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A Deal With the Canadian Devil

Rodney blinked as sun made its appearance through the window. The bright light bore into his eyes like a million watt bulb and made the half asleep man groan, wondering how morning came so fast. That is when the pain registered. Something was pressing against the side of his face and his back was crying out in protest from not spending the night in a bed.

"Wakey. Wakey," a soft familiar voice whispered. It was quiet, but full of mischief.

"Go away." Rodney grumbled and bought his hand to rub his face. A tiny wrench fell from his face. "Crap. I didn't finish." In front of him was an unfinished bicycle and the sight of it increased the grumpiness ten fold. "I'm dead meat," he said with a sigh of defeat.

"You could have just asked for help? John asked with a laugh, knowing Rodney would never ask for help with something 'so simple I could do it in my sleep'. Those were the scientist's exact words and Sheppard was amused that the bike as unfinished and Rodney actually feel asleep trying to assemble it.

"Oh, laugh it up. You think having an engineering degree would make this a cinch to put this together." Rodney's eyes lit up when he had a realization, "That's the problem. This is too simple for someone with my superior intellect. It needs a simpler mind to finish it. You give it a try." The now elated man stood up and handed over the tools.

"I'll give you simpler mind," John grumbled and soon a smirk slid upon his face. "I get to tell your fiancée that I was the one who put her birthday gift together because you couldn't." McKay deserved the little ribbing for the simpler mind comment.

"Really now?" Rodney crossed his arms over his chest. "Go and tell Jennifer. Then I will tell Teyla I was the one who arranged everything for your special date last month."

"You wouldn't?"

"Wouldn't I?"

"You wouldn't dare."

"You wanna bet?" Rodney made a bee line for the door, but John blocked the door.

"This is our little secret?"

"Deal. Not a word to either of them."

The deal with the Canadian devil was sealed. Not a real devil, but the sometimes immature John Sheppard had drawn enough horns on pictures of Rodney for the nickname to stick.

The End!

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