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Chapter one: My Loss

Sango had crawled into a small, dark corner of the alley, praying to God that Kuranosuke wouldn't come back for more.

"Where are you, my lovely Sango?" he taunted. "I didn't think we were done."

She shuddered at the very thought. Sango attempted to fight back, but Kuranosuke was stronger. He managed to hold her down while he forced a kiss on her. A slimy, cold one at that. Suddenly he drove into her. Sango's eyes filled with tears. Either Kuranosuke didn't notice or didn't care, but he kept going.

"Damn Sango. You're a virgin? Eh, makes it all the better." Tears steadily flowed from her eyes as she asked herself what she'd done to deserve this. After what seemed like an eternity, Kuranosuke got up, smiling at her. "We should do this more often. You were good." Giving her one last kick in the ribs, he walked away.

Sango was deeply ashamed. Ashamed that this even happened. She looked down at her torn t-shirt and bloody jeans. Sango knew she couldn't go home like this. If Kohaku ever saw her like this, he'd go and beat Kuranosuke. He wouldn't even stop till Kuranosuke died. Then he'd get locked up for god know's how long. She brought her knees to her chest and silently cried. It had been a while before Sango realized she couldn't stay in the alley, no matter how much she wanted to.

"Sango? Is that you?"

It was a man's voice. Sango immediately braced herself, praying her demon slaying instincts would kick in. The man came closer until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Mustering up all of her strength, she kicked the man's crotch as hard as she could. The man screamed.

"DAMMIT SANGO! I would've been fine with a simple get your lecherous hands off me or a slap!"

"Miroku?" Sango was never as happy to see someone she knew and trusted. Miroku was her best friend. A lecher, but her best friend. Miroku's gaze lingered on her t-shirt and jeans. He knew better than to ask.

"Let's get you home," he offered.

She shook her head. "Kohaku's home. If he sees me like this, he'll beat the shit out of Kur-er-the person who did this. I don't want him to suffer on my account," she said hurriedly.

Miroku's eyes were gentle and caring. "We can go to my house. It's closer and you can get yourself together before going home."

Sango didn't think this was such a good idea, but it was her only option. "Fine." She tried to get up on her feet, but her legs were too weak. She stumbled and fell. Miroku neatly caught her in his arms. When Sango was in his arms, he blushed cherry red. When Sango realized she was in Miroku's arms, she blushed too. She quickly pulled away and steadied herself against the wall. I hope he didn't see me blush. Oh god, that'd be so embarrassing. Wait what am I doing? Miroku's my friend. Ok. Maybe I have a small crush on him. A SMALL CRUSH. MAYBE. KEY WORD BEING MAYBE!

Miroku offered his hand. Sango was hesitant, but she took it. Miroku smiled at her. "I'll help you to the car."

Sango looked down at her bloodstained jeans and turned away. When Miroku noticed her unease, he pulled the sweatshirt he was wearing over his head and handed it to Sango. She turned to him. "It'll be a little big, but it'll hide your t-shirt and jeans."

Sango tentatively took it and pulled it on. Like Miroku said, it was big. It came past her mid thigh, which was perfect. She took Miroku's hand as he led her to the car. The car ride to his house was awkwardly quiet. Sango played with the oversized sleeves, staring out the window. Every now and then, Miroku would steal glances at her, wondering what kind of monster could do this to Sango. Miroku's blood boiled at the thought of all the hell Sango went through before he'd found her. She looked so fragile and broken. Miroku had the biggest crush on her. In the past, he'd try and hit on her, which usually resulted in a slap and "YOU PERVERT!" It wasn't his fault…Sango was just irresistible. No Miroku. You can't hit on Sango. Not when she's like this. Not when she's so broken. He pulled up into the driveway and helped Sango out of the car and into his house. She gingerly sat down on the sofa.

"Can I use your phone? Kohaku'll worry." she explained.

Miroku handed her the phone and headed into the kitchen. Sango quickly dialed the number. She sighed in relief when she heard her kid brother's voice.

"Miroku? What's up?" he asked.

"Kohaku? It's me, Sango." she whispered.

"Sango! What're you doing at Miroku's?"

"I…got…hurt. Miroku's helping me." she managed to choke out. Painful memories flooded into Sango's mind.

"Oh. That's nice of him." Kohaku said idly.

Sango knew he was holding back on something. "What's wrong?"

"Are you gonna be back soon?"

She questioned his tone. It was light, but at the same time, it was heavy with hurt. "I dunno Kohaku. It's…pretty bad." she said through her tears.

"Sango, I leave for America today."

Sango hated herself. How could I forget? Kohaku's leaving today! He was going to go live with Mom. Mom moved to America to start over when Dad was killed by a demon last month. Kohaku and Sango stayed behind for their education, but now Mrs. Taijiya wanted Kohaku to be near her. He was starting high school, so it was the perfect time. Sango would have to stay behind since she was in her third year of high school.

"Earth to Sango," Kohaku called.

"Wha- yes I remember. I don't think I can…make it."

Kohaku knew that whatever injury Sango had was serious. She never gave up. She was so determined to do anything her mind was set on. "It's OK. Hey, maybe we can Skype!" he said cheerfully.

"I'd like that. Stay safe, kay?"

"Feel better, Sango."

Sango hung up in tears. Miroku came back with a glass.

"Sango I have some- what's wrong?" Miroku asked worriedly. He set the glass down on the coffee table and gently lay a hand on her shoulder. Sango flinched and jerked her shoulder away. She slapped Miroku across the face. He quickly withdrew his hand.

"Don't touch me, lecher," Sango growled, breathing hard.

She's still traumatized. I should've been more careful! Miroku backed away from Sango. "Drink your medicine. It'll make you feel better. If you wanna talk, I'm here." With that Miroku walked upstairs.

Sango immediately regretted slapping him. He was so generous. He freaking let me stay here! Oh god, I have to go apologize. That fucking bastard, Kuranosuke…he's the bad guy here! Not Miroku! She noticed the glass and remembered Miroku told her it's make her feel better. Taking the glass, she almost gagged. It smelled horrendous. Pinching her nose and tilting her head back, she swallowed the medicine. Sango shuddered. It was cold and slimy, but the effects were instantaneous. She immediately felt better. And a little sleepy. Sango sat back down and rested her head on the armrest of the sofa and fell asleep.

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