Too many to care for

A Spy crawls through a sewer, his trademark suit absent, his blue mask only a moldy scrap of fabric over his head and a faint trail of blood following him. He frantically drags himself through the pipes in the sewers, dirty water splashing in his face and yellow eyes glowing dimly in the darkness of the pipes. His stomach is heavily bloated and scrapes over the concrete painfully, but he has learned to ignore it over the past few months. Right now, escape is far more important! It doesn't matter that there is no true escape from the base. He just needs to get away! Through the water behind him, eight blue tentacles sweep through the shallow water, their muscles and bonelessness still an unfamiliar sensation to the Spy.

His split claws scrape over the concrete pipes in panic as he reaches the end of the pipe and tumbles down into a lower part of the sewer with a loud splash. He lets himself sink to the bottom, curling into a small ball with a strangled noise of pain and panic as a jab of agony rushes through his insides.

He doesn't know how he managed to escape the Medics clutches this time. He should have failed, just like all the other times where he had tried to escape, but some unimaginable luck must be on his side. There must have been something to aid in his escape, but his memory refuses to co-operate. It had all happened in a blur, one moment he was strapped down on a table inside the medbay, the next he was desperately clawing and crawling towards the sewers, the bruises of his restrains still visible on his wrists and trail of blood following him over the white tiles.

Another cramp jerks him from his thoughts, and he lets out a terrified little gasp as something seems to clench and move within his lower stomach. He clenches his jaw and forces himself to move on. Who knows what that blasted Medic did with his insides during all those horrid experiments? It hurts, but he'd rather die of an internal rupture than find himself beneath that gleaming scalpel and those glinting spectacles again. Oh he feels so awfully bloated, so sick, big, heavy and boneless... But bloated above all.

He had been getting... noticeably bigger in the last few months. He'd blamed it on the excessive amounts of nutrients and food Medic forced into him, combined with the lack of exercise in his confines, but after his intestines had started to move he had begun to doubt it was just weight gain. The moving only started a few months back, but it had gotten worse with every week. It had been just a tinge in the beginning, as if the Medic forgot to take a piece of equipment out of his bowels, but the medic had blatantly ignored Spy when he had panicked about the alien feeling inside him, instead trying to distract him with more food and the promise of a nice swim.

Spy lets out a high pitched wheeze when his intestines spasm again.

It's relatively safe this far into the sewers, the BLU base and its insane Doctor far behind him. The man won't find him here, at least not until much later, but he can't rest yet. If he stops moving now, he won't be getting up for a long time. This is not the right place, not safe enough to pass out, not confined enough to be hidden. He needs to find place to hide, he can't pas out in plain sight!

He can barely move himself through the painful cramps, but he pushes himself on, looking out for shelter. Ah, there! A large sewer pipe, broken off from the system, lies deep in the water, half buried in the sand. It look uninviting, cold, evil, dark and oh so very safe! He immediately dives down and drags himself inside, slumping down onto the cold concrete of the pipe with a pained moan. He folds his trembling hands over his stomach, as his insides seems to tear with every movement he makes. He throws back his head and squeezes his eyes shut, gasping wildly and holding back his cries of agony.


It hurts unlike any torture, and Spy knows torture all too well, but agony like this one is not one he ever encountered before! Those pains had been superficial, once he had known how to retract himself from it, but this pain is rooted inside him, not lessening no matter what he tries! It's in a place that no fist, foot or knife can reach without killing, a place that isn't supposed to have nerves. Spy's breath comes in superficial gasps and all his limbs shake and tremble without control.

Almost. It's almost time...

More cramps, and the water around Spy slowly fills with blood and slime. He claws at the concrete uselessly and clenches his eyes shut as his body almost seems to be bursting. So bloated...maybe it's constipation of some sort? It wouldn't be very surprising, knowing that monstrous doctor, he could have a cereal box sewn into his stomach! He doesn't have much time to mull it over as a violent cramp demands his attention once again. In an attempt to soothe the pain he turns onto his back and spreads his tentacles over the sides of the pipe, leaving his underside completely exposed to the cold water. He makes a panicked noise, almost a sobbing whimper, as he again feels something wriggling about inside him.

For a moment the pain seems to ebb away, only to come back like an electric shock! His breath catches in his throat as his muscles seize up, and a moment later it's as if the moving thing inside him slips into a narrow tube inside his body!

It feels unlike anything he ever felt before, it feels like-...Oh god. What did that german son of a whore do to him during those blasted experiments? Inside him he can feel the presence of a long fleshy tube, leading from his lower belly to a spot right beneath his mantle. Wild panic stuck in his throat, he moves a shaky tentacle over his lower part, the sensitive limb finding a broad and slippery slit.

