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Coruscant-13 years ago

"Jango, I'm hungry!"
"Okay, we'll stop at the next diner, alright?"
"Hey, Jango?"
"When you stopped that man in the alley, you did good, right?"
"You thought I was asleep, but I watched out the window of the hotel the other night. There was a man and a lady. The man was hurting her, I think, she kept crying for help, there were other people watching, but they didn't do anything. i felt bad, but then, you showed up. I didn't notice you weren't in the room. I saw you hit him in the face. He tried to hit you back, but you were too fast. You kicked him and hit him like this....."
Amara demonstrated the perfected technique quite well considering her age and size.
"...and he fell down and didn't get up. Some security men came and hauled him off. Bad people get punished. He was bad. You were good, you saved the lady,"
"I'm not sure if I'm "good","Jango responded, "But, it was good to stop him, profitable, as it turns out, too,"
"Yes. Here's our stop,"
The two entered the diner and sat down. The serving droid took their respective orders bfore buzzing away. Amara looked in awe at the whirring contraption. When she looked up, she noticed the owner of the diner was staring at them. Uncomfortable, Amara shifted her position and covered her small face with the menu. Grownups made her nervous, they had ever since.....

"Hey!!!! What have we got here? It's that young bounty hunter. You're younger than I thought. No thirteen year old boy should be able to take down a muscle bound guy like that! You must be really good to take down someone three times your size, in the dark no less,"
amara peeked over her menu at an obviously uncomfortable Jango who was eyeing the four armed alien who seemed so close to entering the personal space comfort zone. The diner owner continued:
"You even made the streets safer! I always knew there were decent bounty hunters around these parts. They're either here or the Outer Rim, everyone else is an amateur. Say, I heard that punk had a hefty bounty on his head. I'm glad you got it instead of some scum who only thinks he's a bounty hunter. Lunch is on the house for you and you're...."
"She's my sister,"
"Ohhh. Big brother teach ou some of those Mandalorian moves of his?"
Jango choked on the water he was drinking. Amara looked at him before saying:
"No, my Mommy did,"
"Relax kids, I won't tell anyone who you guys are. There're a few things i'd like to keep under wraps about me too. By the way, Jango, you're father and mother used to come in here when they were working together. Used to show me little holograms of you kids when you were little. They'd be so proud of the way you're taking care of Amara,"
"I made a promise,"
"Oh, is that all?"
"What do you mean?"
"Is that the only reason you do things?

Chapter 4-Amara Spirited Away
Naboo Diplomatic Prepatory Academy-three and a half years after Ch.3

"Ma'am, I must ask that you follow me this way,"

"Umm, okay,"

