Harry Potter and the Love Letter

Chapter 10 The Headmaster and the Broken Duo

Minerva was sitting at her desk in the Headmistress office when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," she beckoned then the noise of the turning knob made her look up. When she got a good look at who walked in, "Oh Harry, it's so good to see you…"

Lauren walked in; after hugging Harry, Minerva ran up to Lauren and embraced her. Lauren smiled as tears rolled down her face.

"I'm so happy to see you again old friend! It has been far too long!"

"I know, Minerva. You have to blame that no good son of a…"

"Lauren, I know you and Albus had your differences. I still respect him as the wizard he was. There are some decisions I did not agree upon but I had to keep telling myself that he knew what he was doing."

"Speaking of decisions," Harry decided to take their minds off a soon to be argument, "We are here to see if I could speak with Professor Dumbledore's portrait."

Minerva shifted her weight, "Why do you want to speak with Albus's portrait?"

Harry sighed, "I wanted to ask him about Lauren, my parents, and the real reason he sent me to live with Aunt Petunia."

Minerva looked at Lauren, looked at Harry, and returned her gaze to Lauren, "You two came together. How? You have a restraining order…"

"I talked with the Wizengamot and it was revoked after we accidently bumped into each other at Fortescue's Ice Cream Shop."

Minerva nodded, "You may speak to Albus. He's…"

"I remember where his portrait is," Harry chimed in and turned toward the direction of the portrait.

Lauren hesitated and stayed by Minerva when Harry called, "Lauren, are you coming?"

"Shit!" Lauren stamped her foot in defeat thinking Harry would have forgotten about the idea of her being there to confront Albus's portrait.

Minerva giggled as Lauren followed behind Harry to Albus's portrait. They reached the portrait and Albus smiled as he recognized Harry approaching.

"Hello Harry, it is so nice to see…" he stopped when Lauren showed up and stood right next to Harry, "Hello, Lauren."

"Hello asshole!"

"Lauren, please," Harry stepped into Auror mode to keep the peace. Lauren rolled her eyes and Harry returned to Albus.

"Professor, I have questions that need answers to. I have Lauren with me because one of the questions concerns her. I want the truth and no more secrets."

Albus nodded, "Fair enough. What do you want to know?"

"Why didn't you tell me that I had a godmother?"

Albus sighed, "I'm sorry, Harry, but her actions to go against my will forced me to disobey your parents' request and place you with a blood relative."

"That wasn't your decision," Lauren added her two bits, "Remus was the executor of the will. It was his responsibility to see that James and Lily's wishes were to be carried out."

Albus sighed, "It was a full moon that night remember?" Lauren smacked herself on the forehead and he continued, "Remus asked me prior to the full moon if I could step in on his behalf since he would be incapacitated at the time."

"That still doesn't make sense. Why hide her from me?" Harry was getting slightly annoyed that Albus was beating around the bush even with Lauren present.

"Harry, I didn't hide her from you…"

Lauren decided to throw in the punch, "Tell him, Albus. Stop hiding and come out with it!"

"Fine! You want to know! Your parents didn't mention me at all in their will! After everything I've done for Lily and James, I wasn't mentioned once for the sake of your well being! When Remus passed the torch to me, I finally felt included. I sought revenge when Lauren disobeyed my wishes and took you. I placed the restraining order against her and I decided that you didn't need that sort of negativity in your life. Yes, I was wrong. Yes, I placed you in a living arrangement that shouldn't have happened. I have wronged you both. I am so sorry."

Harry decided to give Albus the final blow, "I want to ask you one more question. Did you know that my parents were still alive?"

Albus looked at Lauren and she said, "Tell him."

"No, I did not…"

"He's telling the truth for once…"

Albus continued, "I will tell you one more thing. You are an Animagus, Harry. Being your father was one, you were born with the potioned genes from your father. You don't have to drink a potion to become one. You can transform into your animal form whenever you like. You can also do wandless magic in your animal form. You are extremely powerful Harry, but you can't perform any of that until the multiple blocks on your magical core are removed."

Lauren was angry, "Who placed blocks on him, Albus?"

"When Voldemort went to kill Harry that night, the Killing Curse somehow casted blocks instead of killing him."

Lauren was extremely confused, "Woah, wait a minute; you mean to tell me that it was Voldemort that somehow casted those blocks inside the Killing Curse…do you know how absurd that sounds?"