Dear God! Spy's breathing starts coming with wheezing squeaks as his tentacle touches over an opening he never believed could exist on a man! Is it... No! The Medic...He wouldn't! H-he couldn't-! Another heavy cramp cripples the Spy and his train of thought is interrupted as the thing inside his newly discovered orifice slides downward every so slightly, coming to a halt halfway and moving slightly from within the tight confines of the Spy's insides!

It's stuck. Oh no. No no no. It has to come out. No matter what it is, it has to come out right NOW! Spy lets out a panicked wheeze, and pushes.

Agonizingly slow, the thing inside him works its way downwards, only to halt again a few inches further, and the Spy starts shaking out of desperation. How long will he have to endure this torment? When will it be out? Before he can dwell on the gaping pit of hopelessness, another cramp ripples through him, and more out of shock than anything else, Spy pushes again. Immediately the wriggling thing moves downwards, and a moment of pain later he feels a slimy, wriggling thing slipping out of his raw opening.

A strange noise, disrupted by the water reaches his ears and Spy cringes at the alien he dare to look? Does he really want to see what the insane doctor put inside him?

The pain doesn't pause, but Spy reaches downwards, his hands trembling in fear and doubt. He has to know, pain or no pain! His clawed hand brushes over a slippery thing, roughly the size of a fist, and he yanks back his hand in apprehension when it moves at his touch. The noise sounds again, unpracticed small and strange... Spy forces his trembling hand to reach down again to see the thing that had been tormenting him from the inside out.

He grabs it before he can convince himself to let it lie, and quickly brings it up to face-level.

Two glowing yellow eyes squint up at him, a small mouth filled up with tiny sharp teeth closing and opening like a fish, two small human hands wrapping themselves tightly around his thumb, and eight, tiny, slimy, wriggling tentacles slowly coiling around the Spy's hand.

Spy screeches in horror, and an instant later the small creature's tiny bones are crushed between his palm and the solid concrete pipe with a sickening crunch.

Spy breathes out in panicked wheezes as he frantically tries to scrub the creature's remains off his hand. He doesn't get too far as the awful cramps continue, and he can feel another creature struggling towards the exit of his body. More than one? Spy lets out a sobbing moan and lies back shakily, submitting to the pain and pushing again. Better out than in!

The second one finds the exit in a single push, and its cry resonates through the water eerily. Spy's hands tremble as he picks the remaining blood and flesh off them, and he tries his best to ignores the pathetic cries of the miniature monster at his tentacle's ends, his breathing loud in his ear. By the time the third creature finds its way out, the Spy has started chewing on his fingers, desperate for any distraction from the fact that he is giving birth.

He almost starts crying when the fourth creature comes, but he keeps the sobs at bay by gnawing his fingers until they bleed. Four of the wretched things found their way outside already, and there is still no sign of it stopping! The fifth and sixth seem to come both at the same time, sending a sharp jolt through the Spy that makes his tentacles spasm without control. How long will this go on?

At the eighth one, the pain from his fingers is no longer enough to keep him from sobbing in desperation and humiliation. All his muscles ache from the tenseness straining his body and the slit on his underside feels stretched and ripped.

At the eleventh one, he starts wondering if it would ever come to an end. His fingers are bleeding profusely, but he doesn't stop sinking his teeth into them. It overpowers the pain of the cramps, and the horrible shame... Oh god, how many more are going to come out? His vision swims with every movement he makes and he feels dizzy from bloodloss.

After the thirteenth, he stops counting. Every seven to ten minutes, the cycle repeats itself. Pain, cramp, pushing, and a slimy creature slipping out of him. He fervently ignores the small cries that emanate from beneath his mantle, not wanting to think about the disgusting monstrosities sharing the sewer pipe with him, and tries to find a happier place.

Thing after thing, monster after monster, baby after baby, cry after cry... It seems to last forever!

Spy is about to knocking himself out when finally, finally the creatures stop coming. The cramps still ripple through him, but less strong, and he can no longer feel something moving inside of him. His insides are finally empty. No more wriggling movement, no more pushing... Just a strange emptiness and a litter of itty bitty tentacled things lying beneath him.

Had Spy been feeling any better better, he might have swiped them out of the sewer pipe with his tentacles, or snapped their tiny necks with his bare hands, but he is too tired and dizzy to even lift his head. The pain slowly starts ebbing away and Spy falls asleep, finally finding the escape he's been looking for.

This is the kind of story I came up with at night. There will be more of this in the near future, so either barricade your internet or keep an eye out. Or just passively click away. I dunno. But there will be more! Disclaimer here because it looked derpy on the top: I do not own TF2 or the Tentaspy concept.

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