Title: Darkness
Author: Three Wings
POV: Hikaru
Pairings: Eagle/Lantis/Hikaru, Umi/Ascot, Ferio/Fuu, implied Lafarga/Kardina, possible implied Aska/Sanyun, and implied Presea/Clef
Warning: Yaoi (m/m), character death
Summary: 15 years ago the gate closed and a decade passed when Hikaru resigned from being a knight. This is the aftermath of what has been going on during those 15 years.
Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure/Drama
Rating: PG-13; may go up
Archive: ask and you may receive
Disclaimer: I don't own Magic Knight Rayearth nor its characters but I do own Hiroyuki, Arashi, Kage, and Diablos.
Author's note: There are a lot of hints in the manga to show that Lantis and Eagle are in love with each other.


It has been a decade since I resigned being a Magic Knight and 15 years since the gate to Cephiro was closed. I have given up hope that I will return to Cephiro when I resigned. I still remember the shock on their faces when I told them. It doesn't matter now. I'm married with two healthy children by the names Arashi and Kage. My husband looks a lot like a cross between Lantis and Eagle. He has Lantis's eyes and Eagle's hair. Though he is not my true love, he and I are great friends. We were betrothed to each other since I could remember, possibly when I was born. He is two years older than I am. If I had any objections, I could not voice them. Not saying that I didn't have any but what choice do I have, I was betrothed. Though I could not love him like a wife, I still love him. He could never replace the two men in my heart. I wonder how they are doing at this very moment, Fuu, Umi, Lantis, Eagle, and everyone else. I also wonder if Fuu and Umi ever returned to Cephiro or have they given up like me?

It's amazing how much I change over the years. My growth spurt started when I was 18 and continued until I was 22. I am now 6'2" at 28 years of old. My hair has gotten darker and is now a dark crimson red, almost purplish black. I change my name to Rena Karlson. Though my husband is the only one who knows who I truly am, everyone else is clueless to my real identity. After I resigned I moved to France and met my betrothed 1 1/2 years later and married him the same year. The next year I gave birth to Kage, my son who is Lantis's hair and Eagle's eyes. He is now 7. My other son was born 2 years later. He is named Arashi. He has Eagle's hair and Lantis's eyes, a complete look alike to my husband, Hiroyuki. I was surprised to find out that they look like a mix of my two lovers until I found out that Hiroyuki's parents look exactly like my children. I have lived as an ordinary dog trainer to one person perceptive but I am really part of a secret agency in France, a secret agent to some and an assassin to others. It takes a lot of practice to make sure that none of my missions could be traced back to my family and me.

Right now I am flying to Tokyo to meet up with my Computer Designer husband. I have also bought my sons with me and we all plan to meet at Tokyo Tower. As I get of the plane, I tell my sons to hurry. I have bought with me two suitcases for the trip, one for me and another for my sons. I call for a taxi and tell the driver to take us to Tokyo Tower. I humbly pay the man and take out luggage from the trunk. I direct my sons inside the tower.

Soon I find myself in the same spot when I first went to Cephiro with Umi and Fuu. I briefly wonder what they will think if they saw me now. I doubt that even remembered me, much less Lantis and Eagle. I always thought myself to be the third wheel in that relationship, in fact I still do. They probably forgot that I ever existed since we became a threesome. They were too busy with each other to ever acknowledge me. Time to forget that now, I left that life behind when I resigned. I'm a mother now with a loving husband and two wonderful sons.

I see two women standing at the exact spot and holding hands in the same way Umi, Fuu, and me when we went to Cephiro the third time. Those two look familiar to me; I just can't place my finger on it. I look around for my husband and watch Kage help Arashi look though a telescope near the windows. I soon hear my fake name being called and see Hiroyuki running toward me. I rise from my seat and hug him and kiss him on the cheek.

I hear a spell in the air and look around. I see that the two women are chanting the spell. My intuition tells me that something bad is going to happen. I call my children to me and tell them that we're leaving. As I am about to pick up my luggage I see a bright light. I quickly hug my children to my breast and tell my husband to get down but does not heed my warning. He stands tall and I see a demon, a grim reaper like creature, heading toward him. The demon then slices him in half at the waist with its scythe.

I yell Hiroyuki's name and then I black out. When I gain conscious, the first thing I see is my husband's body. The next thing I see are the two women from earlier. I see them more clearly and realize that they are Umi and Fuu. Umi has longer sapphire hair and Fuu has shoulder length hair, pretty much they are both the same but much more feminine. I also realize that I'm in Cephiro, in the castle. My sons, I notice, are still unconscious but alive. It is Fuu's hand that touches my shoulder.


This is only a prologue and I hope you like it. I promise to update as soon as I finish the next chapter. Sorry it's short. There will be some Japanese and French dialogue. Please R & R. Merci.

Three Wings