Harry Potter and the Love Letter: Wedding of a Lifetime

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Chapter 2 Padfoot

-June 15, 2003-

Harry and Hermione arrived at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place to receive two seven year olds before all four of them would have hit the floor.

"Phineas and Anna! How many times do your father and I have to tell you about…oh, hello you two. How was your vacation?" Lauren questioned as she pried the twins off their godparents.

Hermione exhaled, "Oh, Lauren, it was amazing! You and Sirius must go there! Oh, we have some souvenirs for our godson and goddaughter."

Harry handed a toy sword to Phineas.

Phineas raised it up, "Look Anna! I'm Uncle Harry with Godric Gryffindor's sword and I just slain the Basilisk!" and he ran upstairs.

Hermione handed Anna a beautiful ballerina doll. Anna hugged her godmother and ran upstairs to play with it.

Sirius walked down the stairs almost getting run over by the twins.

"Woah, woah! Slow down you two! Geez, I almost took a tumble. Do you think our children are hyper?"

Lauren put her hands on her hips, "This coming from a man whose Animagus form is a dog."

Hermione and Harry started laughing, and Sirius made an expression that read "oh yeah, pick at me."

Lauren smiled, "Let's see that would be two for me and zero for you."

"When you and I get home from work, I will get you back for that!" Sirius seductively whispered in Lauren's ear.

Lauren laughed, "Nice try, Padfoot!" and her father appeared through the fireplace, "Oh, daddy, thank you for coming."

Luke dusted himself off, "Well, since I'm retired, I'm more than happy to watch the grandkids."

Harry, Hermione, and Sirius told the children farewell as they ran down the stairs to greet their grandfather then they apparated to Downtown London to help Scotland Yard out with a serial killer who struck again last night.

The crime scene was roped off with the yellow crime scene tape, and Harry stepped over the tape along with Sirius, and Hermione. James walked up to them.

"You made it. Good!"

"Dad, catch us up to what is going on," Harry followed his father toward the scene.

James began, "We found the body of Alfred Ballard. He was found around three o'clock this morning…"

Something wasn't adding up, and Hermione decided to question, "Why were we called to come here? Scotland Yard couldn't handle this? I mean, this is a non magical person that got murdered. Surely, Scotland Yard can handle this case without us."

James turned to face Hermione, "When you see the body, you'll understand why we were called in."

Chills ran up her spine as she continued to follow her fiancé, his father, and his godfather to the crime scene. The first thought that entered through Hermione's mind was…no blood. How could there be a crime scene for a Muggle when there was no blood? Then, it dawned on her. This was not a Muggle crime scene.

Sirius stopped dead in his tracks, "Alfred Ballard! James, he was one of Sam Ballinger's biggest supporters then when he found out his true intentions for the Wizarding community, he turned against him. I wonder who would do this to him."

Hermione examined the body, "There were no signs of struggle at all. No broken bones. The frozen look…yep…that's definitely the Killing Curse. He has been dead for at least seven hours."

Harry felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see one of the detectives from Scotland Yard.

"Lord Potter, you have an urgent call. Follow me."

The young dark brown haired male detective led him to one of the patrol cars with a phone in it.

Harry picked up the phone, and pressed it to his ear. It was a voice he didn't want to hear at the moment.

"Harry! It's awful!"

"Ron, calm down! What's going on?"

"There was an outbreak at Azkaban! The Dementors turned on each other and while they were fighting, some prisoners escaped!"

"Ron, who escaped?"



"Lucius Malfoy, Niles Malfoy, Mr. Crabbe, Mr. Goyle, and…"


It was silent.

Harry couldn't take it anymore and was yelling, "And who else, Ron? Please finish!"

Ron gulped then squeaked out, "Augustus Rookwood."

Harry just stared off. Augustus Rookwood along with four known Death Eaters were on the loose.

Ron was beginning to worry, "Harry? Harry? Are you still there?"

Hermione, Sirius, and James found where Harry was then they noticed his expression. By the looks of it, it was not good.

Harry finally spoke again, "I will return shortly then we will begin searching every corner of the world for these five criminals. No stone will be left unturned. Do you understand?"

Ron gulped, "Yes, sir."

Harry hung up the phone then turned to his father, godfather, and fiancée, "Let's go."

Sirius was confused, "Harry, what's going on?"

Harry turned to his godfather and noticed his father and fiancée with bewildered expressions then decided to give them the blow, "There was a breakout at Azkaban. Augustus Rookwood was one of the escapees."

Their three faces turned whiter than the whitest snow that had ever fallen in the winter. Harry walked to the detectives and thanked them explaining one of his coroners will come for the body. Harry walked away then down another alley. Hermione, Sirius, and James followed close behind then they apparated back to the Ministry of Magic.

-Abandoned Ballinger Home-

Niles Malfoy, Augustus Rookwood, and Mr. Goyle arrived back from their little outing.

"My Lord, we have returned from Muggleville," Mr. Goyle began then Niles interrupted, "We did what you asked."

"Splendid! Well, Lord Potter will be running around in circles while we slowly take away what makes him happy. He spoiled my plans far too early and now, the true Dark Lord is seeking revenge."

Lucius turned to his new master, "My Lord Sam, how is Alfred Ballard part of your plan for revenge?"

"He is a sign to all my past friends who decided to turn against me that their fate will end up like his if they don't reconsider their decisions."