Epilogue: Fourteen Years Later

August 2012

Draco's mouth latched to the side of Harry's neck, finding the pulse point, which began to speed up underneath Draco's lips at the touch. He grinned inwardly to himself and sucked on the flesh, enjoying the hitch in Harry's breath that it elicited. He snaked one arm under the maroon Auror robes Harry was still infuriatingly wearing, caressing the bare flesh of Harry's abdomen and causing it to break out in goose-pimples.

"Draco, stop…" Harry gasped, although his body betrayed his words, as Draco felt Harry's rock-hard erection pressing deliciously into his own. "Not here, not now. I've really got to get home."

"A part of you seems very keen to let me continue," Draco quipped pointedly, the hand that wasn't tangled in Harry's robes squeezing Harry's cock through the fabric. Harry let out a moan and his mouth fell slack.

"I…fuck… really need to get back. Ginny, the girls…"

"She can manage without you for another half an hour," Draco interrupted sharply. The image of a heavily-pregnant Ginny was not helping his libido one single iota. He walked Harry backwards until they bumped into Harry's desk, then leant Harry back against it. He slipped his hand inside Harry's trousers and gipped him firmly.

"Ngh," Harry murmured as he bucked into Draco's palm, demanding more friction, submitting to him at last. Draco smirked in triumph, basking in his victory.

"That's right, Harry. Just enjoy. Now, no more talk about leaving, okay?" Harry screwed his eyes shut and nodded his head, just as Draco sank to his knees and freed Harry's straining erection from his trousers, before licking the length of it base to tip.

"Oh, my god," Harry gasped, as Draco swallowed him whole. Fifteen years of sucking Harry's cock had taught Draco exactly how the brunet liked it; he pulled off the shaft and swirled his tongue round the head before dipping it into the slit, then returning to the length and licking the sensitive underside like an ice lolly, before once more engulfing him, his head bobbing quickly as Harry's breathing quickened and his legs began to tremble.

Harry was getting close, Draco knew. He pulled away from his cock completely, earning him a string of frustrated expletives in response. Draco chuckled lightly, before coming up again to kiss his lover deeply.

"I'm going to fuck you, right here, on your desk," he purred in Harry's ear. He kissed Harry on the lips again, so passionately he thought he may bruise them.

"Yes," Harry gasped, as he tried to grind his neglected member against Draco. Draco forcefully pushed the bucking hips against the polished oak of Harry's Head Auror desk, and began unbuttoning the robes. Once they were removed he made light work of his own clothes whilst Harry removed the trousers and underwear that were pooled round his ankles. Finally naked together, Draco groaned in satisfaction, kissing a trail from Harry's mouth down his torso, across his erection and scrotum, before he nudged Harry's thighs apart further and buried his face in between the cleft of Harry's arse.

He felt Harry grip his hair almost to the point of pain as his tongue first tentatively lapped, then began to suck. Draco gently breached his lover with his tongue, enjoying Harry's incoherent babbling that this act produced. He did love to do this to him; it never failed to reduce Harry to little more than a quivering mass.

Draco continued to fuck him with his tongue until he felt Harry completely relax and open up for him. He withdrew his tongue and Harry thrust a small vial of lubricant, conjured no doubt, into his hand, before lying backwards on the desk and pulling Draco on top of him, kissing him. He seemed to really enjoy snogging after getting rimmed, knowing where Draco's mouth and tongue had been, and Draco found it incredibly fucking sexy. He dipped his fingers into the gel, before inserting his fingers, taking the time to massage Harry's prostate and causing his cock to give a jerk, before withdrawing, adding some of the gel to his own completely untouched member, and gently pushing in.

Locking eyes with his lover, Draco began to thrust, gently at first then becoming firmer, his strokes having more force behind them. He adjusted his angle slightly and was rewarded with a keening cry from Harry, who was flushed pink with arousal and covered in beads of sweat. It was almost too much; Draco was not going to last long at all.

"Close," he rasped, as he pushed into Harry as deeply as he could, causing Harry's back to arch off the desk.