Albus knew she would protest and he was ready for her, "I know it sounds absurd; however, that's how it happened."

"Is there a way that these blocks could be removed?" Harry questioned then Lauren answered, "Yes, there is a way. Being that I'm a healer, I can remove them; however, I can only remove one at a time."

"Fair enough," Harry said, turned toward the portrait, and said, "Thank you for telling me everything. I forgive you for what you've done."

Harry turned to leave, "Come, I want to get the block off so I can be an Animagus."

Lauren turned to leave but Albus called out for her to stop. She turned around, "What do you want from me?"

"I'm so sorry for everything that I've done to you."

"Sorry? That's it? You kept me away from my godchild and the love of my life! You kept my daughter Amy from seeing her father whom she missed every day since he was placed in Azkaban! You apologized to Harry and me, but you haven't been forgiven by us both. Good bye, Albus."

Lauren spun around on her heel and walked away from the portrait. Harry and Lauren thanked Minerva then returned to Harry's apartment to begin the block removal process.

It was Harry's day back at work. He walked into the department, and was welcomed with open arms. Harry shook hands with every guy, and hugged every woman in the office.

Harry announced, "It's so good to be back. Thank you for welcoming me back so warmly. I hate to kill the mood, but we still have four Death Eater hide outs to scout out."

Ron and Neville turned toward each other, and smiled.

Harry, confused as to why his two best mates were smiling, questioned, "Alright, what do you know that I don't?"

Neville began, "We already scouted the Stratford location."

Ron added, "It's hot."

"We were waiting for you to give us the word," Neville concluded.

Harry chuckled, and shook his head, "Neville, you were in charge while I was off. You all could have handled it without me."

Ron chimed in, "We know we could have handled it without you, but we wanted to wait for you. We could never give the same pep talks as you."

Harry smiled, "Alright, listen up," Neville smiled at Harry, and Harry continued, "We have a hot one! Remember, be sharp, be quick, always look over your shoulder, and let's go get them to bring them to justice."

Everyone cheered, and Harry deactivated the alarm so it wouldn't sound off. After he deactivated the alarm, they all disapparated to Stratford.

Harry, Neville, Ron, and rest of the Auror team appeared in front of the house. It was an old Victorian style house. It had gray colored siding with white wood trim.

"I'm going into those trees to keep an eye out on you as you enter the house. Remember, the password is Slytherin. You'll do great. Remember, be quick, and sharp," Harry told Ron, Neville, and the team then disappeared into the trees.

"Why is he not coming in with us?" Neville questioned, and Ron shook his head, "Neville, we've known Harry for eleven years now. He has something up his sleeve. He'll be with us inside don't you worry."

Neville and Ron walked onto the porch, and up to the front door. They pulled down the hoods on their cloaks. Ron knocked on the door.

"Password," a raspy voice said through the other side of the door.

Ron answered in a sarcastic attitude, "Slytherin."

The Death Eater opened the door, and Ron hexed him. The tall Death Eater dropped to the floor. Neville and Ron entered followed by the rest of the team.

Harry made around the back through the trees. He thought about what Lauren taught him on how to transform into his animal form. After repeating the saying to himself, he transformed into his Animagus form; a stag then began searching for the living room window. He spotted the window after searching for five minutes, and observed what was going on. The rest of the Death Eaters were in the living room area standing with wands ready to fire at the Aurors. Harry reared back, and took off into a run as fast as his four legs could carry him. He jumped, and…

Inside the house, Ron was sending hexes at every Death Eater in sight. The house was filled with multicolored hexes flying about. Neville was successful for hexing then taking the wands away. Suddenly, some noise from outside caused a Death Eater to stop fighting, and turn his gaze to the window. A huge stag crashed in from the window knocking the Death Eater to the ground. Ron almost fell over laughing because he's never seen anything like that before. To Neville's surprise, the stag continued to charge at any Death Eater causing them to soar into the air then landing on their bums. But, Ron and Neville were shell shock when the stag transformed into Harry. Harry sent a hex powerful enough to knock down the remaining Death Eaters then summoned their wands.

Harry handed the wands to Neville, and turned to Ron, "You want to read their rights to them?"

Ron's mouth was still hung open from seeing his best mate transform from a stag to human; Harry questioned, "Are you going to do it? If not, Draco will do it."

Ron still couldn't speak; Harry turned to Draco, "Draco, could you read them their rights?"

