Orillia, Pegasus Galaxy

Hel of the Asgard remnant in Pegasus is stood in his lab onboard his vessel the Helheim. He was one of the best genetic scientists the Asgard had left. He had spent the last few years developing the Einherjar soldiers from Wraith, Human and Asgard DNA. But until recently the Asgard didn't have the resources to arm their soldiers that would fight the Wraith. They had been working with the Alterran Stevenson to rebuild the Asgard race.

Ryan had bought them to Orillia and given them access to all of the Asgard knowledge that he had been provided. The shipyards, weapon factories and mines were old Asgard technology, but they were still efficent and were working non stop to build ships, create weapons and dig up raw materials for their war effort.

Hel was soon going to escort the second Battle Group to begin fighting the Wraith. The first fleet was engaging several Wraith cruisers and a Wraith Hive on the other side of the Galaxy. Hel was going to try and claim a Wraith outpost that was suppose to be researching shield technology. This was dangerous for the Asgard as shield tech was their only advantage. So Hel and the Einherjar were going to destory it for the betterment of the Asgard.

Todd was stood in the conference room that he had chosen for his meeting with John Sheppard. A few minutes ago his Cruiser had returned with the small lantean vessel that was so typical of Sheppard.

A small transport had launched from Cruiser and landed several meters away from the main entrance. Todd had yet to receive news from his guards.

Todd snaps out of his deep thought as the large doors open at the other end of the room. Sheppard, dressed in his normal garments and an unknown human dressed in Lantean atire entered with two Wraith escorts. Todd telepathically dismissed the guards and looked to John.

"Hi Todd." John smiled smugly.

"John Sheppard." Todd bowed his head slightly.

"I'd like you to meet someone. This is Ryan Stevenson and he's an Ancient." John said, indicating to the other man. After a few seconds Todd burst into laughter.

"You know how to amuse, Sheppard." Todd laughed.

"I wasn't telling a joke." John said in all seriousness.

"The Ancients died millenia ago. It is inpossible for one to ahve surived the war." Todd said, angered.

"I'm from the race that created the Lanteans you fought ten-thousand years ago. I am Alterra." Ryan said stepping forward.

"Even if what you say is true, there is no way to prove it. So, what is it you offer in return for our military assistance?" Todd asked sitting down at the table.

"In return for your assistance, I will rid you of your one weakness." Ryan said sitting down opposite Todd.

"Our need to feed." Todd nodded.

"Yes, you have lost much since your return to Pegasus. You scavenge humans from other alliances terratory. This world and the Cruiser is all you have left. I offer the chance to become a new species. You will maintain your current abilities except the need to feed on humans will no longer exsist. Some minor changes to your appearance will be the only exterior changes." Ryan explained.

"Are you aware that the last time we attempted this, the results weren't as predicted?" Todd asked, looking straight into Ryans eyes.

"I do. But that was because the last time this was explored, the serium was based on the princible of adding human atributes into the Wraith geneome. My gene theropy will resequence your DNA and remove the need to feed on humans." Ryan explained.

"There is something your not telling me." Todd said, skeptical.

"Two catches exsist." John chimed in.

"The first is ovbious, you'll need to grow your own food like the humans do. But we'll provide you with several agricutural schematics." Ryan reassured.

"And the other?" Todd asked.

"Because your DNA will be different to the Wraith norm, your organic technology will no longer respond to you. You'll need to abandon certian organic technologies." Ryan explained.

"I see." Todd replied.

"Your new ships will have to be based on organic/synthetic hybrids. The upside to this is that your ships will be more resiliant and most of your technological weaknesses won't be present." Ryan informed.

"Of course. Will we still be able to use biological computer technology?" The worried Wraith asked.

"Yes, I see no problem with those aspects of Wraith technology. It's only main technologies like ship growth, regeneration, organic power conduits and hibernation chamber won't be possible for you."

"Why not?" John asked, confused.

"Because all of those systems require a Wraith to give parts of itself to fuel them. As for the hibernation systems, when a Wraith enters the chambers, the Wraith and ship exchange everything from waste to thoughts. It is our most complicated technology." Todd explained.

"I'll bet." John said, getting a headache from thinking about what that implied.

"So if we do this, we would have to build our ships by hand?" Todd asked, worried.

"Yes, you will. But we can again give you examples and designs for technologies that will increase the speed of ship production." Ryan reassured, again.

"Then I agree. In exchange for military assistance, you will provide technologies and remove our dependance on humans." Todd nodded, standing.

"Not so fast. There is something we want in exchange for the technology we'll be giving you." John said, slowing the Wraith down.

"What?" Todd questioned.

"We require all information you have in your ships database." Ryan answered.

"By that I assume you mean technological schematics, starcharts and anything else that'll help you defeat the Wraith?" Todd asked.

"It does." John nodded.

"Then you shall have it." Todd smiled.

P2X-3R8, Pegasus Galaxy

Hel was stood on the bridge of the Helheim. The Asgard were in their full battle armour. The Asgard Frigate and two Einherjar frigates were in hyperspace, heading to the Wraith world. The three ships exited hyperspace in orbit of the desert world and began firing at the single Wraith Cruiser that stood as the planets guardian.

"Order the Einherjar to launch fighters and begin sending forces to the planets surface. We will deal with the Wraith ship." Hel ordered one of his officers. Small fighters launched from the elongated arrow shaped vessels and zoomed towards the Wraith cruiser. The two Einherjar frigates headed to their landing sites on the planet as fast as their twin engine design would allow.

