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Timeline: This chapter takes place before ATOC. Jango is twelve in this chapter, as the story goes on, he'll age. This will have about five chapters and end after his death.

Chapter 1
Jango had always been a wonderful brother. Amara had practically idolized him since she had been born, incessantly trotting at his heels and observing his very move. e often humored her and took extra care to watch out for her when they were young, when he was twelve and she was four. Despite their wide age difference, the two rarely quarrled and cooperated with one another. Their father and mother were very proud of their children, they believed that with two would take care of each other no matter what happened. Little did they know, destiny had just such a cruel test in store for the two young Fetts.


"Yes, Father?"

"Head up to the dining room, you're mother and sister are waiting for you,"

"and what are you doing, mother will be upset if you're late for your anniversary dinner that she's worked so hard at,"

"Jango, do you realize how difficult it is to pull your mother away from an assignment? She won't miss me, besides, I've got a surprisefor her,"

"Will you show me?"

"My, aren't we impetuous, Jango,"

His father reached into his utility belt and pulled out a small jewlery box. Jango craned his neck to see what was inside it. Noticing his son's anticipation, the elder Fett took his time opening the box. Seated on a small pillow was a pair of earrings made of Krayt Dragon pearls. Jango, being a cultured young man of twelve knew how rare these treasures were.

"Father! Mother will love these! Now I see why you were so secretive!"

"Speaking of secretive. you'd better not mention this to your mother, just keep her busy while I
change out of this armor and into something a little more civilized,"

"You bet!"

"That's my boy, hurry now,"

Jango scampered off to a lift that took him to the scond floor of their large home. The instant
he disembarked the lift, he was ambushed by a small bundle of energy with long, full brown hair held in a ponytail with a lovely velvet cord.

"Jango! Jango! look what Mommy gave me! It's so pretty!"

"Yes, Amara. You look like one of the fine ladies of Coruscant,'

"Really? Like a Senator?"

"Yes, Senator Amara Fett, has a nice sound doesn't it?"

"Yep! You're so nice to me Jango, I love you. You're not like the oher girls' brothers, they're mean. My brother is the best in all the universe!"

"My, my. Jango where is your father?" their mother suddenly interrupted. Jango turned to look at her, her tan skin was marred on one of her cheeks with a long scar, a "trophy" from one of her more dangerous "assignments". All Jango knew about the "assignments" was that one day, he'd be responsible for taking care of them and that his parents had once been rivals, before realizing they were desperately in love with one another. Her short brown hair was spiky and she wore a large amount of eyeliner. Around her neck was her wedding band on a copper chain. She often told Amara that she felt their father's love should always be close o her heart, not on her finger. Amara was always captivated by her mother's explanations, as Jango had been when he was a small child. He turned his attention to the interrogation he knew was headed for him. He swallowed.
"He's coming,"
"Oh really?"
"Yeah, there he is,"
There indeed, was the elder Fett, looking quite dapper n his dinner robes. He wore a handsome grin and his eyes sparkled like stars.

"Lupe, you've outdone yourself," he smiled at his wife and they kissed.

Jango always felt uncomfortable when they did this, he was at an age where he now understood all that happened around him, he and his sister didn't just appear through the Force. He shuddered, Amara smiled and said "Awwwwwww!"
The four of them headed off to an evening of dinner, dancing and laughter. By the time Lupe had carried Amara, sleeping, up to her room andd tucked Jango into bed, her husband had fallen asleep with the sabaac championships playing on the video monitor. Lupe turned off the box, said her prayers to the Force and fell asleep with a smile on her face, she was the happiest Bounty Hunter in the system.

Jango awoke with a start. He knew the sound of a sonic blast, it sounded as if it had come from downstairs. He pulled on a sleevless shirt and a pair of baggy drawstring pants and raced out of his room. He found Amara in the hallway, curled up and sobbing."Mommy, Daddy! "

"Amara! What's going on?"

"The man in the robe came! He wants to take Mommy and Daddy away!"

"Man in a robe?"

"Yes! a man with a sword of light,"

A Jedi? What could those peacekeepers want here? What could they want with his parents? He could hear the buzz of the lightsaber and the sound of his father's blaster and his voice:

"Lupe! Get Jango and Amara out of here! Now"


She was cut short by the blade of a lightsaber slicing her blaster in two. The Jedi knocked her unconscious and froze her husband in place usng the Force.

"You two are under arrest for terrorism, theft, kidnapping and espionage! By orders of the Jedi Council, you will be tried on Coruscant," the faceless Jedi announced.

With his last ounce of waning stregnth, the elder Fett shouted to Jango,"Jango! get out of here! ake care of Amara for us, she's yur only sister and soon to be your only family, I'm afraid. Everything you'll need is in the ship! Go!"

Jango scopped up a frantic Amara into his arms and ran to the their shp in the docking bay. A female voice could be heard.

"Master, should we pursue the children?"

"No, my Padawan, our assingment was only to retrieve the two bounty hunters, let the children be,"

"Yes, master,"

Jango piloted the ship easily, his father and mother had taught him well. One day, he would teach Amara and if he had children, he would teach them. Once in hyperspace, he turned to Amara. She sat strappe in her seat with an expressionless look on her face. He noticed how tightly she clung to her doll. Finally, she spoke n a quiet, stangely mature voice for a four year old.

"I'm scared, Jango,"

"Don't worry. We'll be alright, Amara"

"Where are Mommy and Daddy? What's going to happen to them?"

"They'll be fine,"

"But, I'm scared Jango,"

Jango could feel his voice cracking as he spoke t her, warm tears began running down his cheeks.

"You don't ever worry, alright, Amara? I'll take care of you no matter what! I'll always be there for you. You're my only sister and as your big brother, it's my job to protect you,"

"I love you, Jango,"

"I love you too, Amara"

The ship flew onward on auto pilot as the children slept. On Coruscant, two weeks later, the two most wanted bounty hunters in the galaxy were found guilty on all charges and executed. The male bounty hunter's last words were:

"Make me proud, son,"

End Chapter 1

Next-12 years have passed, Jango is getting married and Amara is learning some life lessons.

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