Wow, whoops, this one got away from me and now it's an M. Not a massive one, though, so don't stress. Okay cool this is the first multichapter-esque thing I've finished in a long time, how exciting for us all. Thank you for reading !

Axel wakes up to the sound of paper turning and the feeling of fingers scratching the hair at the base of his neck. There are worse ways to face the morning.

Blinking the sleep out of his eyes, he yawns and rolls onto his side to look up at his friend. Roxas is sitting up, leaning against the wall behind the bed with one leg bent at the knee and a book propped up on it. There is a cup of coffee on the table next to him, and Axel has never seen the book before, which means Roxas woke up and got out of the bed and then made the conscious decision to get back into the bed and make himself comfortable and touch his hair and there are implications to that but Axel is both too tired and too in love with his best friend to really think about them.

"Hey," Roxas murmurs, blinking down at him with wide blue eyes and Axel wonders what would happen if he kissed him. Nothing good, in all probability. He groans in response and flops back down onto the pillow, ignoring the huff of laughter that occurs above him.

"Time's it?" He mumbles into the pillow and it is a testament to a solid seventeen years of best friendship that Roxas understands him.

"Bit after 7," he answers, and pauses for Axel to stop swearing at him before adding, "go back to sleep."

"Nah," Axel yawns, already closing his eyes and tugging the blanket over his shoulders. "It's fine, I'm awake now. What are you reading?"

It takes Roxas a bit longer to shift through the yawns and mumbles and figure out what that one was, and by the time he opens his mouth to complain about boring coursework and their boring textbooks that make him want to stab himself, Axel is already asleep, one hand curled gently around the wrist of the hand that had been previously in his hair, the other tucked underneath his cheek as his breathing slows.

Roxas does not in any way think this is cute.

(He does.)


3 hours later, Axel is dragged back into the world of the living by Rox nudging him awake and handing him coffee while informing him that he has to go pick something up from work and will be back before 3, and also to get the fuck out of bed, you lazy shit, you're working tonight and if you don't start getting up earlier you won't be able to wake up on time when your classes start back next week.

Dating without dating, a voice that sounds creepily like Sora's whispers in the back of his head, and it isn't until he has dragged himself onto the (ridiculously freezing holy shit is the world ending?) fire escape 20 minutes later for something that feels remarkably like a morning-after-sex cigarette that he realises Roxas was wearing another one of his jumpers.

Inhaling deeply, he decides this is getting fucking ridiculous.


Text Message From: Bambi Strife

Did you know that 9 in 10 relationships start with childhood best friends?

Text Message From: Bambi Strife

Did you know that if one identical twin identifies at gay, there is a 95% chance the other one will as well?

Text Message From: Bambi Strife

Did you know that I am gay?

Text Message From: Bambi Strife

Did you know that opposites attract, and that if I were to picture the opposite of Roxas, he or she would probably be tall with green eyes and red hair?

Text Message From: Bambi Strife

Did you know that Roxas likes tattoos?

Text Message From: Bambi Strife

Did you know that most homosexual relationships develop from a serious friendship due to the trust and connection formed over that time?

Text Message To: Bambi Strife

Did you know that you should fuck off?

Text Message From: Bambi Strife

Did you know that boys who are rude to me don't get my relationship help?

Text Message To: Bambi Strife

Did you know that you are ridiculously annoying and also I require help so please mother fucking help? Also, what the hell did you have to Google to get this shit?

Text Message From: Bambi Strife

Did you know I give great advice, and that advice is to grow a pair and ask my brother out? It was easy, I didn't have to Google anything; I just made it up. Follow my advice, it worked for me. Love you.


Sora is an annoying devil boy with ridiculous hair and a sexy brother but he also gives good advice, so Axel is going to tell Roxas.


Almost definitely.




The power dies in the apartment before Roxas gets back, so Axel takes it as a sign and heads back to bed, wrapping himself up in blankets that absolutely do not smell wonderfully like his best friend- and if they do, he doesn't notice.

(He does.)