Zana blinked several times, not fully understanding why the brown robed Jedi would want to search her. They had strarted showing up at the Academy a few weeks ago. No one ever mentioned why. They would pluck seemingly random students from the hall. It was causing some students to feel like security was finally catching up with the times, the conspiracy theorists were running rampant with wild claims of brainwashing and rebellion, and worst of all, her best friend Amara was becoming anxious and very, very vocal, at least to Zana, about her dislike and distrust of the plain robed peacekeepers. As Zana followed the brown robed man, her friend's comments played out in her mind.
"Mechanical Puppets,"
"Blind Droids,"
"I hate them, I hate them all!"
"It's not fair! There's plenty of criminals in the galaxy. Why are they here?"
"Why won't they go away?"
Zana remembered how she had found Amara in her bedroom of the dormitory complex they shared. It had been four days ago. Zana had been returning from a date when she noiced a faint sighing coming from Amara's room. Curious, she had cracked the door open, an intrusion on her friend's privacy, she knew, but it was her dorm as well, was it not?
Zana had been greeted with a cloth object flying at the door with such force, that it pushed it closed again. Zana opened it again as before, albeit, this time all the way open. She gazed at the floor around the door, scanning for the offending item. She did not have to look far. Laying on the floor in a shameful heap was Komugi.
"Komugi?" Zana whispered.
"Amara, are you alright?"
"Why Zana?"
"Why what, Amara?"
"Why don't they go away?" Amara' voice was muffled and cracked. It sounded as if she was about to break into tears at any moment. As Zana cast her eyes over her friend, she noticed that Amara had curld into a fetal position and lay on her bed. In her hand, she grasped a small round object that she kept clenching and releasing her hold on. Zana arched an eyebrow.
"Who do you want to go away?"
"Those Damned Jedi! Who else? Why won't they go away? They follow me wherever I go! Damn them all! I HATE them! Do you hear me? HATE!"
"It's not fair, Zana. There are plenty of criminals who work illigitimately in the universe. Catch them! Damn It! Plenty of Rapists and Extortionists! Do someting about real criminals, not people trying to make their way in the universe!"
Zana had left after that. She had never seen Amara like that. She was always so confident, so sure of herself. To see her reduced to a sobbing heap was heartbreaking. Amara had never mentioned that night. The two of them had gone on as if it had never happened. Amara was her cheerful self the next day. Zana was in constant awe of the Fett family. Indeed, it was never dull in the presence of a Fett, even one who wasn't a licensed bounty hunter. Speaking of Jango, he hasn't written or spoken to Amara in over a year. That must be part of what's bothering her. Pity, they seemed so close......
"Ma'am I'm going to ask you a few questions,"
Zana jumped, she had almost forgotten about the Jedi, Amara was right about one thing, they had an eerie feel about them. They seemed to know what you were going to say before you said it. Zana's eyes darted around the edi, absorbing every detail about him, the color of his eyes, his height, the texture of his robe. As Amara frequently said, Know Thy Enemy ,
"Do you know a Ms. Amara Fett?" His monotone voice eemed to work it was ino evry fiber of Zana's being.
"Y-yes, why?"
"Jedi Business. Do ou ever have strange occurences at the Academy?"
"No, not really. What do you mean?" Zana felt very uncomfortable.
"Anything out of the ordinary, hearing voices, bumps in the night, anyone acting strangely?"
Amara, Amara, Amara, Amara......
Zana shook her head, attempting to clear her mind of the unbidden thoughts of her friends name.
"No?" The Jedi asked.
Zana was now in a cold sweat. Why were these Jedi here anyway? They were so strange and so scary. She felt as if he was trying to work his way into her mind........Oh Force, that was it. Zana suddenly felt angry, this Jedi was mentally badgering her to confess something about her closes friend. She noticed his eyes widen and she felt the pressure in her mind ease off.
"NO!" she shouted forcefully.
"Alright, tell Amara we'd like to speak to her,"
"Yeah, sure," Zana ran her eyes along the Jedi one last time before hurrying away. After she rounded several corners, she sunk into a soft chair that was positioned on an overlook of the cafeteria. She curled into a ball and began to cry softly, it had all been so horrible. Even though nothing had horrible had really been said. To feel someone prying at your mind, unbidden.......almost mind rape. If the Jedi had truly resorted to such despicable measures, Amara was in true danger and there was only one person that Zana knew of who could save Amara before it was too late. She quickly pulled out the portable communicator she kept with her at all times. She browsed through her directory and quickly found a number she hadn't called in three years. Three years? That long already? She could remember a time when she had called that number almost every day. Of course, times were different then. They had been happy times, carefree, youthful days, when phantoms of the past had remained burried and did not torment the living.
Such sad times these were, for everyone. Zana sighed and dialed the number, a wave of relief washed over her as a familiar, masculine voice answered the communicator. So much like old times..................

