Harry Potter and the Love Letter: Wedding of a Lifetime

Chapter 3 The Big Six

-Azkaban June 2003-

The great Albus Dumbledore locked away in a dark cell in the notorious Wizarding Prison known as Azkaban. For years, he wondered how to get out of here. For years, he was attempting to figure out how Sirius Black managed to just slip on out of here without the Dementors sensing anything. For years, he sat in the corner of his cell wondering how Harry figured out what he did to his parents when he was only in his fourth year.

Realization hit him and he thought out loud, "He had help!"

A snobbish groan mustered, "Will you pipe down, Albus?"

Another groan chimed in, "We already have a splitting headache, but thank you for making it worse!"

Dumbledore stood up and in a commanding voice, said, "Will you Malfoys ever stop complaining!"

The Malfoys were silent, and Albus was able to go back into figuring out how Harry somehow managed to get him into Azkaban. A man in a black hooded cloak walked up to the cells of the five Death Eaters, but stopped at Albus's cell first.

"Well, it's about time you ended up here. You allowed Sirius Black to remain in school after the fact that he got the love of my life pregnant. He should have been expelled!"

Albus replied, "Sam, Sirius should not have been expelled. He just had to live with a choice he and Lauren made. I was not going to punish him because you believed he needed to be. I stand by my decision."

Sam removed his hood revealing a slender face with high cheek bones. His dark soulless eyes stared at his former headmaster and gave a sinister smile, "Rot in this place! You deserve to be here!"

He walked over to his fellow Death Eaters, "Tisk, tisk, tisk, you all got caught and didn't even take my advice."

Augustus fired back, "Can it, Sam or I'll…"

"Or you'll what? You can't do shit while you're behind bars my friend. So, drop that attitude and hear what I have to say!"

They all groaned then Sam continued, "How would you like to get back at Harry for putting you in here?"

Niles raised his hand, "I'm in!"

"Hush, Niles!" Lucius reprimanded his son then turned back to Sam, "We're listening."

With a little excitement rushing through his veins, Sam decided to pitch his plan, "Who is the one that has always helped Harry through everything? Who has always been there for him through any situation? What if we strike at the heart?"

Rookwood was bouncing with excitement, "I'm in!"

Crabbe and Goyle nodded with evil grins. Niles gave his father a pleading expression. Lucius was still not convinced.

Sam decided it was now to sell it, "We both wanted Tom to become great and powerful. Harry spoiled those plans along with some others that need to be dealt with. First, I break you all out of here. I have a charm that can set these Dementors to turn against each other. While they are after each other, I can get blast these cell doors open. I will blast you out and you will all run to the Disapparition Room. Meet me at Regent's Park. I will bring you all to my abandoned family home. We will then set our revenge in motion."

Lucius was hooked, "Alright, I'm in. When do we…"

Before he could finish, Sam was mumbling something that Lucius never heard before. It sounded gibberish to him, but the Dementors began to get hostile with each other. They grabbed each other and began throwing each other around screaming. As promised, Sam blasted the cell door open and Lucius ran toward the back corner to move away from a flying door. When the door crashed to the back wall inches away from him, he glanced toward the entry way. Sam was motioning for him to leave.

As Lucius made his way out his cell, he ducked just in time because two Dementors flew toward him then began fighting each other. Lucius began running toward the Disapparition Room.

Niles, Rookwood, Crabbe, and Goyle were following close behind Lucius dodging Dementors as they made their way to the DR. Lucius opened the door only to be pushed in by Crabbe, Goyle, and Niles. Rookwood closed the door behind them. One Dementor, who wasn't under the spell, heard the door close then sounded the alarm.

Lucius and the gang arrived in a wooded area which was at first unfamiliar, then heard the sound of laughing and barking dogs. Lucius realized where they were; Regent's Park. The five ex-Death Eaters looked around and, as promised, Sam appeared where they were standing.

"Let's get out of here before you five are spotted in your prisoner outfits."

With a wave of his hand, Sam and the five Death Eaters disappeared in a cloud of smoke. He brought the five men to a dark musky smelling home that they could tell hadn't been used in years. It was full of dust, cob webs, newly made spider webs in certain corners, and skeletons from unknown animals that had made a home here.

"Gentlemen, welcome to my family home."

Niles leaned over to his father, "Doesn't look very homey to me."

Lucius raised his hand to silence his son then answered his new master, "It is a fine location, my Lord. No one would suspect anyone living here."

Sam smiled, and Rookwood interrupted, "When do we start taking our revenge out on Potter!"

"Patience, Augustus. I have acquired some wands for you courtesy of Olivander's Wand Shop. I hope one of them is similar to that of your prior wand."

On the large dining room table, boxes upon boxes of wands appeared, and each known Death Eater dove in to find a match. After each one picked up a wand and tried it, they found a wand similar to their old wands.

"Splendid! You will find clothing for you in the first bedroom on the left upstairs. After you change your current attire, come back down and we will talk some more."

The former Death Eaters walked up the stairs and found the bedroom. They began changing their clothes magically then Crabbe began talking.

"Alright, who thinks Sam is manipulating us?"

Goyle raised his hand then Rookwood began snapping, "Will you two lighten up? He was for the Dark Lord…"

Lucius laughed, "You believe that load of shit! He was against Lord Voldemort since day one! The only reason I agreed to him was we're getting revenge on Potter! After we get our revenge, Sam Ballinger is history."

Niles shook his head, "What if Sam is telling the truth? If he really was for the Dark Lord, of course, he had to hide his true intentions from everyone so he could keep up his appearances with his family and friends who were pro-Dumbledore and pro-Potter."

Lucius rolled his eyes then walked out the room. The rest dropped their differences, followed Lucius out the room, and down the stairs.

They made it back into the formal living area to see that Sam was waiting for them.

"Sit please," he motioned them to the maroon plush wing backed chairs.

The five men sat down, and Sam began, "First, I would like to explain why we are all together. I know you are already thinking I am somehow manipulating you. That is not the reason why I chose you to help me. When I was a young wizard, there were some laws that I didn't agree with; therefore, I began my Pure or Die campaign. Tom Riddle came into my life when I needed an answer to my question; who was going to help my Pure or Die campaign? When I told him that I was ready, he and I formed the Death Eaters along with changing his name to the Dark Lord Voldemort."

Lucius turned to look at Niles, Rookwood, Crabbe, and Goyle. It wasn't Voldemort who started what they were fighting for…it was Sam! Sam was the true Dark Lord and everyone was fooled including the great Harry Potter!

Sam continued, "When we were rising into power, Alfred Ballard was the first to find out who I really was. After saying a few choice words, he left the cause. We will start with him to send out a message to my former friends. If they don't join me, they will suffer the same fate as Mr. Ballard."

Rookwood smile, "Do you want us to use Death by Sleep?"

Sam smiled, "Yes."

Lucius said, "Say the word, my Lord, and we will do it."

Sam turned to his followers, "Go and I know you will not fail me."

Crabbe was suspicious, "Wait, you're not coming?"

Sam spoke, "I will go with you. I want my face to be the last one he sees."

The five men smiled wickedly, and they all disapparated after Sam gave the location. Alfred Ballard didn't know what was coming for him.