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Chapter 9

Mako felt like a new man and nothing was going to change that. The Fire Ferrets were going to be in the Tournament and they were going to win it too. The future was looking bright again for him and his friends...Now if only he could understand his feelings for Korra then his life would be perfect. His relationship with her was the only thing that still continued to confuse him, Korra made him feeling so many different things all at once.

Mako walked into the apartment with a big smile and a box in hand, Bolin saw it and was happy to see it was back on his brother's face. Mako tossed the box to his brother, aiming for his head and of course the box hit its target easily.

"That is for you, little brother." Mako said to Bolin, before his body moved on its own to the window, that he like to sit and look at Air Temple Island. He didn't know why, he just knew that since he had met Korra, he would do it every night almost like a ritual and couldn't sleep at all if he didn't. Bolin opened the box to see a high-class suit inside.

"Where did you get this? Why did you get?" Bolin asked, curious to why his brother was getting him the nice looking clothes. Bolin knew his older brother very well and knew there was something that Mako was planning to say. Mako didn't look away from the window but answered the question.

"Asami is taking us to a big party and we don't have to worry about the tournament anymore. Asami's dad is Mr. Sato and he's going to pay our entry fee for it." Mako explained happily, it had been a long time since he felt so at ease...he wouldn't help but wonder if he was dreaming. But he had a feeling that this was reality because if it wasn't, then Korra would beside him and making out with him. Mako didn't know why but his dreams often headed in that direction and sometimes in a very...intimate direction at that.

Bolin looked at his older brother before looking at the clothes again; he was very confused about that, a sad side-effect of his pea sized brain. He knew like Tenzin and Pema that Mako was in love with Korra or heading very quickly in that direction. Mako or Korra would had told the other of their feelings for each other but no, Mako had decided to ignored his growing feelings for their Avatar friend and went after a pretty rich girl instead. It seemed wrong and sad that Mako didn't even want to give it a chance. When a thought hit Bolin good and hurt what to do with his brother's confusing emotions.

"Korra is being courted by some old guy," Bolin lied to Mako, unaware that he was speaking the truth about Tarrlok. Mako's good mood vanished in a heartbeat as rage boiled started to flood his veins. Some old dick was trying to court Korra and no one had thought to tell him about it.

"Who is this old fart?" Bolin didn't answer his brother and walked away, both not noticing that Mako was slowly drowning in a lake of mindless rage.


Korra stared at the invitation as she thought where she had met the old pervert at dinner a few days ago. She hadn't liked the way he had looked at her, it had made her feel like a prized female Ostrich horse meant for breeding. She hated that look; she had always seen it in the faces of the people that knew she was the Avatar.

"What's wrong, Korra?" Korra turned around to see Mako walking towards her. A smile came to her face when she saw him, unaware of the feeling of peace and joy that filled him at the sight of her smile.

"It's nothing big. It just a party that this creep old guy is throwing, and I'm not sure if I should go." She told him as they started walking around the island. Mako thought of what she said for a minute and wondered if it was the party that Asami was taking him to. After thinking about it, he realized that it probably wasn't the same party.

"You know, I think I know just the thing to get your mind off of it." Korra turned to look at him, curious to what he had in mind until she saw the fireball in his hand. A smile came to his face before she earthbended him away from her like the airbender girls. Mako shot fireballs at her before using his fire to land gently, he watched her dodged his fireballs with ease and grace. It was amazing to watch her do it.

Korra dodged the fireballs before creating a water whip out of thin air, she aimed it at Mako but he dodged and returned the favor with a fire whip. Korra used the water whip to block his fire whip. Korra and Mako felt the rush of their blood in their veins as they dodged each other's attacks. The battle they were having slowly turned into a dance.

They both noticed how it was turning more into a dance with their bending and each other as they got closer and closer to each other with each attack. It was a beautiful fusion of fire and water that showed everyone what they felt for each other.

"Korra!" Tenzin shouted, causing them to stop and look at the airbending master before they realized how close they were to each other. They both moved away from each other as they wondered how they had gotten so close, they both regret the loss of the other's presence and warmth.

"You need something, Tenzin?" Korra asked as she moved to stand in front of her teacher. The airbending master looked at Mako for a moment before looking at his student. It was clear as crystal to Tenzin that the two of them felt something for each other and he wondered if the two of them even realized it.

