Full Summary: After a night of fun, Bella and Kim disappeared without a trace. A few weeks later, and the people of Forks and La Push had accepted that they were gone for good. When the pack came across what appeared to be a lone white wolf, they felt that it's trespassing and decided to destroy it in hopes of getting over Bella and Kim's disappearance. However, things turn out completely different than what they had hoped for…

AN: Hey guys. So I finally decided to quit being lazy and rewrite my story (again) and this was the result. I made a lot of changes, trying to get fewer characters so that the story wouldn't be as confusing as the original story. If you have any questions, please PM me :) OH and just a warning, everybody in here is way OOC. Sorry for the short (and unbeta'd) chapter.
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Chapter One - Sick

Being sick sucked. Having thrown up this morning, well, it just made my day wonderful, especially with Charlie having forced me to go to school today. Couldn't he see that I was sick? Apparently not, I thought to myself as I blankly focused on the substitute teacher sitting at the Spanish teacher's desk, furiously typing away on her Blackberry. I sighed and leaned down on my desk, feeling sick and dizzy and just plain miserable. Lunch was next, and I really wasn't looking forward to a whole forty five minutes of Angela and Jessica talking about Tyler. Jessica had had a minor crush on him (who didn't she crush on?) last year, but then he suddenly up and left with his family, and was never heard from again. It completely tore Jessica apart, but having Mike as a boyfriend helped her get over her 'missing' friend. Why Angela was so sad, though, I'd never know. Maybe they were friends once? Ah well. It's not like I cared or anything, especially since the Cullens left Forks. Oh what wonderful memories were those few months after they left. I mean, what was greater than being a living zombie for a few months, right? Yeah, whatever. I may have been torn up about it, all depressed and shit, but the Pack opened my eyes and showed me how stupid I was being. Now all I felt for those bloodsuckers was anger. If I ever saw them again, I'll sic the wolves on them…
Something hit my head and bounced down onto the floor. Mentally groaning I sat up, looked for the paper, and reached under my desk to retrieve it. On the front my name was written in Kim's neat writing. Kim was a transfer student from La Push, and also the imprint of Jared. Her reason for transferring was to be with me, her only friend that she could really talk to about Pack life without worrying about the guys finding out. Or that's what she told us, anyway. I folded open the note. One simple question stared up at me. SO, DID JACOB FORGIVE YOU YET?
I quickly scrawled back a reply. No, he's still not talking to me.
I singed and wrote: I told him I was sick and tired of his stupid puppy love to me. He felt insulted and hurt, I think…
I heard Kim snorting with laughter from across the room, which made me blush. Okay, so maybe I was a little mean to the guy, but he really was pissing me off. I was sick – I still am – and he kept pressuring me for a romantic relationship. I guess I just…snapped. The paper landed on my desk again. HA, SERVES HIM RIGHT!
Before I could even start thinking of a reply, a sudden wave of nausea crept over me, and I groaned, wrapping my arms around my stomach as if it would keep my breakfast inside. I could feel eyes on me and I just knew that I'd drawn the attention of the entire classroom. Great. My face burned with embarrassment. "You okay, kid?" asked the sub.
"I'm fine," I mumbled. The sub nodded and focused on her Blackberry again. I sighed and righted myself again, pulling my brand new Blackberry out of my jeans pocket as I felt it vibrate. The stupid thing was a gift from the whole Pack, since they too each had one and they said that it was easier to keep in contact. The message was from Embry Call. (AN – Underlined is Embry, italics is Bella.) It read: What you doing tonight?
Nothing, why?
He replied: Up 4 a party tonight? It's just gonna be me, Quil + Paul. Maybe some Quileute chicks.
Um, I don't know… where's it going to be?
In Port Angeles. Please, you have to come!
It's really not my scene, Embry…
Just for once, Bells? I promise Jake won't be there. You need to have a fun night! Meet new people! Get DRUNK!
Embry, I'm not going to get drunk!
Or not get drunk! I'll drive you…please come? It's a party for a friend, and she said I could bring a friend…
Okay FINE. How late?
Grin. I'll pick you up at 5 at Kim's.
Sure, but I'm going only for you, Embry.
I know :)
I locked my phone and slipped it back into my pocket, grinning. Embry was probably the only guy in the world that could convince me to go to a party with him. I really hoped that tonight wouldn't suck too much. I was broken out of my thoughts as a new piece of paper hit me on my head and then fell on my desk. It was from Kim once again. HEY, WHAT ARE YOU SMILING AT?
