Title: Darkness
Author: Three Wings
POV: Hikaru
Pairings: Eagle/Lantis/Hikaru, Umi/Ascot, Ferio/Fuu, implied Lafarga/Kardina, possible implied Aska/Sanyun, and implied Presea/Clef
Warning: Yaoi (m/m), character death
Summary: 15 years ago the gate closed and a decade passed when Hikaru resigned from being a knight. This is the aftermath of what has been going on during those 15 years.
Rating: R because of cursing and some sexual contact.
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Disclaimer: I don't own Magic Knight Rayearth nor its characters but I do own Hiroyuki, Arashi, Kage, and Diablos.
Author's Notes: This is not an Eagle/Hikaru or a Lantis/Hikaru or an Eagle/Lantis but a combination of all three. That's right you heard me a threesome meaning Lantis ends up with both Hikaru and Eagle and the same with Eagle and Hikaru. No more French because of the problems it caused.
Chapter 4: Revenge
Only Hikaru stayed behind. Making sure she was alone, she hooked up the laptop once again. After five minutes of typing and hacking, she was in her agency's mainframe.

"Selesa, I want you at map this place. It is a different world from earth. I believe that Diablos is here. I want you to also track him," demanded Hikaru.

"Yes, Abyssinian," replied Selesa.

"I expect this to be finished 0600hrs. I'll come back after my run for the coordinates."

"Just don't let your hate and anger cloud your memory."

"I'll try but I'm not making any promises," said Hikaru as she left the room.

Once back in her room, she watched Kardina put her children back to bed. Quietly she walked up to the dancer.

"Thank you, Kardina," she whispered.

"It was no problem, Rena, they were like just darlings," replied Kardina.

"Please, you can call me Hikaru now," said Hikaru.

"All right, Hikaru, now if you excuse me. Lafarga is like expecting me."

"Goodnight," said Hikaru.

"Night," whispered Kardina.

~ In the WR, 0355 hours ~

"Warning, warning, warning system breached, system breached," said Selesa as someone hacked into her.

"Hello Abyssinian, it has certainly been a while. Why don't you come to what you call the Forest of Silence? I'll be waiting for you at 1500 hours and come alone," said a figure in shadow.

~ Morning, 0500 hours, Hikaru's Quarters ~

Hikaru got out of bed about an hour before sunrise to change into her black sweats and running shoes. Noticing that her children were still asleep, she walked out the door. Making sure no one was there she hooked an underarm holster and gun and walked through the corridor and into the gardens.

Even in the early morning light it was beautiful as she remembered it. Running toward the spot where the pyre once was, Hikaru gently touched the spot where her husband was. Taking one last look, she run into the forest at the borders of the garden.

Having taken her kunais, gun, and shurikens with her, she was prepared for an unexpected attack at a moment's notice. Not only bringing visible weapons, her watch had releasing mechanism that let loose a wire as sharp as her old sword and as strong. When used property she could not only suffocated the enemy but also use it as a lifeline to hold her up on a cliff or during climbing.

She kept running until could take no more pain and she collapsed near a waterfall about 2 miles away from the castle. Doubting that the tracking process was finished by then she took her time in getting her breath. Once the pain subsided about 10 minutes later she walked back to the castle but not before grabbing her used kunai and shurikens.

~ Hikaru's Quarters, 0535 hours ~

"Hikaru, are you awake," asked Presea as she opened the door but no one except the boys were there.

"Okaasan is not here but we are. Is it time for breakfast, ojousan," asked the tall boy.

"Yes it is but do you know where your mother is," said Presea.

"She's out running," replied the short boy.

"Why don't you boys come with me to the dining hall so you can meet everyone," asked Presea.

"Sure," replied the boys in unison.

The trio walked down the corridor and into a majestic room with white columns and curtains. There was a long table with about a two dozen chairs. Clef was in one end and Aska was at the other. Umi, Ascot, Fuu, Ferio, Tatra, and Sanyun were on one side. Tarta, Lafarga, Lantis, Eagle, and Kardina were at the other side. Presea sat in the seat next to Clef and the boys were seated across from each other near her.

"Why don't you introduce yourselves," asked Kardina.

"My name is Kage. It means shadow in Japanese," said the tall boy.

"Name's Arashi. Storm in Japanese," replied the other.



"Eagle is my name."

"Kardina, dancer and illusionist."

"Tatra and."

"Tarta of Chizeta."

"Lady Aska."

"And Sanyun of Fahren."

"Presea, chief artisan."

"Guru Clef."


"Name's Umi."

"My name is Ascot."

