diagonally and sliced the thing clean in half, the ancient axe and her vampire strength more than conquering the rocky furniture, but it did nothing to quell the mix of emotions that the candy princess always seemed to bring out in her. And she still has that stupid fucking shirt! She said, using a word she had heard often in her days as a child in the Mushroom War.

Marceline's eyes darted frantically about the room, trying to find anything new to ruin, the ocean of feeling threatening to drown her. It wasn't everyday that the proclaimed heartless Queen felt things besides anger, yet today was one of those days. Not finding anything, she picked the axe-bass up over her head, "Damn it!" she yelled, and brought the tool down, crashing it through the foundations of the house and lodging it firmly into the cave floor below. Bad at handling emotions? You got it. She thought, which only spurred her on further.

She gave it a yank, but it didn't come out. Whatever! I'll get the damn thing later. Without an outlet to deter her, she found herself fading into sadness, which the hot-headed Vampire Queen most certainly did not want. All this is stupid, perfect, wonderful Bubblegum's fault! She thought, huffing about, pacing in mid-air. I just have to get away from her. We're no good for each other! I know! I'll just up and leave! That seemed okay last time! Give me time to get my walls all in place! She dashed into her room through the hole in the ceiling and began madly stuffing clothes and a couple umbrellas (for the sun) into an old duffel. Stupid Bonnibel! Stupid Finn! Stupid Door Lord! Stupid…everything!

She flew back down to the first floor and began tugging at her axe-bass, trying to get it out of the cave's sturdy hold, quickly becoming more and more frustrated and angry. There was no way she was leaving without the thing, it was the only thing she had constantly relied on and the only thing that had constantly delivered. Besides, it wasn't as though she didn't have the strength; she just couldn't seem to get the stupid thing out. Amidst her grunts of effort, she heard a polite cough from behind her. Turning into a wolf-like creature three times the size of a normal person in the blink of an eye at the unknown and unwelcome disturbance, she turned around quickly with an animalistic, "What?" only to find a now-frightened Princess Bubblegum huddling in a corner of her ruined 'living' room, trying her very best to maintain her royal, headstrong, upright image.

Upon seeing the pink royal, Marceline, instead of being tempered, as had been the norm in the past, found herself even becoming angrier. There she was, the cause of all her pain, standing in her house uninvited, as though she could waltz in whenever she pleased. "What do you want, Princess?" she growled, expanding even further into her monstrous form, arms hanging all the way down to the floor with huge claws and teeth extending well beyond the boundaries of her lips. Black drool fell to the floor, and the room seemed to get very dark and stretch with the new growth, giving off an excruciatingly ominous feel.

The pink girl had shied away further from Marceline, who had so formally addressed her, which was scary in-and-of itself. "I-I c-came to s-see you, Marci…" she stammered out. Marceline for her part only seethed in front of her, towering over her in the most frightening manner imaginable and willing the girl anywhere but standing in her house. "I-I didn't know until…W-with that song and I…" The princess gulped heavily, seeing as this would be a very one-sided conversation with a very angry shape-shifting, hot-headed undead. "Marceline I was very young and-"

"Young?" Marceline said, voice eerily calm for the form she had taken. "You are still 'very young' princess." The vampire sighed out most of her anger as well as any other emotions she had, and melted back into herself. All this time and she still can't bring herself to say 'I'm sorry.' Marceline conceded defeat within herself; it was never going to happen, the candy royal was far too self-assured to admit a mistake. Marceline walked over to her bass, which was still lodged in the cave floor, turning her back on a relieved Princess Bubblegum. "You will always be very young," The vampire mumbled, more to herself than to the other party in the room.

"Marceline," Bubblegum said, voice returning to its calm, in-control demeanor, something the vampire used to tease her about. Always so diplomatic…but not around me, eh, Bonni? "You have to believe me oh All-Knowing-Queen-of-the-Dead," she continued, voice giving away just the slightest bit of sarcasm, a tone solely reserved for Marceline "I wasn't thinking when…well, you know…"

Marceline huffed at the evasion. "Princess," she began, taking on a regal and almost condescending tone suiting her years and position, though she would never talk down to Bubblegum, "You were thinking. Thinking very clearly, if I'm not mistaken and memory serves. Do not take me for a fool, Princess…you often forget I have lived almost a thousand years longer than you and have seen many things." Her tone shifted, she hated when she acted like royalty, it didn't suit her. "Why don't you run off back to Finn now? He is better for your image, isn't he?" A scathing, teenage way of behaving found its way into Marceline's speech. She didn't have to turn around to know that her words had stung. "I just hope for that poor boy's sake that you don't use him or jerk him around or like…whatever." She concluded, trailing off.

"I have always been very clear with my feelings towards Finn." Bubblegum said, guilt betraying the conviction and strength she was hoping to convey.

"Oh…like how you kissed him when you turned back into a thirteen-year-old? And how you hug him all the time? And kiss him on the cheek? And call him your 'flawless champion'?" Marceline jabbed, giving a yank to the axe in the floor. That's right, Princess, I know all your games.

Bonnibel turned red, and tears sprung to her eyes.

"Face it, Bonni…you're very cold-hearted when it comes to people's emotions, whether you admit it to yourself or not. You string people along for your use. Finn is your 'hero' until you find a new pet subject. It's a shame, really, 'cause like…you could be like, totally cool to be with…or whatever." Marceline murmured the last part incredibly softly, which was really not for the pink girl to hear. The term of endearment had slipped out from habit, and Marceline silently cursed herself for that. "Please go, Princess," she said quietly, finally tugging the axe bass from the floor and assessing it for damage. "I don't think I can see you right now."

Feet shuffled behind her, and quiet sniffles were easily heard by vampire ears. Marceline grabbed her duffel off the floor and swung it over her shoulder, waiting for Bubblegum to leave so she could make her departure. Seeing this as she reached the door, Bubblegum said, "Please don't leave again, Marci." She stood a moment before closing the front door behind her and making her way back to her bright and happy Candy Kingdom.

"Damn…" Marceline said in defeat, the bag sliding off her shoulder and hitting the ground with a resounding and unsatisfying thud. Looks like I won't be leaving after all… she thought, looking around the destroyed room and taking inventory of the things she could fix, and the things she needed to get new. When have I ever been able to say 'no' to you, Bonni?

The rest of the evening she spent taking the ruined things out of her house and to the River of Junk.


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