Meanwhile.......................In the cafeteria below..........
Amara Fett was seated in her favorite crimson chair in the cafeteria. She was reading an enormously thick book that her mother had given her before she could even read. It had been her mother's favorite book and now it was hers as well. These paper volumes were truly wonderful, so few people read them nowadays, most preferred the speed and efficiency of computers and holograms. These mechinations only showed pictures and words they had been programmed with, they posessed no imagination, no creativity, nothing to stimulate Amara's brain, which was constantly demanding her attention. This particular book came from far beyod the Outer Rim, it told a story about a love triangle far from the normal gobbledygook that passed as a romance novel, this old he story of a handsome noble as well as a scarred mercenary genius who both loved a warrior sorceress. Jango had taught Amara to read with this book and she still read it to this day. The plot was always as riveting as the first time. She had once tried to explain it to Darlien, who was as detatched from her as always. Darlien had asked why the sorceress did not simply marry the rich, handsome noble and live wealthily ever after. Darlien....what had happened o her? jango never spoke of her, whenever he bothered to write, which wasn't often. Amara wasn't concerned about Darlien, she didn't care about her really, and she didn't worry about Jango, he could take care of himself. Amara had enough to worry about with all the damned jedi running around.
Her eyes glided smoothly across the page as she reached for her glass of arm mint tea. Before her fingers could ensnare the warm, moist glass, a familiar feeling crept into her mind, and eerie tingling feeling. Amara knew that feeling, one of those wretched Jedi was using that intrusive mind trick on some pitiful student. Amara was disgusted by everything those filthy demons did. They were interrogating innocent students for no apparent reason. Why?.......Why?
You know why......They're after you. They know.......They're afraid.......You have to get away.....They're coming for you........You'll have to fight them......You can.....You know you can......You're afraid to......That's why you couldn't stay on Corellia...No more running....No more hiding.
The voice that seemed to come from her subconscious had been returning more frequently than ever since the Jedi had arrived. She found herself feeling the energy within rooms more often, the way the energy seemed to flow towards the Jedi and away from everyone else, leaving others and herself feeling drained. Force manipulation? Of course, the Jedi never fought fair, did they?
Amara sighed and sipped her tea. Another energy disturbance jolted her mind as she put the glass down. A familiar purple light flickered across her vision for a moment. Amara stood up, trying to orient herself.
"Zana?" she asked no one in particular, still feeling disoriented and lightheaded.
Her friend was nowhere in sight. She grabbed her large book and followed the energy pulses of her friend up to the balcony where she still sat curled in her chair. Amara felt the feeling drain out of her. Her heart became instantly hardened, to see her best friend crying, emanating waves of humiliation, shame and fear. She clenched her fist and felt the familiar tingle of blue energy in her fingertips. She wanted to hurt the Jedi, horribly, make them cry, make them feel small and afraid. She wouldn't feel bad about it either, not the slightest hint of guilt. She had a bounty hunter's heart as it was called, compassionate and humorous to friends and family, cold and merciless to all opponents.
Zana's cracked voice caused Amara to release all the blue energy and negative feelings hat had built up inside her. Immediately, she was the normal, fun loving Amara she always was.
"Zana, are you alright?"
"Y-Yes. It wasn't really that bad, it just felt so horrible. It felt like he was...picking my mind apart. He wanted to know about you, but I didn't tell him anything. I couldn't, you're my best friend. He started prying after I didn't tell him anything. I'm sorry for look so worried......It really was nothing. I just get too worked up over these things. Don't worry, really I'm alright. Listen, I'd get out of here if I were you. Now I know they're here because of you. I don't know what they're going to do to you. I sent an emergency message to Jango just before you came. He's on his way, go get what you need from the room, then go wait on landing platform eight. Good luck! Until we see each other again, Farwell"
Amara felt her eyes tearing up.
"Zana....Thank you. You've done so much for me. I don't think ......."
"No time for talk, go!"
"Then, farwell my friend, until next we meet,"
Amara smiled and signed with her hands a swift and graceful movement for farewell in Zana's native language. She turned and raced toward the dormitory as fast as her nimble legs could carry her. Up countless stairways and around limitless corners, past irked students and gasping faculty. At long last, she reached her floor, with a final burst of energy she raced towards her room. Suddenly, the door opened and two brown robed figures stepped out. Amara skidded to a stop, almost falling onto the hard linoleum floor. She looked up with burning eyes at the two invaders. Her breathe came in deep gasps, she hadn't realized how much energy she had used to race to her room, now she felt exhausted, she doubted she had enough energy to take on both of them. The dark skinned human, yes, or the Rodian, she could easily render him unconscious as well, but there was no way she could dispatch them both. As she stood there panting, the dark skinned human began to speak.
"Ms. Amara Fett I presume? Excellent, I'm Jedi Master Mace Windu and I'd like to ask you a few questions,"
Anything he said after that was lost. From the moment he finished his sentence, Amara couldn't hear him. She blinked and when she opened her eyes, she was no longer in the hallway of the Academy. She was on a planet that burned like an inferno with heat. The terrain was covered in jagged rock and the sun beat down mercilessly upon her. She shaded her eyes and cast a glance skyward. A sudden shout brought her attention back to the alien landscape. It was Mace Windu, barreling down on her full force, his urple lightsaber crackling with energy. Amara sank too her knees, eyes squeezed tightly shut and waited for the burning saber to make the final blow. But the blow never came. She heard a sickeneing sound as if someone was carving a melon, curious as to what this audial intrusion might be, she opened her eyes. Mace Windu was gone, nd someone was standing in front of her. Raising her eyes to the source of the sound, she encountered one of the grisliest and heart shattering things she had ever seen. Before her, crumbling to the ground was a familiar blue and silver armored figure.
Jango! Oh My....Where's his head? My God! What did that monster do to him? Why..?
A disgusting thump to her left answered the first question. With shaking hands drawn close to her face, she could only gaze through vision distorted by tears as her brother's limp body hit the ground with a sickenng thud. A lump quickly arose in her throat, Amara struggled to breathe as she began to hyperventilate.
"Dad!" A voice she had never heard before shattered th eerie silence which had surrounded her.

