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Chapter 1: Hey Rin, nice to meet you

Hey princess,

It's coincidence to meet you

Rin's POV



"Rin! Wake up! It's your first day in new school! Don't be late! ",

I slowly opened my eyes, revealing a bright light came from the window on my left side. I fully opened my eyes to get a better view on the clock besides my pillow.

'7:25 a.m'

I sit on my bed, rubbing my left eyes while letting out a yawn.

"Humm…. First day of school"

The sunshine radiating brightly when I looked out of the window. Birds chirping above the branches of the mango tree. I planted the tree like 5 years ago.

Ahhhh… What a wonderful day to start a new day in a new school.

If you hadn't noticed I'm sarcasm-ing, I guessing you didn't have enough auras to notice it.

Oh right! I forgot to tell you who am I .

My name is Kagamine Rin. Everyone call me as Rin. I am currently 15 ½ years old. That makes me a grade 10 student this year. I'm a total 15 on December 27th. I'm enrolling to my new school, Sapporo Aoi High School. I moved out since my father's death last year. I'm currently live with my mother on our own. My mother, Lenka, works hard for me and almost ignored herself.

Aside from that,

I'm a normal teenager, unlike the others, I prefer being a quiet and shy outside but if people start to know and close to me, I will open up and socialize. Like others, I HATE school and it is totally irritating me. But for my mother's sake, I study hard to get good marks in exam. My mother's current earnings can bear our living now, since she works as a CEO.

Enough with the introduction thing. I walk across my simple-but-pretty room to get a towel. My room is simple. It was painted in orange, my ultimate favorite color. There is a table with a computer on it at my left side while at my right; there is a bathroom, a closet and make-up desk. Soon after I grabbed the towel, I went straight to the bathroom.

After taking my breakfast, I put on my school shoes and started to walk out of the house.

"Bye honey! Be sure to make new friends, okay?" Lenka said before blowing a kiss to me.

"Bye mommy!" I waved at her and went to my bike.

It's feel lonely when there are no friends accompanying you to the school. Yeah, I miss my old friends. All of my friends went to the same school without me. Uwaaa~~ Why Dear Lord, why?


Ehem. Enough with the sentimental part. I grabbed my bike, putting my schoolbag in the front basket and started cycling to school.

The air in the morning is refreshing yet covered by coldness. I just hoped that everything will be okay today.

… Or not.


"Ow!" I groaned in pain as I rubbed the back of my head, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Just now, I'd bumped to this black car. I bet that the car is expensive and new, seeing how shiny is that car. Then out of nowhere, I saw a golden-haired boy looked at me worriedly.

"Are you okay, young lady?" The boy spoked in soft and caring tone.

"Y-yeah, a little b-bit I g-guess" Stupid stuttering. Now now, how pink had I been?

"Let me help you"

"Whoa, whoa. No need to help me I can easily stand on my feet alone." To prove it, I quickly stand up, dusting out the dirt on my blue skirt. Just then, I sensed something….


Sensing the atmosphere, I began running to my lying bike in front of the car. Not turning back, I started pedaling as fast as I can.

Finally arrived to the school, I parked my bike at somewhere that I think safe. Then, I headed to the headmaster's office. But…. Where is it?

With that, I asked a random guy with brown hair.

"The headmaster's office is on the second floor"

"Oh, thanks"

"No problem, babe" Then, he winked at me seductively. Ew…. I rolled my eyes in disgust.

Note to self: Never meet that guy anymore.

I stopped my tracks when I found the headmaster's office in front of me. Carefully, I knocked the door three times.

Suddenly, the doorknob turned, revealing a long silver-haired woman. The woman smiled at me and says, "You must be the new student? Please come this way."

The woman leads me to a room where the headmaster, I assume, sitting while crossing his legs.

"Ah! You are the new student! Nice to meet you. I assume you must be Kagamine Rin, right?" I nodded before he continued" Then, this is your timetable. Your class is in 3-A. You may go for now."He handed me a piece of paper and allowing me to leave.

"Thank you."

I don't know how I did it, but I found the class. Suddenly, a man with dark brown hair spokes to me,

"You are the new student, Kagamine Rin. Please stand at the outside of the class for a while." With that, the man, who I think a teacher, walked in the class. Soon enough all the students stand up.

"Good morning, class."

"Good morning, Kiyoteru-sensei."

"You may sit now, class. Today, we have a new student. Please come in now." With that, I walked in the class, ignoring those weird stares at me.

"Wahh, she looks cute~."

"She looks awfully like Len"

"Yeah, the eyes, the hair, almost everything."

Kiyoteru-sensei spokes "Introduce yourself."

I began, "My name is Kagamine Rin. I moved here because of my father's death. I hope to make new friends at here. Pleased to meet you." I bowed, hearing people gossiping each other.

"Even her surname similar to Len."

"What a coincidence."

Ugh. Just who is this Len guy? Then, Kiyoteru-sensei pointing his thumb towards a seat beside the window.

"You may take the seat behind Miku-chan." The said girl raises her hand.

Sweet! I get to sit beside the window. Also, the place on the back. Just my luck! Soon, I sit on the chair. I then noticed the girl; Miku grinning at me.

"Hello, there! My name is Hatsune Miku. You may call me Miku, Miku-chan or anything. Nice to meet you, Rin-chan." She extended her arms towards me. I then shooked her hand, saying "Nice to meet you too, Miku-chan."

Out of nowhere, I heard the door opened, showing a blonde-haired g- WAIT! Didn't he the one that I bumped this morning?

"Len. You are late. Go to your seat now." Kiyoteru-sensei said while writing on the whiteboard.

Am I the only that noticed the squealing from the girls (even Miku)? Well, whatever. But soon as Len took his seat (which is on my left), I heard frowning from the girls.

Jealous much?

While writing the notes that Kiyoteru-sensei gave, I was disturbed by a crumpled paper landed on my head. Annoyed, I grabbed the paper harshly and uncrampled it.

Hey, is it fate that we meet each other again?

What's your name, pretty?

-Len ;)

I looked to my left to see Len winking at me. Is he some sort related to the brown-haired jerk that I met before?

When I looked at him again, I noticed how similar we look. Similar as twins, may I add. Creepy…

Then, I start replying the letter,

The name is Kagamine Rin, not pretty.

And we are NOT fated to meet each other, idiot.

-Rin :p

Finished, I throwed the paper to Len. He opened it and read. Soon, he grinned towards me with his charming smile.


Did I say charming? I take that back. He then throwed back the crumpled paper carefully without teacher noticing.

Cool. We have same surname.

Are you some sort my long lost twin?


Long lost twin? NEVER.

No way am I related to you.

Anyway, I want to study. Stop bothering me.


Len read it then write. AGAIN.


Nice to meet you.


Then, I write down the notes.

Along the day, I got a few new things;

likes leeks – Yeah, when recess, she keeps chewing it. Eww

2. I got many friends – Some of them were Miku, Luka, Gumi, Meiko and Miki.

3. I had the same classes as Len – And of course, he sits beside me. Ughh...

4. Len is a 'Master of Flirt' – I always saw him flirting onto woman. At locker, in classroom even at gym. Not that I care.

5. I live a block from Len – When I walk home, surprisingly I saw Len besides me then walked to his BIG room. He sure rich…

6. Len's a pervert & has pervert friends – Two of them are Kaito & Backup. I saw them peeking in ladies' toilet.

7. HOT Len doesn't have any girlfriend – Didn't Len always flirting with woman yet still doesn't have any girlfriend? He shouldn't even deserve one….. Idiot. Miku told me the news anyway. Don't get any wrong idea, okay.

I wonder how the next day will be….