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Emiya Shirou was an ordinary high school student upon inspection, decent grades, part of the archery club and "almighty janitor" of Homurahara Gakuen. However, the boy hid with him a secret entrusted to him by his late father Kiritsugu...the secret art of Magecraft. While the practice has died down in the presence of overwhelming modernization, certain elements stubbornly cling to their mystical lineage supported mostly by the vast wealth that they possess. In Shirou's case, his adoptive father has left him a generous trust that should allow him to live comfortably, at least under the watchful eyes of the Fujimura clan, who were close friends of Kiritsugu, but the youth did not have enough resources to set up a mage's workshop for himself so he has settled for practicing his magecraft in secret and for mundane uses.

6:30 A.M.

"Fuji-nee," Shirou stared at the futon laid out in front of the television, "Fuji-nee get up!"

Shirou nudged his teacher with a "light" nudge *kick*.

"Wahhh!" the slumbering tiger shrieked in surprise, "What was that for Shirou!"

"You have to get ready for school," the boy said with a deadpan expression as he pointed at the clock.

"Gah!" Taiga stood straight up after a quick look at the timepiece, "Why didn't you wake me up sooner!"

"...*sigh*" Shirou rubbed his forehead, "That's what I've been trying to do all this time."

"Aggghhhh," the woman slammed her head to the small table in frustration, "go ahead and I'll just catch up!"

"I will," the orphan said as he exited his residence, "later Sensei."

Outside the Emiya residence...

"Senpai have you had breakfast yet?" a purple-haired girl struggled to catch her breath from running, "I seem to have slept in later than usual."

Sakura Matou was a gentle soul, one of the few that Shirou considered a true friend like Ryuudou Issei and Sakura's brother Shinji. Shirou knew that Sakura wasn't exactly on the best terms with Shinji and the redhead didn't interfere in their family matters because it wasn't his place.

"I know," Shirou replied politely, "I just have this feeling that today is gonna be different."

"You too huh?" the purple-haired girl agreed with a smile.

"Yeah...me too," the redhead mumbled.

The two students made small talk as they made their way to school, passing by some of their classmates who gave them curious glances. People were actually setting up a pool on how long it would take for Shirou to figure it out.

7:00 A.M.

Shirou made it to class and noticed quite a few interesting things in his class. First, Shinji Matou was giving him the death glare after overhearing some talk about the redhead walking with his sister. Second, Fuji-nee wasn't in class yet. Third, the school building seemed to be shaking rather violently.

"What the-?" the blue-haired Matou held onto his desk as the ground beneath their school shook violently.

"Its an earthquake!" one female classmate shrieked.

"Damn," Shirou cursed under his breath, "Shinji, do you see anything from the corridor?"

"What do you think of me, a pair of binoculars?" Shinji retorted.

"It's all clear Emiya-san," a male classmate reported.

"We should head to the stairs now," the redheaded magus suggested.

"I agree with Emiya," Sakura's brother regained his composure, "before any aftershocks set in."

The group found Shinji's reasoning to be sound considering the pressure the situation forced onto them.


The school principal formally dismissed the students via PA system. Rin Tohsaka, the resident school idol, looked quite disheveled, a sight no student in Homurahara thought they would ever see. Sakura Matou was called over by Shinji and the Matou siblings headed for home. Fujimura Taiga was carrying her bokken and was eyeing her redheaded charge.

"Sensei, why are you carrying that thing with you?" Shirou Emiya began to take a few steps back before increasing his pace.

"Someone, disturbed my much needed rest all for class to get cancelled," the high school teacher gripped her sword's handle with a burning fury emanating from her visage.

"There was no way of knowing this would happen," the redhead tried to justify.

"It's inexcusable," Taiga murmured, "retribution!"


Einzbern Castle... A little girl with long, flowing white hair and ivory skin was overlooking a circle inscribed over the floor. Two strangely dressed twins attended to the girl.

"Sella," one of the twins began, "was this supposed to happen?"

"Leysritt…" Sella answered flabbergasted, "I, I don't know."

"Stammering doesn't fit your personality Sella," the little girl said cheekily.