"Good, me too," Harry replied, reaching round to give his erection a stroke. The sight of his lover touching himself never failed to push Draco over the edge, and today was no exception. He thrust hard into Harry, before his orgasm ripped through him, just as he felt Harry stiffen then shudder underneath him, his face contorted with pleasure, followed by a warm wetness flooding between their slick stomachs.

Draco withdrew gently from Harry, pausing to look in satisfaction at some of his own come dripping down Harry's left thigh. Harry smirked, ran a finger through it, then popped the digit into his mouth, licking it clean. Draco shivered and felt his cock take a renewed interest in the proceedings.

"Don't you need to get back to Ginevra? Keep doing that and I'll be ready for another go and won't let you out of here," he said hoarsely, before locating his wand and cleaning both himself and Harry up with a spell.

"I really do have to go. I said I'd be home at five and it's already twenty past," Harry replied, sounding regretful. He quickly located his clothes and dressed. "Besides, the other Healers will be wondering where the bloody hell you've got to. I'll see you later. I love you." With that he removed the Locking Spells from his office and dashed out of the Ministry.

Harry Apparated into his front garden before pausing momentarily to straighten his hair- as much as it could ever be straightened- and smooth out his robes, and, hoping he didn't look completely and utterly shagged, opened his front door. He was immediately attacked by two small, identical redhead girls with green eyes, who both threw themselves at his waist.

"Daddy!" they cried simultaneously. Harry bent down and gave them both a long, lingering hug, before kissing them each on their forehead.

"Hey, you two," he said fondly, cuddling his daughters tightly to him. "I missed you both as well. I hope you've both been good today."

"They've been fine," Ginny's voice called out in an irritated manner. "It's this one here that's been giving me shit."

"What's 'shit', Daddy?" asked one of the girls innocently. Harry mumbled something about 'bad words' and 'your mother shouldn't say that' before distracting them both with a new doll each. He entered the living room and gave Ginny a kiss on the cheek.

"Rough day, then?" he asked, eyebrow raised.

"You could say that. You try being thirty-eight weeks fucking pregnant in this heat," she replied waspishly. "He thinks my bladder is a Quaffle ball, I swear, and I have terrible heartburn. Not even that potion the Healer at St Mungo's prescribed for me has helped. Honestly, the girls were less trouble and there were fucking two of them in there!"

"It's because he's a boy," Harry replied.

"Don't give me that crap. It's because he's a Malfoy, and we both know it. I'm breeding the spawn of Draco Malfoy; I don't know why I didn't foresee this as a potential disaster to begin with," Ginny replied hotly. Harry knew better than to make any comment other than a non-committal 'hmmm'.

"Why are you late, anyway?" Ginny demanded. "Five, you said to me." So Ginny was in that mood. Harry ran a hand over his face and sighed.

"Sorry, Gin. I, er, had a report that had to be finished before I could leave, and-"

"Don't lie. You were fucking Draco," she said, and Harry thought she looked unsure whether to laugh or be angry. "Oh come on, Harry. You couldn't be more obvious. For a start your robes are on inside out. Look, I'm going home. Carlos will be wondering where I am." After a few unsuccessful attempts to get out of the armchair, Harry offered his arm and helped her up. "What time does the Father of Satan himself get in tonight, anyway?"

"He finishes at nine," Harry answered, fighting the smile threatening to break out. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

"Amelie, Sophia, I'm going home now," Ginny called, and the girls ran into the living room and gave her a hug before she Flooed home.

Two hours later and both girls had been fed, bathed, and were fast asleep. Sophia had complained of a sore stomach, and Harry had read her an extra story to make it feel better. He then collapsed into the nearest armchair, nursing a Butterbeer. When Ginny had offered in 2005 to be their surrogate, both he and Draco were sceptical and preferred an anonymous host; however when Ginny pointed out that her career as a professional Chaser frequently took her and her team-mate and husband Carlos all over the world and therefore they weren't intending to have their own children, they had reconsidered. Harry had fathered the twins (which were a huge surprise and stunned Draco into silence for two days when they found out at Ginny's twelve week check-up), although Draco fully considered them his own children. The situation had worked out perfectly for them all- the girls were born in May 2006 and lived full-time with Harry and Draco. They saw their mother a couple of times a month, whenever she was in the country, and had a strong relationship with their Weasley relatives. As soon as their son was born at the end of August, Ginny was off on an extended six-month tour. Asia, this time. Harry and Draco were the children's permanent and legal carers.