"It's time to get ready for the party, are you coming?" Korra nodded to her teacher before running off to her room. Mako watched her leave until she disappeared from his sight, the firebender turned around and left for home. He too had a party to prepare for, but he didn't like the idea of going to a party without Korra. He had the odd feeling that the party would be boring without her.


Korra was amazed by the gala and the party that was being held in her honour, the airbending kids quickly ran about the ballroom, taking in but the sight, the music and food. Tenzin moved closer to Korra, seeing her happy and slightly stunned face. He couldn't help but feel that something bad was going to happen very soon.

"I can't believe this is all for me." She told Tenzin as she turned to look at him with a smile on her face. So many things were going right in her life despite Amon and his Equelists.

"I'm not sure what Tarrlok is plotting, but keep your guard up. It's not like him to throw a party for the fun of it." Korra knew that Tenzin wasn't the paranoid type unless it was someone or thing that was dangerous but Tarrlok didn't seem so bad...except for his weird looks that he kept giving her. It was odd and reminded her of armadillo wolf about to attack buffalo yak, and her father's words to her before she left the southern water tribe. "Be careful, men outside the tribes are said to be worst than armadillo wolves and their prey. They like to eat their food alive...please wait until I'm dead before getting married, I don't ever want to think of you having a wedding night with some loser."

Korra couldn't help but wonder why she didn't run away to republic city sooner.

Tarrlok turned away from the beautiful woman before him, he immediately noticed Korra at the doors with Tenzin. He felt disappointed in the dress that she wore and her hair; though it looked good on her... he would have rather have her dress in a more revealing nature. It would suit her wild nature in...delicious that way. He quickly walked to her, wanting to get her away from Tenzin to see that she needed to help him in his task force...and with other things later on.

"So glad to you could make it Avatar Korra." He greeted with a creepy smile that make Korra want to...oddly enough, kick him in the balls. "If you'd excuse us, the city await its hero." Moving towards him as he spoke, Korra suddenly felt disgust as he pressured his arm into her back. Tenzin watched them for a moment before turning to go find his wife when he saw something that he truly wished had gone unseen. It was a truly unholy sight that would traumatize the people who were eating...himself among those poor souls.

Meelo with his pants down, done peeing into the drinking glasses, and moved to remove his solid waste into the...food beside them. "Meelo, NO, that's not a toilet! Oh dear." Tenzin shouted, hoping the spirits would kill him...or his son in that instant.


Mako felt a little nervous, this was his first high-society party and he didn't want to screw anything up, but with a little brother like his...it was likely to happen. Asumi walked around with him and Bolin, introducing a number of people to him and his brother as they did so when he noticed an unholy sight that was happening at the refreshments' tables, he quickly turned his gold eyes to Bolin, who about to drink some juice.

Without thinking, Mako snatched the drink and turned his brother to see the refreshments' tables; Bolin immediately turned green at the sight and started thanking his brother for saving him. Mako took the thanks from his brother before excusing himself for a moment to help poor Tenzin with his son.

Mako was walking slowly towards the refreshments' tables when the little devil started shouting about the joy of peeing. As he started running to help Tenzin, Mako couldn't help but wonder if there was airbender somewhere very far back in his family tree because it would explain so much about Bo. Meelo stopped shouting the moment, he saw Mako running towards him and his father. Meelo pulled his pants up as fast as he moved to jump off the tables when Mako grabbed him; they both looked at the fizzled Tenzin that stared at Mako like he was La and Yue standing before him.

"Do you want to fry him for you?" Mako asked as he held up a fist of fire beside the little devil, Tenzin looked shocked for a moment before thinking about it seriously. There was definitely a lot of pros and very cons to Mako killing his little devil. But Pema wouldn't like it, so he shook his head 'no' in answer.

Mako shrugged and threw the little devil into his father. "Your lost...but I just learned that any children that I have will be girls," Mako said casually before turning to the refreshments' tables and setting them on fire, so no one would eat the tainted food when a suddenly realization hit him like a lightning bolt. Mako looked at Tenzin, hoping that it was just him and his family, and that no certain Avatar was with them. "Tenzin?"

Tenzin looked at Mako, wondering if he wanted something from him. "Is Korra here?" The firebender asked in a quiet voice, Tenzin nodded 'yes' in answer and Mako suddenly wished he was the refreshments' tables that were on fire.