"Illyasviel-sama!" Sella's calm composure was breaking apart.

"Illya-chan has got you there huh?" Leysritt gave her "sister" a wide grin.

"This isn't a laughing matter!" Sella stomped her foot.

"I thought that Heracles was supposed to be some kind of incredible ladies man with the body of a bronzed god," Leysritt drooled at the image forming in her head.

A loud cracking sound echoed throughout the room...

"Arrghh!" Sella screamed out in pain.

"Haaa," the carefree twin sighed, "you know that slapping me with your body's general condition isn't really the best idea right?"

"Saying it matter-of-factly like that doesn't help," the serious one groaned.

"Oh it's alright," Illya comforted her homonculi, "we can make due with this servant."

"I wonder though," Leysritt put her index finger under her chin and began rubbing it, "could that little earthquake have messed up with the ritual?"

"Perhaps," Sella pondered, "maybe the quake shot through a ley line and disrupted the flow from the Throne of Heroes."

"Uh-oh," the little princess stood with her mouth agape.

"What's wrong master?" both the twins said in unison.

"Does that mean that *he* might be our enemy in the fight as well?" Illya wondered.

"It's entirely possible," Sella began explaining the theory, "but such a thing is unprecedented in the history of the Grail War."

"Hey," Leysritt pointed at the middle of the circle, "our new friend is waking up."

A petite blonde with armor interspersed throughout her blue dress was laying flat on her back. She was slowly regaining consciousness and the three other women in the room were watching her attentively. The blonde within the circle noticed the audience she was gathering and realized that she was just knocked unconscious.

"Forgive me for my unsightly appearance just now," the blonde in armor dusted herself off as she apologized.

The three women in the room couldn't explain but knew by instinct that the woman in front of them was some form of Heroic Spirit, just not the one they spent their resources to summon.

"Would you mind telling us your name?" Illya asked sweetly as a child her appearance would.

"..." the Servant eyed the two homunculi surrounding the little girl.

"Oh, Sella and Leysritt won't betray us," the purple garbed little girl explained, "they're part of our team."

"My apologies," the blonde bowed curtly, "My name is Arturia Pendragon, King Arthur if you prefer, Servant-"

"What's wrong Arturi-" the cheerful homunculus interrupted her thought with another one, "King Arthur!"

"Compared to "him" few heroes stand close to that level of legend or power," Sella said coldly.

"But," Illyasviel blinked lightly, "she stands pretty close huh?"

"..." Arturia listened on their discussion.

"How rude of us," Sella cut of the two's train of thought, "Arturia was trying to tell us what kind of Servant she was."

"I'm so sorry Arturia-chan," the small girl apologized with a bow.

"It is fine master," the Servant put her hand on the girl's shoulder, "as I was saying *ahem* I am Servant-Berserker?"

"Eh?" the whole group panicked.

"But King Arthur never went into violent rage," Leysritt tried to rationalize.

"That quake must have shifted only the Servants," Sella analyzed.

"...And retained the intended Classes," Illya groaned.

"I'm sorry," the newly entitled Berserker sensed their disappointment.

"It's quite alright Arturia," Illya realized how they must have sounded.

"If a Berserker I must be," the blonde was finding it hard to speak despite her Charisma which may have been corrupted by the skewed summoning, "then we must utilize Mad Enhancement."

"Yes, for a Berserker without it suffers a penalty in their abilities," the serious twin elaborated.

"Are you okay with this Arturia-san?" the cheerier twin spoke in concern.

"Of course," Arturia gathered her composure and strengthened her resolve.


"Groooooaaaaaaaar!" the once noble King of Knights now gave a loud roar.

"Illyasviel-sama," Sella gave a stressed look, "are we safe here?"

"Uh-huh," the purple-clad girl was staring at the Mad Enhanced Arturia like a small child would a new toy, "this may work out quite well after all."

"Aggggghhhhh!" Arturia now beat against the wall with her fists.

"Hmmm," Leysritt gazed at the world outside, "who got Heracles then?"


A man in his late twenties or early thirties was comfortably lazing about in his office smoking a Cuban cigar, the man had long black hair, a red jacket and a scarf. The office itself was modestly furnished, as modestly furnished as anyone in a high position could get.