Harry was dozing with the TV that had he insisted on having installed flickering in the background when Draco arrived home.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty," he joked, kissing Harry on the head. Harry came to in an instant and looked at his watch.

"It's gone eleven. Where have you been?" he said with a yawn.

"We had a bleeder come in just as I was about to leave," Draco said, and when Harry put his glasses back on he could see Draco's hospital robes were indeed covered in blood. "A Diffindo that went astray. How was the she-Weasel today?"

Harry snorted. "Best not let her hear you call her that. The mood she's in she'll castrate you, and probably not even use magic to do so." Draco gave Harry a questioning look. "Apparently, Caelum has been giving her a hard time today." 'Caelum' had been Draco's choice of name, in following with the Black tradition of naming their children after constellations. Harry didn't hate it, per se, but it wouldn't have been his choice. Still, it was a lot better than 'Ophiuchus', which had been one Draco was seriously contemplating at one point. And he had named the girls. Amelie Narcissa and Sophia Lily, after their mothers.

"I'm shattered," he said, rising off the sofa and heading to their bedroom. "Bed?"

"Always," Draco replied, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Harry just laughed.

Things were just becoming interesting when there was a sudden cry of 'Daddy!' coming from Sophia's room, followed by a loud, 'bleugh!' and the unmistakable splatter of vomit hitting the carpet.

"Fuck," Draco said, and threw on his dressing-gown, willing away his semi-hard erection that had begun to form. "Remember when we said it was going to be just us, forever and ever? What made us change our minds and have children? Remind me, again, why we're having another one?"

"Because we said that when we were seventeen, and we're both thirty-two now and it's time to be grown-ups?" Harry quipped, and he went into Sophia's bedroom to comfort his vomiting daughter, whilst Draco retrieved the disinfectant potions and Muggle bleach from the kitchen.

"Just because Harry and Draco have a television, it doesn't mean you need to stay glued to it the whole time you're here," Remus chastised his son. Teddy grunted in response, stuffing a whole Maryland Cookie in his mouth.

"Olympics," Teddy said between mouthfuls, spraying crumbs everywhere and not taking his eyes off the screen. "C'mon, Dad, it's only on every four years! We learned about it in Muggle Studies," he added, cheering as Great Britain took another gold medal in the velodrome. Teddy had, to no one's surprise, been Sorted into Ravenclaw when he started Hogwarts three years ago. He was exceptionally bright. He was now only a few weeks away from starting his fourth year. Harry grinned apologetically at Remus and took his seat next to his godson; like Teddy, he, too, had been somewhat addicted to the Muggle sports at the London Games in the last few days.

"Father," Amelie said, crawling into Draco's lap and throwing her arms around his neck as he kissed her hair, "when will Auntie Hermione and Uncle Ron get here?"

"They're on their way, darling," he replied. The small girl practically vibrated in his lap in excitement. After Hermione restored her parents' memories and they recalled who they were, they decided to stay in Australia as they'd fallen in love with the country in the year they'd lived there. Hermione and Ron visited them in Sydney a few times a year but, after they got married in 2008, they decided to emigrate there permanently. This was their first visit back to the UK since Christmas.

"They're here!" Sophia squealed as she let go of the curtain through which she had been staring at the gravelled drive, waiting for a glimpse of them, and began jumping up and down on the spot. "I hope they've got us presents!"

A minute later and there were fierce hugs, and a lot of tears, and 'my, haven't you two grown'-s to the girls. Harry stepped into the garden to light the barbeque, followed by Ron. Harry handed him a beer.

"I've missed you, mate," Ron said, taking a sip of his beer. Harry smiled.

"Me, too," he replied, taking his best friend into another hug.

"So, Hermione and I have news." The expression on Ron's face clearly showed he had been bursting to say this since the second he crossed the threshold. His face was alive with excitement. "I'm finally going to be a dad!"