Before I could reply the bell rang, signaling lunch. I grabbed my messenger bag and walked to the door. Kim was already waiting for me, so we walked together to the cafeteria, though neither of us was really hungry. As we walked, Kim asked me why I had been grinning, and I told her about tonight. She squealed and gave me a huge hug. "I'm so helping you get ready for tonight!" I nodded, feeling suddenly grateful. It's not like I had any fashion sense. We entered the cafeteria and continued on to our usual table with Angela, Ben, Eric, Mike, and Jessica. Kim and I took our seats, me sitting next to Angela and Kim sitting next to Jessica. I glanced around the table, noting that Lauren wasn't present. "Where's Lauren?" I asked no-one in particular, sitting back in my uncomfortable chair. The guys shrugged, looking as if they hadn't even noticed. Jess was the one that answered. "She's like sick or something."
"Oh ok," I said, not really caring. For some reason I wanted something to munch so I grabbed a fry off of Angela's plate and popped it into my mouth. It tasted like cardboard. Ugh. Seeing my expression of disgust, Angela laughed and said, "That's what you get for stealing my food."
"Yeah, whatever," I grumbled. Everyone laughed and I flushed, but I shook it away and smiled brightly at everybody and thanked my lucky stars that nobody has mentioned Tyler yet.
"I got a text from Tyler yesterday," Ben casually said. Damn, I just had to jinx myself! Our table was suddenly silent as everyone stared at Ben with wide eyes. "What did he say?" Jessica asked in a shrill voice. Ben shrugged and played with his fork as he said, "He told me to tell everybody that he was sorry for up and leaving like that."
"That's all that he had to say?" Jess asked, looking depressed. Ben nodded. "Yes, sorry Jess."
Just then an announcement came over the intercom, telling us that school was ending after lunch seeing as an important matter came up and the teachers were to "report to room 23 immediately." All around the cafeteria there were whoops of excitement and shouts of going to First Beach in La Push. Our group decided to go, but I told them that I couldn't and that I had to go somewhere with Kim. They were a bit disappointed but they soon got over it and went their own way. Since Kim drove me to school, we headed over to her old Toyota. We drove around Forks aimlessly, the radio playing softly in the background. When Kings of Leon's Sex on Fire came up, Kim turned up the volume so high I could barely think, and we sang the lyrics totally off-key as we finally sped to La Push, head banging and going crazy. A few cars honked at us, but we didn't mind them. I was glad that I felt cheered and distracted from being sick, especially when the sickness disappeared. We sang to more of Kings Of Leon songs, enjoying ourselves so much that by the time we entered La Push, the volume was on its loudest and we were singing our heads off. The people were staring and pointing at us, and in turn Kim and I smiled and waved at them as we drove to her house. When we arrived no-one was home, so we kept the radio on as we entered her house, only to have a huge fright when we spotted someone sitting on her bed. Kim grabbed a knife from the kitchen, and together we slowly crept back to her bedroom. The guy heard us and spotted us standing in ninja positions. It was a bit embarrassing, but whatever. He laughed and turned around; causing us to relax when we saw that it was only Jared, Kim's boyfriend. I decided to leave the couple alone for a bit and walked out of the house, wondering if they would notice. They didn't. I walked aimlessly down the road. It was silent for a Friday, not that I minded. Here and there couples were sitting in their yards and they waved at me. I waved back every time and continued on walking until I spotted Embry. A strange feeling came over me as I saw him laughing with Quil and Paul, and I wasn't sure if that feeling was a good or bad thing. So I sucked it up and walked over to them. Paul spotted me first. "Hey, vamp girl," he said with a flirty wink. I laughed and said hi to him. I walked over and ruffled Quil's hair and gave Embry a hug. He squeezed me tightly and held me a little longer than necessary. I blushed and pulled away.
"Why does he get a hug?" Quil complained. I shook my head and, laughing, gave both Paul and Quil a hug. I sat down on the ground, leaning against Paul's legs.
"So, did you guys hear the news?" Embry casually said. Quil looked up with interest. Paul shrugged and asked what it was. Embry gave me a sly grin as he said, "Bella's coming to the party tonight."
"No way," Quil said, gazing at me with wide eyes.
"Nice," Paul said with a smirk. "Jacob's going to flip."
I scowled at him and said, "Jacob is not going to find out, which means none of you are allowed to phase until after the party!" The three werewolves nodded obediently. Good. I watched the guys as they kept on joking between each other with a smile on my face. I've never been too fond of Paul, but he's changed since I'm not really friends with Jake anymore, which was a good thing, I guess. And hopefully I wouldn't regret being friends with him.
I just hoped that tonight wasn't going to end up in disaster.