"The old man won't be to happy about this," the room's only occupant sighed as he mused to himself.

"Who're you calling old!" another voice shot up from behind the door.

"Gah," the brunette panicked at the reply.

"I'm not that old you know," an old man with grey hair and a long black coat entered the room.

"Wi-Wizard Marshal!" the younger man quickly put out his "implement" to look more accommodating to the old man.

"Now tell me about what I won't be happy about El-Melloi," the grey-haired man asked as he took a seat in front of the brunette.

"Ah," the younger man gathered his thoughts before speaking, "the Einzbern family called."

"With a telephone?" the Wizard Marshal raised an eyebrow, "Those stuck up old coots hate modernization."

"Yes," Lord El-Meloi II had calmed down, "the Einzbern family called and complained at the indignation of being forced to use a telephone."

"Much better," the old man spoke with a livelier tone.

"They also want to run a complaint about the Throne of Heroes," the brunette continued.

"Oh," the grey-haired man interrupted in sudden realization, "it's time for the Grail War again?"

"Um, Yes it is," the younger one confirmed.

"So what exactly happened this time?" the old man's curiosity grew over the course of the discussion.

"The family head says that he's gotten word from their Master in Fuyuki..." Lord El-Melloi II stopped as if waiting for confirmation.

"Go on," the Wizard Marshal said as he rubbed his beard.

"...that they summoned a Saber," the brunette continued as he rubbed his eyes.

"And the problem?" the old man gave a quizzical look.

"They were trying to summon a Berserker and a different Heroic Spirit altogether and they had the catalyst to do so," the younger man gave his superior a confused look.

"Any ideas as to how this happened?" the grey-haired man inquired.

"Well, there was an earthquake quite close to a ley line before they summoned their Servant," Lord El-Melloi II threw in an idea.

"But Emiya's plan to destroy the Grail shouldn't happen until a few decades from now," the Wizard Marshall countered.

"Exactly," the younger man replied, "something powerful enough to pre-empt that kind of Magecraft might be the reason for the Einzbern's predicament."

"I see where your coming from but..." the old man trailed on.

"Yes," the man in the red jacket began, "only True Magic could have made something like this happen."

"Oh..." the grey-haired man slowly got up from his seat, "would you look at the time."

"Not so fast," the younger man pushed a hidden button under his desk that locked the door remotely.

"It seems that I've been caught," the Wizard Marshal smiled at the brunette.

"Why would you do this Wizard Marshal Zelretch?" El-Melloi stood up as well.

"I..." Zelretch seemed to be looking for the appropriate words to explain himself, "...got bored"

"You got bored?" an anime-esque vein popped in Lord El-Melloi II's forehead, "one does not simply interfere with summoning rituals because he got bored!"

"Eh?" the old man looked at the youth and began laughing, "Please, I fought the Crimson Moon out of whimsy! I didn't like the man, but one day I decided: *Hey, let's you and me fight and see who wins*"

"..." the professor of the Clock Tower stared at the old man in earnest, "Seriously?"

"Yes," the Wizard Marshal regained his composure.

"Why mess with the Einzbern family then?" the younger man facepalmed in utter confusion.

"My magic is the Kaleidescope," the old man explained with a dramatic tone.

"Duh," the brunette said with a deadpan expression.

"It allows me to experience alternate realities," the grey-haired man continued, "...so naturally something such as *What if...?* simply becomes *Why not?* to me."

"Dear God," Lord El-Melloi II got up from his seat, "please tell me that you can undo this?"

"I can," the old man answered calmly.

"Good," the young man took a sip from his cup of tea.

"But I won't," Zelretch smiled before blasting the door with the Second Magic.

"What!" the man formerly known as Waver Velvet did a spit take and chased after the elderly man.

"It was easy for me to interfere with the summoning," the Wizard Marshal barely hid his wide grin, "like replacing files in those newfangled computers that the kids are really into nowadays."

"Arggghhh!" the brunette knelt in defeat and gave an ear-shattering roar of frustration.

-End of Chapter 1-

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