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Chapter 1

Mako awoke with the sun as Bolin was still clinging to his dream of beautiful ladies fussing over him. He grabbed his clothes and went down to the shower room to get ready for the day of odd jobs that await him. Pabu awoke to the noise of Mako walking quietly to the stairs.

Pabu got up from Bolin's face and followed Mako to the shower room. The little fire ferret could see something was bugging his owner but then again...something was always bugging him.


Korra dodged the fire and earth being thrown at her different angles that came at her faster and faster. Meelo was starting to get dizzy from watching her, Tenzin watched her with great interest.

There was no doubt in his mind that she was getting better.

"Enough." Tenzin ordered after six hours had past. Korra looked at her bending teacher with tired eyes, she was tired but she wasn't ready to stop yet until she noticed that the sun was in the center of the sky. She was late...she had promise to help Mako and Bolin and she was late. Without a word, she left the training grounds and ran to the water, without hesitation she jumped. Bending the water to soften the impact, she swam to the arena. When she got there, she was very surprised by what she saw.

Mako and Bolin were cleaning graffiti of anti-bending off the walls. Bolin noticed Korra and waved to her with a smile on his face. He bended the earth under his and his brother's feet to go down. Mako turned to look at his brother and down to ground to see Korra's shocked face.

"Hey Korra, you're late." Bolin greeted her happily.

"What happened? It was fine last night...I don't understand." Mako rolled his eyes at her stupid question.

"The equalists are what happened. They do this every now and then," Mako explained calmly and in a bored, disinterested voice. Korra looked at him like he laying a platypus bear egg, Mako was slightly annoyed by it.

"What! Do I have something on my face or what?" He asked in annoyed voice. She shook her head no in answer as she started to bend the water off of her.

"No, but why put up with it?" Mako and Bolin looked at each other and shrugged at each other. They were use to it, it had been happening for so long.

"Bolin...can we get back to work?" Bolin nodded and was about to when the brothers noticed Korra began to bend the water behind them into a huge wave that surrounded the building from all sides. Mako ran into the building, having no desire to get wet. Bolin smiled as he was swapped up in the wave.

Mako popped his head of the door to see the building was clean of paint and his brother soaking wet to the bone but Korra was dry as dry could be. With a little smile, he chuckled as Bolin started to shake the water off his body like a sky bison.

And the shocked look appeared again on Korra's face as she stared at him, it was really starting to annoy him.

"What is it this time?" Mako asked in angry voice. The shocked look fell away to be replaced with a raised eyebrow.

"This was the first time that I ever heard you make a noised anything like laugh in the month that we have known each other. Sorry for being happy and shocked that you're human." Korra said before walking away from her friends. Bolin just shook his head at his older brother, that didn't go amiss from Mako.


"Bro, you need to relax. Korra isn't going to leave us, she is our friend." Mako looked at his younger brother, not sure of what to say to that.


Korra walked down the street, fuming about Mako's missed placed angry towards her. Her friend/teammate rarely showed any emotion around her or the rest of the population, so it was natural that she was happy that he was becoming more comfortable around her.

Or maybe they weren't friends and it was a stupid thought on her part. Not a lot of people seemed to want to be friends with the avatar unless they got something out of it. Korra continued her walk as she headed to the park, hoping the beautiful scenery would calm her mind.

She was sadly disappointed by the sight of the equalists protesting all over the park. Worse yet, the moment that they saw her, they all shouting at her about how she and other benders acted as if they were the gods and spirits themselves.

"Down with the Avatar! Down with Benders! Down with the Avatar! Down with Benders!" The crowd shouted the chant. Korra sighed; she didn't understand why the people were like this. Korra walked to the platform and got on it, she looked into the angry crowd. She asked a simple question in a calm voice.

"Why?" The crowd was a little shocked by the question. Korra waited for them to answer, simply because she an answer from them. The man on the platform was the one to give it to her.

"You and the rest of the bending elite of this city oppress us, the non-benders with your 'great' powers! We all want to be equal!" He shouted in her face, but surprisingly she kept her cool.

"So you're going to oppress us instead? Going to kill us? Going to sent us to prison for the rest of our lives? Hundreds of my people were taken away from their homes, their families because of their gift...I didn't think that the people in this city were that cruel to rip children from their mothers and fathers' arms because of a gift that they were born with." Korra jumped down from the platform and walked away from the silent and shocked crowd, who watched her before leaving the man on the platform.

Korra went to the spot where she met the hobo before, when out of nowhere Mako appeared on Naga. Mako looked scared out of his wits; Korra had a hard time trying not to laugh. With a sharp whistle from Korra, Naga snapped her head in the direction of her master and ran to her, much to the dismay of Mako.

"Are you okay?" Korra asked when Naga stopped in front her, Mako fell to the ground, looking like a sick polar dog. Mako looked at her and groaned before closing his eyes. Korra looked at Naga with an easy grin.

"Boys are idiots." She said simply.

"I heard that." Mako complained before falling asleep. Korra looked down at him before looking back at Naga.


Mako awoke to the smell of cooked fish; he looked around to see he lying on the ground with cooked fish on a big leave beside him and a whimpering polar bear dog eyeing the fish. Korra leaning against the polar bear dog, she gave Naga the fish that she had been eating. He felt like a platypus bear had chewed him up and spat him out.

"How long have I been asleep?" he asked, startling Korra as he moved to sit up. But she gently pushed him back down.

"You shouldn't sit up yet...eat first than you can." She told him as she handed him the fish. He took it and started to eat.

"I'm never riding her again." He vowed. Korra laughed before she petted her best friend, knowing the vow wouldn't stick. As he ate, Mako began to feel better, wondering why that was, he looked to Korra for the answers. She didn't disappoint him.

"A newbie should never ride a polar bear dog on an empty stomach." He nodded like he understood any of that. After he had eaten one of the two fish in front of him, Mako gave the other to Naga. The polar bear dog ate the fish happily before licking Mako in thanks.

"Oh no, I think you made a new friend, Mako. What will you do?" Korra said in mock horror with a smile on her face. Mako looked at Korra for a moment before looking at Naga.

"Don't know...guess I'll keep her." He said with a smile as he petted Naga. They both knew that he didn't mean the polar bear dog.