Draco nodded, and stated, "You all have the right to remain silent. Anything you say…"

While Draco was reading the rights, Harry was concerned about Ron, "Ron, what's the matter?"

Ron finally squeaked out, "You're…an Animagus!"

"Yes, you of all people shouldn't find that hard to believe since my godfather, godmother, and father were Animagi," Harry said still trying to figure out why Ron was acting the way he did.

Ron finally snapped out of shock, and excitingly stated, "That was bloody wicked how you jumped through the window, and knocking Death Eaters to their arse! I want to become an Animagus, too!"

Harry chuckled, and answered, "Alright, fine, I'll make the potion after we take these fools down to their cells until trial."

Neville added, "Can I be one as well?"

Harry said, "Sure."

-Back in 1994-

Hermione walked down to the Great Hall to have breakfast with Harry and Ron. Hermione walked in, and made way toward the Gryffindor table. She noticed Harry and Ron already talking about something. Knowing Ron like she does, he was more than likely talking about Quidditch. As she approached the table, her suspicions were confirmed. Ron was talking Harry to death about Quidditch. She sat down, kissed Harry on the cheek to let him know she arrived, and decided to change the subject.

"We need to start thinking about the second task. Merpeople live in the lagoon; therefore, you will have to do something underwater. I guess you have to find something. But, what could it be?" She started thinking out loud.

Ron added, "Buried treasure?"

Hermione gave him a look that said, 'seriously?', and began biting his head off, "He's not playing pirates, Ron. This tournament is very dangerous. It's not playtime for Harry. If you're going to make a joke about it, then I think you should leave."

Ron threw up his arms, and bit back, "I was making a suggestion. This past challenge he had to get a golden egg. What if he has to find a silver sea shell next?"

Hermione groaned, and then Harry became the referee for the one millionth time, "Could you two stop fighting for a minute, and actually help me with this? How in Merlin's magic am I supposed to breathe underwater without drowning?"

Ron and Hermione pondered for a while. Ron shrugged his shoulders, and Hermione thought.

"Let me look it up. I know there are some herbs that could give you gills like a fish. I can ask Neville to help out. Harry, I'm doing the best I can."

Harry took her hand in his, and said from the bottom of his heart, "I know you are, and I'm grateful for that."

Hermione smiled, glanced at her watch, gasped, "It's almost time for Defense Against the Dark Arts! We need to go."

While they were grabbing their bags, Ron questioned, "Are you guys going to help me hook up with Luna?"

Harry answered, "Yeah, we'll help you," then Hermione added, "But, we don't know what she looks like."

Ron began explaining as they were walking out, "Well, she has long blonde hair. She's in Ravenclaw. She also wears these strange glasses even though she doesn't need them. She wears them when she's reading, and usually the book or magazine is upside down."

Harry and Hermione looked at each other then started laughing. Ron, getting offended, said, "It's not funny!"

-Back in 2001-

Harry and the team finished booking the Death Eaters, and all that's left to do now was wait for the trial on Thursday. Harry walked into his office, and sat down at his desk. He pressed the switch for the secret compartment. When the door popped open, letters came pouring out. After taking out each letter, he counted a total of seven letters. Harry silently praised younger Hermione for dating the envelopes because it made sorting much easier. He picked up the first one, opened it, and read it.

Dearest Harry,

I didn't hear back from you, and I usually do. Are you alright? Did something happen? I hope you didn't go over the deep end, or anything. Whenever you can, write me back. I need your help with the second task, and I want to know that you're well.



Harry figured now was the best time to explain the second task to her since it's fast approaching. He opened the second letter.

My dear Harry,

Is everything alright? This is my second letter, and I never received a reply. I'm beginning to worry. I need your help, and I hope you're not hurt. Please, write me soon. I'm starting to think something horrible happened to you.



Reading the two letters, he felt horrible for not writing to her while he was off. He opened the next letter.

My dearest Harry,

I still didn't get any reply from you. I'm beginning to think that you are hurt, and that's why you're not writing back. I wish I could be there for you, even though my older counterpart is away at school. Ugh, I wish there was a way for me to go to your time just to give you a hug to let you know everything is alright.

Whenever you can, write me back. I still really need your help. I still want to know if you're well.



Harry was afraid to open the next letter because he didn't want to read anymore of her paranoia. Nevertheless, he opened the next letter.