"Ms. Fett? Are you alright? Did I say something that disturbed you?"
The real Mace Windu's voice brought her back o where she really was. Amara was visibly shaking and sweating profusely. With shaking knees and an equally shaking voice, she responded,
"No, you did not,"
More like you did something you Jedi bastard! Amara's mind screamed.
"Excuse me?" Mace Windu asked, sonding somewhat insulted.
Amara's eyes widened, he heard me? she thought to herself. The energy at her fingertips crackled with panic. He knew now, indeed , there was nowhere left to run. No more lies to tell, no more hiding her Force sensitiveness. All that awaited her was one of two miserable futures. Either join the ranks of the bastards you hate the most or rot in a cell for some trumped up charge to keep her locked up for the rest of her life. F*&$ That! I'm outta here!
"I'm sorry you feel that way,Ms. Fett. You do reaize that we'll have to take precautions regarding you and your unusual ....talents. If you offer no resistance, we'll make sure this whole ordeal goes smoothly," Mace Windu's smooth voice flowed into every crevice in the hall, it had an eerie quality of penetration, she could almost feel it seeping into the pores of her skin, how disgusting.
"Mr. Windu, as much as I'd utterly despise helping you in anyway I can, I must joyfully confess that moments from now, I will be whisked away to the stars by a knight in scuffed up armor," amara spoke in a sarcastic, acidic tone she had previously only reserved for Darlien.
"Really?" The Jedi Master asked, not hiding his disbelief in the least.
"Oh, yes. If you truly wish to apprehend me, you'd better do it now, though I'd advise against it,"
Amara embraced the energy she had suppressed for so long and let it course its way over her skin, covering every inch of her body. She let a wicked smile come across her features as the energy, enraptured by its sudden freedom, reached an enormously high level, seemingy undetected by the Jedi Master. Mace Windu reached out and grabbed Amara's arm. His eyes bulged and he shrieked in pain as dark blue bolts of energy shot into him.
"Master!" the Rodian Jedi yelped to his superior, who had been thrown against the wall. Amara was deeply pleased wth her handiwork. She winked at the two Jedi and took off down the hall. She sent a mental message to them both, using the same acidic tone she had used before.
It's not nice to touch someone without their permission. I gave you a fair warning, can I help it if yu're too dense to figure it out? Then again, you Jedi always were so damn sure of yourselves.....
She snickered as she felt their emotional waves of anger and frustration. Her stregnth had miraculously been restored and she ran with a renewed vigor to the appointed landing platform. Just as Amara raced through the doors and ran onto the platform, five Jedi emerged from their hiding places. Amara's eyes darted around, the platform was still empty. Jango had not yet arrived. She was utterly on her own.
She lashed out with an unseen force and sent three of them flying againt the wall. She leapt gracefully into the air and landed a firm kick on one of the two remaining Jedi's faces. She let out a fiendish laugh, she had forgotten the ecstasy of hand to hand combat. Why did these jedi fools use those pathetic lightsabers, they brought the spirit of a warrior no satisfaction. Warrior's blood coursed through her veins, untapped for years, it now overflowed in a barrage of unique and swift moves. She invested so much of her time and effort into beating the Jedi senseless, she had forgotten the final Jedi.
Suddenly, her oxygen was cut off. Amara found herself unable to inhale, she staggered stupidly as her lungs screamed for air. She felt herself growing faint. Her eyes fluttered, everything was blurry, a mix of reality and the ghostly phantoms that she saw in sleep. She felt herself slowly sinking to the ground. But, she never got there. She felt herself being lifted up by strong, armored arms and...flying. Flying away from the trouble. Amara thought she had sied and that her guardian angel was taking her to heaven. Maybe I'll get to see Mom and Dad again.......
A blaster shot woke her from the half conscious state she had been in. She pened her eyes and found herself gazing down at the remaining Jedi who had been scorched and levelled unconscious by the blaster that she heard being holstered by the person who held her in hose wonderful. protecting arms. She looked up to see who had come to her rescue. She was not surprised when she met with a blue and silver Mandalorian Mask. She smiled, wickedly of course, and simply said:
"You're late, Jango,"
"Oh well,"
A typical Jango answer. Amara found that they were still ascending into the heavens. She noticed a ship hovering, not far from them. It was not the homemade ship tha the had built together all that time ago, rather, it was a new, customized ship. Jango must have picked up a few important jobs to be able to afford something as high tech as that. Any anger she had towards jango for not writing instantly dissolved. He'd obviously been obsessed with work, another acion typical of Jango. even as a child, he had o be reminded to eat and sleep, as he was prone to immerse himself in training, studying or design. He was a true genius, though he'd never admit it. He'd only say something else that was typically Jango, like
"I'm just a simple man trying to make my way n the universe". Amara remembered him saying that frequently when they worked together. As they approached the ship, a compartment came open and they landed inside it.
Jango made his way towards the cockpit and Amara followed. as a partner should. Upon arrival in the cockpit, she sat herself in the copilot seat, placed her headset on and they took off into hyperspace without a word passing between them. Amara had remembered all his favorite specifications, it didn't matter that the ship was different, you fly in one, you've flown in them all, she believed. By the time the disoriented Jedi were able to send small fighters after the Fett siblings, there wasn't a race to be found of them.