He tries to distract himself from the fact that it is too dark to do anything fun and the power is out and he is dreadfully bored and Roxas didn't answer his phone when he tried before but he is both too sleepy and too lazy to put the effort into thinking actual thoughts, and-

"Move the fuck over," a voice says from the doorway, and suddenly there is a small body diving under the covers next to his, shivering and damp and wiggling into his chest until he laughs and wraps his arms around it.

"Oh," he says pleasantly, tilting his chin up so that Roxas can press his face into his neck and rubbing his hands up and down his back. "Is it still snowing?"

Roxas bites his collarbone and Axel pinches his hip.

"So fucking cold," Rox complains, tugging more of the blanket over his shaking body until all that Axel can see in the almost-dark room is the outline of messy blonde hair and a bit of forehead and two ridiculously bright blue eyes and a blanket in the shape of Roxas-body and Axel replies without thinking of the consequences and he shouldn't do that when he's wrapped around his best friend.

"C'mere, babe, I'll warm you up," he whispers into the general direction of his friends ear, and Roxas shivers again (from the cold, Axel mentally reminds himself) and groans.

"That was terrible, Ax," he scolds gently. There is a pause, and then he adds quietly, "not that I would say no to seeing your methods."

He definitely shifts a bit closer after that, and Axel is wondering how to shrink himself enough to get into his brain and see what the fuck is going on underneath all the blonde when his boss rings and informs him that he won't be required to work that evening.

So they sleep for the rest of the afternoon.


Axel wakes up and remembers that they have no food. Problematic.

"Roxas," he whines, burying himself further under the blankets and nudging his friend's cheek with his nose. "I'm hungry."

"I don't care," Roxas mumbles sleepily, pressing his face into Axel's shoulder and sighing. "Find something to eat. While staying very still and warm because this is a fucking fantastic nap and I don't want to move yet. Eat me, for all I care."

"I'm not sure we're quite poor enough to resort to cannibalism yet, Roxy."

"If it means I get to continue sleeping, I'm willing to experiment."

"That's kind of hot," he teases, sliding a bit down the bed and biting on Roxas' earlobe, tugging it lightly between his teeth.

Roxas inhales sharply, and then moans.

Axel pauses. So does Roxas.

"I-" Roxas stutters, eyes suddenly open wide. "Sorry. I was like, half asleep, and you surprised me, and-"

Axel is too busy grinning to respond.

"Don't worry about it, Rox," he laughs, tilting his head and resting his mouth on the place where Roxas' ear and jaw meet. "These things happen."

Roxas stiffens, and Axel bites, and the noise that comes out of the blonde's mouth goes straight to his cock and that should probably be an issue but whatever, his teeth are attached to the kid's neck, they're probably past the point of worrying about that.

"That one hurt, asshole," Roxas complains, and Axel doesn't mention how much his voice shakes as he is a Nice Friend Who Doesn't Brag When Sexy Boys Act in Ways That Make Him Think That They Like Him Back.

"Want me to kiss it better?" He asks quietly, hot breath hitting Roxas' ear. The blonde twists his fingers into the bottom of Axels t-shirt absentmindedly, and the feeling of cold fingers brushing against his stomach do things to his mind that they probably shouldn't.

"I thought you were hungry," Rox says, tilting his head slightly to the side as though he doesn't even realize he's doing it. Axel snickers, nipping again at the now exposed skin on his throat.

"Found my meal," he explains, his lips moving against his best friends neck. Roxas shivers.

"What am I meant to have, then?"

"Rox," Axel breathes, shifting his body and leaning up with his elbows on either side of his friend's body to rest his forehead against Roxas'. "You can have anything you want. You know that."

There is a gap between their mouths, but there doesn't have to be. Roxas can remember the heat of his best friend's lips on his neck; knows that he could reach up and kiss him and it would be okay.

"I want to have you," he murmurs, and he can tell that Axel is smiling from the way the corners of his eyes scrunch up, and suddenly there is a pair of lips so close to his own that he can feel them, they just aren't actually touching yet.