"Prince Ferio but just Ferio is fine."

Suddenly Hikaru appeared in her black sweats. She sat down next to Kage and Umi. Instead of eating, she gazed onto her plate, carefully studying the contents. Figuring that it wasn't poisonous she dug in.

"Hikaru, where were you earlier," asked Presea.

"Running," was her reply.


"Hello, boys," spoke Hikaru to her children.

"Hello, mother. How are you," asked Kage.

"Fine and what of you," asked Hikaru.

"Good," replied Kage.

"Great, mama," answered Arashi.

"I'm fine, my children," said Hikaru.

"How was your run, Hikaru," asked Umi.

"Just fine, if you excuse me," said Hikaru, getting up.

"You haven't like eaten anything," stated Kardina.

"I have lost my appetite," Hikaru answered.

After she left the room, everyone looked questionably at her.

~ WR, 0605 hours ~

Once Hikaru entered the WR, she asked, "Selesa is the process done?"

"It is done, at least the mapping but the tracking you should see this," said Selesa as she played the message.

"He knows I'm here. Well let's not turn down the offer," replied Hikaru.

"Abyssinian, don't let your emotions get in your way. If you do then you'll die," warned Selesa.


"Just don't do anything foolish."

"Why don't you go to sleep," asked Hikaru as she disconnected her laptop.

Hikaru left the WR and headed toward her quarters. As she neared them, someone… no some ones blocked her way.

"What do you want," asked Hikaru as she glared at Eagle and Lantis.

"You didn't eat much at breakfast, are you all right," asked Eagle concerned.

"Yes, I'm all right. Now if you leave, I want to go into my quarters," answered Hikaru coldly.

"We're not leaving, Hikaru, until we get some answered," replied Lantis just as coldly.

"Yeah, we will either seduce you into telling us or torture you will find out one way or another," threatened Eagle.

"Do you worst," spoke Hikaru emotionlessly.

"All right then," said Lantis as he descended his lips onto hers.

Eagle was then kissing her neck as Lantis passionately kissed her lips. Unwillingly she moaned from the pleasure the duo were giving her. She was soon enwrapped into their embraces. She tried pushing away but it was futile. Lantis broke the kiss and changed places with Eagle. Instead of kissing her lips as Lantis had done, Eagle kissed the hollow of her neck and collarbones. Lantis, however, was caressing her shoulders with his lips. Hikaru hated herself for having her body react to their ministrations. She knew she couldn't get close to them or the same thing that happened to her family will happen to them. Suddenly realizing a flaw in their advantage, she used it against them. She grabbed their crouch and applied pressure. Sure enough they were distracted and she quickly moved away from them and shut herself in her room, locking the door.

"Hikaru, that's cruel. Teasing a man's penis to avoid contact," complained Eagle as he pounded on her door.

"So what! Why don't you and your boyfriend go fuck each other and leave me fucking alone," cursed Hikaru.

"We just want you to be part of the trio again, 'Karu. We want you to love us again," replied Lantis.

"Well too bad because the Hikaru you knew is dead," yelled Hikaru.

This argument continued for about an hour until the rest of the gang shown up. Kage stepped forward and waved his hand. Suddenly Lantis and Eagle were tossed about ten feet from where they were standing. As Hikaru opened the door, she smiled to see her two ex-lovers on the floor.

"You been practicing," she stated as she looked at the two.

"Yes, I have," replied Kage.

"What is going on here," asked Tarta.

"Kage is a psychic. He could move objects with his mind and heal wounds as well," answered Hikaru.

"That would explain how he healed your wounds last night," said Clef astounded.

"Yes it is astounding and to believe he got that from me," spoke Hikaru with pride.

Suddenly Hikaru's head jolted up. Soon a wire escaping her watch lassoes itself around a shadow in the corner of her bedroom. The shadow was a grim.

"A grim, here," exclaimed Umi.

"Do you need it Clef, if not I'm going to suffocate it," asked Hikaru.

"Go a head, it must be a spy," replied Clef.

Hikaru pulled on the sharp wire and waited until a neck cracking could be heard. She then released the grim and let Umi exterminated it.

"How could a grim find its way here without being detected," asked Aska.

"That I do not know," answered Lafarga.

"Clef and I will ponder on this development. Until then," said Presea as she dragged Clef down the hall.

"Why me," asked Clef as he disappeared.

"Come on, Arashi, Kage why don't you like play with me and Tatra," said Kardina.

"Sure," replied Arashi.

"I'll be right there. Mother, I suggest you watch your back in the future," said Kage as he followed the trio.