Harry felt tears prick in the corners of his eyes which he impatiently blinked back, and beamed at his friend. Ron had confided in him during a heavy drinking session over Christmas that he and Hermione had been trying for a baby for two years without success, and were going to see a Healer in the New Year. Harry had felt incredibly guilty when Ron told him this; he and Draco had the girls, and had found out the week before that Ginny was pregnant again. The fact that Ron and Hermione were now expecting a baby of their own finally left Harry feeling giddy with happiness for his friends. He pulled Ron into yet another bone-crushing embrace.

"That's wonderful," Harry replied. "I'm made up for you both."

"I'm not firing blanks after all," Ron quipped, his face radiant. "And the baby's due in February. We've already seen it on the scan and everything is completely healthy."

An hour later and the garden of Harry and Draco's Godric's Hollow cottage was full, the sound of laughter and aroma of barbecued meat filling the air. Even Teddy had dragged himself away from the television, a hot dog in his hand. He'd even managed to convince Tonks to let him have a beer. A loud crack of Apparition, followed by a billowing of black robes, indicated Snape's rather late arrival. He greeted everyone formally, although Harry and Draco could both see the tenderness on his face as Sophia and Amelie hugged him. He would never be able to fool them that he was anything other than completely besotted with the twins.

Teddy looked momentarily alarmed by the sudden appearance of his headmaster in his godfather's garden, and tried to hide his beer behind his back. Snape gave him a questioning look.

"Really, Lupin? Are you trying to get your fourteen-year-old son drunk?" he sneered. Remus sighed.

"Dora let him have it. It's only the one. Why not have one yourself and take the broomstick out of your arse for a bit, huh?"

Everyone bar Snape laughed. Snape glared and picked up a burger, examining it with mild distaste before taking a hesitant bite.

Eventually the girls became tired so Draco took them up to bed. Harry approached Hermione. He sat down on the bench next to her.

"Ron told me your news," he said, a smile on his face. "Congratulations."

"I knew he wouldn't be able to keep it a secret," she replied with a laugh. "We've not even told his parents yet. But we couldn't not tell you." She settled into Harry's inviting arm and wrapped her arm around his waist. "Can you believe it's been fourteen years since Voldemort's defeat? We're getting old."

"We're not that old," Harry replied. "But you're right, it's gone so quickly. Even now I half expect the bastard to come back."

Hermione squeezed his hand. "He won't, you know. We're all finally free."

"I know. It's just I never expected to have any of this- my own family, a career, close friends. And I keep waiting for someone to try and take it from me."

"No one's going to, Harry. We won. You won. It's well and truly over," Hermione said gently.

Harry kissed her head. "I love you, Hermione."

"I love you too, Harry," she replied.

"That was exhausting, but brilliant," Harry said sleepily as he stretched out on the sofa, Draco curled into his arms. "I do miss Ron and Hermione, but it's always so fantastic seeing them after so long, it almost makes it worth them living so far away, if that makes sense?" He could feel Draco smile against his chest as he offered a sleepy 'mmhmm'. "They're having a baby, you know."

"I thought so," Draco replied, then chuckled at Harry's surprised response. "I am a Healer, you know. It was kind of obvious. Not drinking alcohol, Hermione insisting her steak was cooked to well-done, and the discreet touches to her tummy all afternoon. It practically shone out of her. I'm happy for them."

"We've been together fifteen years now," Harry said, carding his fingers through Draco's hair. "Two kids, another due any day. Think it's time we got married?" He heard Draco's intake of breath and smiled.

"Harry Potter, did you just propose to me?" he asked, mock horror in his voice.

"Yes. Yes I bloody well did," Harry laughed.

"OK then. Of course I'll marry you. You unromantic git."

Harry felt his heart flutter as Draco reached up and kissed him, before he rested his head on Harry's chest once more and closed his eyes, holding him tightly. Fifteen years ago, Harry could never imagine that one day he'd have everything he'd ever wanted. And now he had it, he intended to never ever let it go. Life was pretty damn good.