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Sunny -by- Reinette-cat

Momo Jones -by- Miabia100

Yukie Minami -by- LiEl0098

Miharu Michiko -by- Hiquravoca

Akasaka Miura -by- Mimeee

Just a day,

And I already miss you.

Rin's P.O.V.

Delete 59 messages?


Clear all delivery reports?


It just a one night and my credit left 0%. And of course, the culprit is Len. I wonder why he still hasn't come up yet.

A sudden vibration occurred from my pocket. Sighing, I pulled it out to only expect it was from Len. Only this time . . .

From: D!$a$T3R-!D!0T

To: P!Y0-R!N

Dear Princess Rin (Oh my. You are from a royal family!),

Today, Len is as sick as a dog after he ate a mouldy banana last night. He currently in the hospital for treatment. I took note that you are his best friend from the amount of the messages you sent. And that's why, I need you to inform to the teacher about Len's absence today. And also, can you send the homework right after school? I will give you the address if you want.


Len's beloved mom.

Ah! Len didn't come today. How enchanting. . Though I need to reply this first . . .

From: P!Y0-R!N

To: D!$a$T3R-!D!0T

Dear Len's mother(I'm not from a royal family. Your son set up the nickname only.),

Len is not coming today? Well, I pray hoping him to get better soon. Of course, I'll inform about Len's absence later. No need to give the address though, mine is a block from your house.



Glancing at my watch, it is written "7:50 a.m." I slow my pace, observing other conversation along the journey.

"Do you know there will be some transfer students coming here? I heard there are more than 5." A blonde-haired girl with dark blue eyes spoke.

"Wahh. . How many boys there, Sunny?" A girl with light purple hair and glowing gold eyes asked, interested with the topic.

"All that you seem to care is boys. Ughh .. What had gotten into you, Momo?" Other girl spoke. She seems annoyed with the topic, though.

"Rumors saying there will be 2 but I expected more than that." Sunny said.

"Whatever. I will stick up with Len-sama, the one and only."

"Who even ask about that?"

"Calm down, Yukie." One of the girls said, which I think her name is Miharu Michiko, whom can plays piano expertly.

"Hey, what are you eavesdropping at?"

"What? Oh, sorry. I was just observing the tiles. That's all." Bizarre looks appears on their face. I smiled sheepishly as I walk forward, completely away from them. It seems that there will be transfer students coming here. I just hope I can stick up with them . .

Eventually, I met the classroom, small but swarmed with students. The situation seems loud so there must be no teacher yet. I walked in to the classroom as I closed the front door. I saw some girls are talking, or better I emphasized, 'gossiping'. Others rather finishing their homework or reading book. One of them is Miku. Sitting on my seat, I shooked her shoulder, since I'm behind her. Miku turned around, an immediate awareness light her eyes. "Oh, it's you Rin. What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing. Just wondering what kind of book you are reading. It is thick." Miku closed her book and showing the front cover to me.

"Oh! This is 'Prisoner'. I bought it yesterday, since the summary is pretty interesting to me. It's about a boy who is one of the many prisoners and he encountered a beautiful girl who appeared on the other side of the barbed-wire fence one day. He was fascinated by her so he decided to write her a letter, which is folded in a paper plane and sending it over the fence, hoping the she would answer. His prayers being granted, his letter was given a reply. 'Paper Plane' is the sequel and I bought too but I left it in home. It's even thicker than this.' Miku explained swiftly. Me, not catching some of her words, only nodded as a sign 'I understand'.

The cover shows a boy wearing a shirt and a half trousers, which had a severe tore on it. He lifted a paper plane, smiled with joy. I noticed he had some bruises either on his face or his legs. I can't determine the colour of his hair and eyes though, seeing that it is in sepia colour.

"Do you want to read it?"

"Mehh . . some other time maybe." I'm practically not in the mood right now.

"What are you bewildering at?" I snapped out when Miku asked me.


Miku seems unsatisfied with my answer but she just shrugged it off.

"Where's Len?"

"He didn't come today. He's sick." I told her. She thought a bit.

"Sick? He's rarely si-" Miku was interrupted by Zatsune's sudden appearance.

"Guys! The transfer students are coming right away! They're by the gateway now!" She shouted in joy. All of stared at her, amusement appear in their eyes. Well, at least not me. I just gazed at Len's desk for a while. Maybe not a while. I suppose others already out to meet the students. Nothing to do, I followed their tracks.

On the way, my phone buzzing in my pocket. I reached for it and went to the inbox.

From: D!$a$T3R-!D!0T

To: P!Y0-R!N

Hello princess. What are you doing?

Ugh. This moron.

From: P!Y0-R!N

To: D!$a$T3R-!D!0T

Wasting my time looking at the new students. Im not in the mood. Dont bother.

Sending, I continued walking. Looking at the window, I saw the sky started to dark-ing. Maybe it will rain somehow. . Just a few seconds and I felt a sudden vibration again.

From: D!$a$T3R-!D!0T

To: P!Y0-R!N

Buuuuuuuuuuutttt, I miss you!


From: P!Y0-R!N

To: D!$a$T3R-!D!0T

Please moron, if you hadn't eaten that banana, you might get to go to school today.


From: D!$a$T3R-!D!0T

To: P!Y0-R!N

You're right. It's my own fault too. Hey, why don't you come visit me after school?

Visit? Yeah, right.

From: P!Y0-R!N

To: D!$a$T3R-!D!0T

Well, I have nothing to do. Fine.


From: D!$a$T3R-!D!0T

To: P!Y0-R!N

I'll be waiting for you my princess. ;). Now, I need to keep myself in the bathroom for a while. Bye

I facepalmed.

Nonetheless, I walked slowly, hands on both side.

It hadn't been a smooth walk eventually. In fact, I bumped to a girl- who I recognized she is one of my classmates. She stunned on the floor(the fact that she had collapse just now), gazing on the cold tiles. Her books fragmented on the ground as I bent down to pick them. I glanced at her. Pale yet fair skin, black hair fall on both of her shoulders. Her bangs covered her eyes so I can't see the colour of her eyes.

After picking the books, I extended my hands towards her-who had eyes on the floor. She dazed for a while before lifting her head and reluctantly grabs my hand. Standing up, she took her books away from me and bowed.

"S-sorry!" She exclaimed, sweats formed on her forehead.

"It's okay. Nothing to worry about."

"O-okay Rin." How ca- Ohh right. We are in the same class. Fiddling the hem of the skirt, she observed the hall's surroundings. Curious, I followed her gaze towards any that she look. Even with my eagle eyes watching her, she still ignoring me and continued searching for something all over the place. I waved a hand in front of her, hoping to catch her attention, and it did. "Y-yes? Oh sorry I was looking for Len. Isn't he always around you? Where is he now?" She cocked a brow. Why did she care about Len? Are those two friends?

"Now, he is in the hospital. His mother texted me telling that he eat a bad-quality banana. What's wrong...?"I trailed off, recall I hadn't knowing her name at this time.

"Call me Miura." How ashamed. Even she- the one that I dont know a thing about, know my name whilst I'm not.

"What's wrong with that, Miura? Why are you searching for him?"

"There's nothing actually. Anyway, where are you going now? Isn't the class starting?"

"I'm heading towards the gateway. The transfer students are coming and none were in the class now.' I explained to her.

"Oh, okay. Maybe I would just stay in the class now. Bye." She waved at me. Me, waving at her back continued walking.

I considered her as my new friend.

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