"This okay?" Axel is warm on top of him, and the room is dark and the apartment is quiet and for a second, Roxas forgets that anything in the world exists but him and his best friend's body lying on top of his own.

"It's very okay," he answers with a quiet laugh, and manoeuvres his hand out from underneath the blanket to place it on the back of Axel's neck, pulling his head down and very carefully, very deliberately, placing a short, light kiss on Axel's lips.

Axel doesn't move when Roxas pulls back, instead hovering over him as his lips slowly curve into a smile – he holds his breath, and looks a little bit stunned. Roxas laughs, letting his hand fall from the back of his friend's neck to the side, thumb stroking lazily against the small tattoo on his cheek before he pulls a face.

"This okay?" He teases, and Axel relaxes a bit.

"Rox," he breathes, and then pauses, struggling to remember any other words that exist.

Roxas smiles and stretches his neck up to press their lips together again. Axel has evidentially forgotten how to move, and he huffs in irritation, biting lightly onto his bottom lip and tugging it, and that's when it hits Axel: Roxas fucking Strife is kissing him. It's his Roxas, the same Roxas he has wanted to kiss since he knew what kissing actually was, and he isn't drunk or drugged, and he isn't someone else pretending to be Roxas. Roxas Strife's mouth is on his, and his hands are on his face, and he can taste him and for whatever reasons he wants this, and he's warm and his lips are soft and Axel is fucking done with wasting time.

He lowers himself gently onto Roxas' body, one knee on either side of his torso, and grabs a fistful of Roxas' t-shirt that is actually his (learn to buy your own clothing you stupid brat) before remembering how to kiss back, and doing so with much enthusiasm.

"Good boy," Roxas laughs playfully, obviously pleased with the fact that Axel has come back to life. He runs his fingers through red hair, smirking as Axel flicks his tongue against his lips before biting lightly at the corner of his mouth. Roxas had always thought Axel would be the kind of person who would be a really good kisser; Roxas had grossly underestimated him.

The redhead tugs at his shirt ("get it off, you wanker," and "eager, aren't we Ax?") and suddenly it's over his head and Axel's follows and there is a lot of skin touching skin that Roxas doesn't quite know what to do with.

"Wanna touch you," he murmurs against his friend's lips, and Axel hums in reply, so Roxas scrapes his nails down his spine and back around again, going up his chest and past his shoulders, finally drifting back down to rest lightly on his hips.

"You suck at touching," Axel teases, pressing his hips slightly down to meet Roxas'. The blonde inhales sharply, exhaling something that sounds suspiciously like a moan before huffing.

"Show me how it's done then, bitch," he challenges, laughing as the redhead leans down to bite at his collarbone and does just that.


Later that night, as Axel is trying to figure out how long it takes to make Roxas come using just his mouth, he starts laughing.

"What," Roxas whines breathlessly, his hips jerking at the sudden lack of Axel's-Mouth-To-Roxas'-Cock contact, fingers twisting harder into the red strands of hair.

"Just thinking about something," he chuckles, blowing lightly on the tip before licking his way to Roxas' hipbone. "Your brother was so right."

"There is no fucking way you are talking about my brother right now," Roxas complains, tugging harshly on a fistful of red hair. Axel laughs again, kissing the hipbone.

"Totally dating without dating," he decides, before leaning down and (fucking finally) taking Roxas in his mouth.

"Since we were like, sixteen, you prick," Roxas pants his agreement, before jerking his hips up again and shouting Axel's voice in a way he would vehemently deny later.

(Not too long, apparently.)


Text Message To: Bambi Strife

You're not my favourite Strife twin anymore.

Text Message From: Bambi Strife

Dating with dating? Wonderful. Riku says about fucking time. Come over for dinner when this stupid storm is over, I miss you guys.


And really, it's not that they want to spend the next 3 days only leaving the bed to pee, eat and shower (together), but it's cold and the power is still out and the snowstorm means all classes are cancelled and Axel gets bored easily, so it's a sacrifice they are willing to make. Besides, as Axel says, they have like, seven years of no sex to make up for.

(Roxas never does get his heater fixed, though.)