In hyperspace, Amara turned to Jango and asked, quite frankly:
"What have ou been doing? You never wite anymore"
'I've been busy,"
"With what?"
"Things I should know about or things that are, well, secret?"
"You've been up to a lot too, I see. Using Force abilities and Mandalorian combat skills against them. Very impressive in both planning and execution."
"I improvise,"
"That is good,"
"Hey, Jango?"
"How's Darlien?"
"She's dead,"
No emotion, just a statement of fact. He seemed suddenly cold.
"Dead, Jango?"
"I'd rather not discuss it,"
A moment of uncomfortable silence passed between them.
"Ummmm, Jango?"
"Yes, Amara?"
"Where are we going?"
"The eternally raining planet in the Outer Rim?"
"Don't say that, I know for a fact that you know better adjectives,"
"Okay, ummmmm unprecedented interest,"
"That's better," Jango laughed.
He laughed. Amara smiled peacefully and leaned back into the chair. The last time Jango laughed, that sh knew of, was three years ago. Maybe his new life on Camino really was working out, maybe they could be a family again, just like before. Darlien wasn't even there anymore. Maybe, just maybe, they had some hope at salvaging their family, or what remained of it. amara removed her headset and closed her eyes in order to take a nap. Her dreams, for the first time in three years, were not populated b phantoms, but raher living images of everyone. Everyone whom she had positive feelings for was there. Her mothr and father, Jango, Zana and a little boy she never met before. She sensed that she loved him, though, so she paid no mind that she ad no clue who he was. By the time she reached deep sleep, she had forgotten her earler, forboding vision and had replaced it with this picturesque pastoral elysium dream.

End Chapter 4