"Uh… Ascot and I have a few things to do," said Umi as she dragged Ascot away.

"Let's chat sometime later. Ferio and I will go help Clef and Presea," replied Fuu as she and Ferio both left.

"Now that we're alone again. Why don't we continue what we were doing," asked Eagle seductively.

"No," said Hikaru as she slammed the door.

~ Hikaru's Quarters, 1300 hours ~

"Hikaru, are you in there," asked Presea as she opened the door.

"Yes and what is it," replied Hikaru, polishing her kunai and shurikens.

"Clef and the others wanted to give this back to you," answered Presea as she held Hikaru's old glove.

"My glove… why are you giving it to me," asked Hikaru.

"Because it is yours is it not? Not only that it is because you are a Magic Knight," said Presea.

"I am no longer a Magic Knight, Presea," replied Hikaru.

"And why is that," asked Presea.

"I can't touch that sword or summon any magic," Hikaru answered.

"NANI," screamed Presea.

"Here let me show you," said Hikaru as she took her glove.

Her sword appeared but when she grab the hilt it burned her. Then she tried to summon one of her spells, all of them, and yet neither of them worked.

"See what I mean," replied Hikaru, cradling her burnt hand.

"Yes, I do in fact, but how," asked Presea.

"I don't know," replied Hikaru, but thought 'Actually I do but I'm not telling, at least not yet.'

"Oh well, I'll go tell Clef about this mystery," said Presea as she left.

"Well… bye," replied Hikaru as she closed the door.

'I better get ready for my duel,' thought Hikaru as she went to her suitcase.

Opening a secret compartment, she found a crimson reddish black trench coat. Inside the coat was a collection of exploding shuriken and plain kunai. In the sleeves, two daggers were carefully hidden. In the inside pocket was a gun with three magazines. Putting on a black short-sleeve turtleneck, black leather pants, and matching boots, she put on the trench coat and tied her hair in a ponytail with a two feet piece of string.

Then she jumped down from her open window and ran to the Forest of Silence, it took her about an hour and a half. To took an additional 25 minutes to find the specific clearing that Diablos was at. Soon she could see a man with silver hair and steel blue eyes in a black trench coat and boots. In the man's held a sheath katana.

"I was wondering when you're gonna show up, Abyssinian," said Diablos as Hikaru came closer.

"Whatever. Let's get this started," said Hikaru angrily.

"What no 'Omae wa Korosu' this time," humored Diablos drawing out his katana.

"Omae wa Korosu," yelled Hikaru vehemently as she threw one of her kunais.

Diablos quickly dodge the knives and ran to Hikaru. Hikaru jumped away from the sword swipe and threw more of her knives. This time two of the kunais embedded themselves into Diablos's left forearm. In retaliation, Diablos was close enough to thrust his katana into Hikaru's shoulder before moving away from the now thrown kunais, dodging them in the process.

'Damn that bastard, I ran out of my kunais. Better use the exploding shurikens," whispered Hikaru as tried to get away from Diablos's sword thrusts.

~ At the castle, 1535 hours ~

"Come on, Kage, I wanna explore this place," yelled Arashi as he ran after Kardina.

"I'll be right there," replied Kage.

Kage was always the responsible of the two boys. Though he was caring toward his brother, he knew things that others did not, such as the near future. Hikaru was a psychic with grand powers of telekinesis, teleportation, and premonitions. He had inherited his powers from her. Sometimes it was good to know the future and other times it was bad. Kage and Hikaru thought that Arashi should gain his powers by the age of 2 but nothing happened. Arashi seemed to gain his father's heritage.

Though deeply Kage and Arashi grieved for their father, they knew he was in better place and if all goes well, they will not only gain a father but two fathers, if their mother wasn't too stubborn. Ever since they met Eagle and Lantis, they thought that they would be perfect fathers except that they can't replace their real father.

Suddenly Kage felt something in his shoulder and collapsed on the ground.

"Kage, what is it," asked Fuu concerned as she kneeled next to him.

"I don't know but I think something is happening to mom," replied Kage.

"Hikaru's not in her room," said Eagle as he ran to the ones on the ground.

"She's not even in the castle," stated Presea running to them.

"Not in the gardens either," spoke Lantis.

"We have to find her," said Eagle worriedly.

"Clef, what is it," asked Umi as Clef ran to them.

"I found her, she's in the Forest of Silence," answered Clef.

"But how," asked Tarta.

"I don't know but I sense that she is weakening," replied Clef.

"We better hurry then," said Ferio as he ran to the castle.
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