The Helheim fired its long range plasma cannons at the Wraith cruiser. Deadly accurate golden bolts slammed into the forward sections of the Wraith cruiser. The Wraith ship returned the favour firing six blue bolts at the Asgard frigate. Most of the blue weapons fire miss, but the few that didn't slammed into the golden shields. Suddenly, the Einherjar fighters are within range and begin firing their green rapid fire plasma guns at the large Wraith Cruiser. Hundreds of green dots impacted against the Wraith organic hull causing little damage.

The Wraith cruiser launched its Darts to intercept the unknown fighters and if possible to intercept incoming fire. The Darts were unfortunately less manoeuvrable than the Einherjar fighters and were quickly overpowered by the genetic super soldiers. But the Helheim fighters left orbit and headed into the atmosphere to begin providing aireal support. Golden bolts from the Helheim smacked into the Wraith cruiser with tremendous force causing explosions to rip across the impacted sections of hull. Within minutes the Wraith cruiser was nothing more than an expanding debris field.

The two Einherjar Arrow-class frigates were now on final approach to thier landing sites several miles from the Wraith outpost. As they touch down, dust and sand is kicked up by the powerful engines. Several of the fighters that were now flying over for protection, moved off to intercept an incoming Wraith dart squadron. The other half of fighters maintained their vigilant watch.

The two frigates open up their lower hanger bays and ramps lower to the sandy surface. Einherjar fighters, dominating the sky above, began firing their weapons into the upper levels of the Wraith facility. The gate activated so that no Wraith could escape the slaughter that was to come. The frigates release their several flood of Einherjar soldiers to attack of the Wraith facility.

The hundreds of Einherjar soldiers poured into the Wraith research facility like a tide of death. With no external guards or defence platforms, the Einherjar soldiers had no problem with entering the massive outpost. The upper levels of the facility were open and easy to move through, but it would get harder as they got deeper.

Hel stood in his battle armour at the front of the force. They had only taken the first level, now it would get trickier.

"Commander, gather you group and follow me." Hel said in Asgard to the green skinned soldier.

"Yes sir." The Einherjar commander nodded. Hel led them to one of the internal transporters and pressed one of the lower levels. Each Asgard General had an objective that combined would mean they had captured the largest and most important sections of the facility. Hel himself had to try and locate the labs where the shield research was underway.

The doors to the transporter opened and Wraith soldiers and a single commander stood behind a barricade that blocked off the hallway.

"Attack, clear the way." Hel ordered through his battle suit. The Asgard General drew his plasma pistol and fired a golden round at the Wraith. The Einherjar took cover behind pillars or on corners and fired their green plasma weapons at the Wraith position while Wraith stun weapons were having no affect on the genetically modified Einherjar.

The white haired Wraith commander began to retreat leaving the three surviving Wraith soldiers to hold back the powerful enemy. The blue energy slamed into the Asgard battle suit with no affect. Hel used his targeting system and fired three golden energy bolts that slammed into the forehead of each Wraith soldier. The force of the weapons caused the now limp bodies to fall backwards to the ground, eliminating their opposition.

Hel led the way into the first lab. No surprise that the organic bulkhead was sealed shut.

"Commander, set a charge." Hel ordered. The Einherjar with the three red bars on his uniform didn't say a word, he just pulled out a circular object and placed it at the top of the door. The Einherjar commander activated the charge after taking several steps back.

The circular object began to heat up and melt the door. After a few seconds a gapping hole replaced the door. Hel entered the abandoned laboratory and tried to locate the research crystals.

Typical of Wraith design, a single main console surrounded by two others with a large open area in the middle of the lab. Hel walked over to the main console and activated it. It had been wiped completely. This meant that the Wraith must have taken it.

"Commander, move out." Hel ordered as he headed for the door. This was going to be a long mission.

Defiant stood in front of his small outpost with two Wraith guards. He had just recieved word that Lord Trais' ship had arrived in orbit. He looked at the sky as an ugly grey transport and two Wraith darts came downwards from space. The dull grey ship had no visable engines, but it somehow flew. The ship landed about ten meters from Defiant. The Wraith watched as three humans in grey clothes departed the ship and walked upto Defiant.

"I am Defiant." The Wraith bowed his head slightly.

"Defiant, I am Lord Trais. Thank your for providing us with your coordinates." The human in the centre, who wore the cloak while the other two didn't, nodded.

"Welcome to my world." Defiant said.

"Thank you. Now, tell me of this galaxy." Trais ordered.

"What do you wish to know human?" Defiant asked, tempered.

"Everything you know." Trais replied.

"You need not know anything human!" Defiant snarled. The Wraith lunged with his arm streched. But before his hand met Trais' chest, he felt pain shoot through his entire body. He dropped to the floor and looked up to see Trais' guards aiming their strange weapons at him.

"You will tell me everything you know and you shall be obedient." Trais smiled. The man raised his right hand towards Defiant and activated a strange device that was strapped to his palm. All Defiant felt was pain as the orange light hit his head.

As Hel and his squad of Einherjar made their way to the transporter to search the lower levels, they were stopped by another Asgard commander.

"Hel, we have encountered a problem." The masked Asgard commander said.

"As have I. This lab did not comtain the Shield research. I am heading to the lower levels to seek it." Hel informed.

"That is not possible. One of our prisoners revealed that a Hive departed this world a day ago taking with it most of the facilities research. That is why we have encountered very little resistance." The commander explained.

"They knew we were coming?" Hel asked, puzzled.

"So it would appear." The suit nodded.

"Very well. Evacuate our forces and destory the facility from orbit. We must return to Orillia and plan our next step." Hel ordered.

"Yes General." The Asgard nodded and headed back to his squad. Hel already knew what the High Council would do, they would order a continuation of hit and run attacks until more forces where avalible. Hel just hoped that those forces were ready before the Wraith unlocked shield technology.