Seriously, where are you? I'm really starting to pull out hair because I'm worried about you. Please write back soon. I have to know that you're well.

Pacing the floor,


Harry opened the other two letters, and it pretty much said the same thing. He picked up his quill, dipped it in the ink well, and began writing the reply. After finishing the letter, he folded it, placed it in the envelope, sealed it, and placed it in the compartment then shut the door. Harry began making the case against the Death Eaters who are now in custody.

-Back in 1994-

Hermione returned to her room after lunch to get her books, and the door to the secret compartment jiggled. She ran to the desk, pressed the switch, and pulled out the letter. She tore open the envelope, removed the letter, unfolded it, and read it.

Dearest Hermione,

I apologize for not writing to you in over a week. A lot has happened since I last read your letter. So, I will explain the best I can. After sending you the letter, I caught up with my godmother, Lauren. She and Sirius were Hogwarts sweethearts. They have a daughter named Amy, remember she is the one that hung around Oliver? Anyway, she explained why she was absent from my life, but that is an entirely different subject for a different letter some other time.

You ask for my help with the Second Task. Here it is. What my younger counterpart heard from the golden egg is this: Come seek us where our voices sound, we cannot sing above the ground, and while you're searching ponder this; we've taken what you'll sorely miss. An hour long you'll have to look, and recover what we took, but past an hour—the prospect's black, too late, it's gone, it won't come back. What this means, you will be taken from me, and placed at the bottom of the lake. I will have an hour to look for you, and take you back. I need something to help me breathe underwater. Neville knows about the gillyweed, which is a plant that looks like seaweed, and it helps you breathe underwater. Ask Neville about this.

Being that I am currently engaged to you now, I'm going to finally say it. I love you. I love you so much that it hurts.

Please don't worry about me. I'll be fine; I promise. I don't know when I can write again because work is getting very chaotic! We just raided another Death Eater hide out, and now I'm at my desk making the case for their trial. I promise you that I will be careful.

Before I close, the second task is February 24th. Be sure to write to tell me how the Yule Ball went, and how the second task went. We'll talk later.



How her heart was leaping for joy! Harry finally told her he loved her. She grabbed some parchment, stuffed it into her bag, and ran out the room fearing to be late for her Arithmancy class.

-Back in 2001-

Harry was in the middle of writing the information about the Death Eaters down then the door to the secret compartment jiggled. He pressed the switch, opened the door, and there was a letter waiting to be read. Harry opened up the envelope, pulled out the letter, unfolded it, and read it in its entirety.

My Harry,

You said it! You finally said you loved me! How you brightened my day by saying those three words!

Thank you so much about the gillyweed. I asked Neville, and he said he read about them in a book Professor Moody gave him. I know Professor Snape has some, but he won't let anyone go where he has them stored. I don't know how I could get it. Any advice?

Wow, you were able to catch up with your godmother, Lauren. I bet she's wonderful. Yes, I remember Amy. She was in my dorm room for a while before she became Head Girl. I didn't know she was Lauren and Sirius's daughter! Yes, you will have to write me later about Lauren and all you two talked about!

Hang in there, Harry. It will be alright. You know I still love you, right? Write me back so I know you received this.

Love you so much,


Harry looked at his watch, and realized it was time for him to leave for the day. He hurried to write a reply then placed it in the envelope, and sealed it. He shoved it into the compartment, and closed the door. Harry grabbed his coat, walked out his office, locked the closed door, and left. He entered the elevator, and pushed the button for Atrium. After waiting for five minutes, the doors opened up into the Atrium. Harry walked to the Floo Network, and he disappeared among the green flames.

-Back in 1994-

Hermione walked out the bathroom in her pajamas, and the secret compartment door jiggled. She ran to the desk, and pressed the button. The door opened, and she snatched the letter out of it. She opened it up, and read the letter.

My darling Hermione,

For the gillyweed problem, ask Dobby. I know how you feel about House Elves, but please use him. He's always so enthusiastic about helping me. Tell him it's for me for the tournament, and he'll go get it. You will only do this one time. It's not like you'll ask him to do this forever.

Yes, I will write you later about Lauren and I's conversation and about our conversation another situation that happened.

Time for me to close. It is getting late, and I have things to do. Good night, Hermione. I love you.



She smiled, placed the letter into her Romeo and Juliet book, climbed into bed, and went to sleep.