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Chapter 1

I sat slumped on the couch head in the clouds as usual, ever since I've turned 16 I've been thinking a lot lately aside from adventuring which I spend almost all of the time doing, but the rest of the time I spend either thinking or sleeping the day away. It's been really boring the last fun thing I did was complete the dungeon dad made Jake and me (which was like 3 years ago). But any way I got the family sword, which is FLIPPING AWESOME. Cus it's made of demons blood. Though ever since I got it this annoying demon keeps popping up outta flames and asking for his blood back and I learned the spell dad used to send him back... He's really annoying. Oh and PB dumped me (sort of) we were sitting on the roof and I tried to lay down on her lap Nd it got weird and she left and... yea... But I did meet another princess she's really hot... literally but not really my type we're really good friends though. I've also picked up the sax we found it one day while going through Susan Strongs old hide out Marceline taught me how to play. Speaking of her we've been hanging out a lot lately it all started when Jake had a date with lady and I was home alone. I was falling sleep web she snuck in. She decided to tease me like she always does so she floated in my face and leaned in like she was about to kiss me and whispered come here baby loud enough for me to hear and that's when I woke up I freaked out she busted out laughing and I was left on the couch red faced and scared to death after that we watched a movie and she left with the normal kiss on the cheek I blushed slightly but got over it. I sighed at the thought of Marceline honestly I would have kissed her but I didn't I wouldn't be here now if I did it (though she probably would have liked heh heh) I started grinning at the thought. Jake had noticed and asked "Dirty thoughts" slyly I replied maybe devilishly Jake smiled so he said you ready for PB's party tonight. I grimaced at the mention sure I said back painfully he looked at me oddly and stretched up into the room and yelled for me to get ready I sighed and got up.

I looked at my self in the mirror when I hit puberty as Jake says I had to stop wearing my skin tight shorts I've changed it up to cargo that hung loosely at my knees and a graphic tee that's says try me in red with a sword the resembled the family sword. Then I looked at my hat I was seriously considering not wearing it it was my symbol of awesomeness Jake suddenly yelled come on man were going to be late I sighed then gently laid it on the bed and walked down stairs and met Jake at the door. Dude your hat he said curiously I told him it felt kid ish and maybe I should grow up he just looked at me and smiled. Then a cool breeze blew in from the door. Ugh I said with a sigh following do I really have to go Jake I said sighing he turned around and said yes then turned his chocolate smooth voice on and said you might meet some babes tonight he said jokingly and we both busted out laughing and headed out the door.

The night was cold and the sun was just setting over the horizon it was unleashing an array of pretty colors pink orange purple with little bits of blue it was beautiful. We arrived at the castle and PB was there to greet everyone we walked up and she said he you two thanks for coming Jake said no pro even though he was really there to make out with lady I just shrugged of the greeting until my "cool" act was killed by Jake he elbowed me slightly in the rib and gave me that look and I thanked her for the invitation. She had a confused look on her face with a little hint of sadness in her usually pretty sparkled eyes. As we walked off Jake looked at me what the flip was that all about man he whispers to me I don't answer and look to the side and ignore the question but he stretched in front of my face with a demanded look on his face I sighed and said like I said earlier I really don't think she wants me here and I don't want to be here. But the babes he said. Ugh there is no girl my type in ooo. You have a point he says. I say back quietly to Jake PB and Marceline are the only two even close to a good match and PB's already dumped me and Marceline would probably never go out with a human let alone a 16 year old she's like a thousand.

Come on man I said lets go I said blankly and walked into the giant open doors of the castle...

The party was already crazy and it had just started LSP was grinding on brad they just got back together I turned away quickly in disgust and accidentally looked to Jake and lady who were sucking each others faces off as usual I turned again this time in sadness why can't there be a decent girl for me I thought i let out a sigh and made my way through the crowd to the entrance to the main hallway of the castle i walked until the amount of candy people had diminished and I saw an open window that was level enough for me to lean on, so I put my elbows on it crossed and leaned my chest on it and laughed I had the thought of escaping through the window suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned to see pink I smiled when I actually meant to frown. Though it quickly turned to what it was meant to be she had a sad look on her face eyes slightly teared. All events of the past pushed to the side for now I had an honest face I spun around the rest of my body around to see the rest of her body she had looked beautiful in the moonlight which complimented her dark pink eyes. She said come on let's go for a walk with a forced smile my legs didn't want to move it was like I was paralyzed the only thing I could do is bite my lip and sigh sure I said forcefully and we took off down the hallway full of pictures with past kings and queens and prince and princesses. We walked down the moonlit hallway in an unbearable silence I could tell she was nervous, for she had her hands crossed and her head was down and every time I snuck a glance she would be biting her lip. So finn she said nervously little shakiness on her high pitched voice yep pb I said as calmly as possible she snapped at me call me Bonnibelle she said sweetly with a hint of nervousness any ways she replied I just wanted to talk to you about a favor I needed some help around the lab because I'm starting on a new experiment which involves a lot of physical strength that I don't obviously have and I was wondering if you could help me for like 3 weeks I stood there a blank expression on my face fighting strongly to hold in the mixture of feelings I had balling up inside me. Sure I said forcefully and I started to play my cool guy act (yea the one from earlier) I had picked that up from Jake it made me actually calm enough to talk to girls (especially PB) she smiled and gave me a kiss and said thanks Finn I can always count on you and gestured for me to follow her back to the party I said I'm fine I'm just getting some air she just nodded and strutted away. I made sure she was well out of range before I started muttering to my self everything had just hit me I was her errand boy someone to manipulate at her will that's all the kisses were. I kept walking until I realized that I reached the meditation balcony I sighed at the memory of the like -like sweater I decided to sit down I needed after all I had been walking for almost 2 hours the music hadn't stopped for the faint thumps of vibration and sounds of music could still be heard despite the highness of the balcony my feet dangled and I fell back on my elbows and sighed and went back into my thinking session I let everything from how bad I didn't want to be at this party (even though I'm not down there) to the incident with pb. This was mathematically stupid I whispered to my self suddenly there was a soft voice on my ear I turned to see it was Marceline I was stunned for two reasons one to see her here at this party and two because she looked... Amazing she sported a white v-neck shirt that stopped at her belly button then some blue skinny jeans and some red chuck Taylor's as they called them back before the great mushroom war on too of that she had some lip gloss on that made her lips poke out from the rest of her body they looked so... Irresistible I smiled at the sight she came and sat next to me. Sup Finnegan she teased I decided to flirt back (notice how I put flirt instead of teased) nothing just kiddy stuff gorgeous she flinched playfully " o "she said devilishly "so it's like that huh? Not knowing what she meant I decided to say yes any way. She moved her head down so it was partially covered by her long ebony hair that came peacefully to her waist. So finn she said looking up her face slightly blushed Yea I said calmly she put her hand on my knee and pressed on it so she could reach my face and hovered there for a minute I thought maybe she was playing with me after all she was a mathematical dame who likes to play games. But this time it was different there was a different atmosphere around us I didn't know what this was it made my gut flip and me start to sweat I could tell. I decided to be bold and lean in.

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