Naruto: Blades of the Neglected

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Chapter 1: we meet again, brother

Things looked bleak for Konoha's team 7. It all started out as a simple escort mission to Nami no Kuni (Land of Waves), but the client just had to lie about the damn mission. And now here was Kakashi Hatake, student to the 4th Hokage and master of a 1,000 jutsus, in a jam. He was leading a team of arrogant little bastards and self-proclaimed 'gods or goddess' of the battle field against an A-rank missing nin of Kirigakure ( hidden mist Village), ranked so for starting a coup d'état against Mizukage(Water Shadow), Zabuza Momochi and a fake Oinin (hunter nin) and his loyal weapon (or in Zabuza's mind his son) Haku.

One of his students was the self-proclaimed only son of the 4th Hokage. He was wearing a red shirt with the sleeves cut to make it look like a vest, black anbu style pants on his legs, and the legendary Uzumaki sword, Kami Uzu no tsurugi (sword of the whirlpool god), a traditional Japanese red katana said to be able to slice through anything and it was very good at manipulating Suiton (Water style). He also had red hair with blond streaks, and blue-purple eyes like Kushina. The very boy that was wielding the said sword was none other than Namikaze Kuniato the hero of Konoha and the jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox. He was also one of the sons of the 4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze, Konoha no Koiiroi Senko (The yellow Flash of the Leaf), and Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze, former heiress of the Uzumaki clan and Konoha no aka shi (Leaf Red Death).

There was only one thing that could be said about the boy, he was more a full of himself (and shit) than the Uchiha, and that's no small feat and a well defended title. But right now him and his teammates were exhausted form fighting Haku. He was getting very angry, "How can I, a Namikaze be losing to a clanless orphan. Me, being a Namikaze, should be more than enough to gain victory in all battles even against the 5 kages and the gods themselves." (Yep, an arrogant son of a bitch isn't he?)

His teammates were Kiba Inuzuka, heir the Inuzuka clan. He was a well known womanizer of the clan and almost, if not, more arrogant than Kuniato himself especially when it came to pretty girls. He felt that all women were beneath men and should worship the very ground that men walk on. Not only that, he felt woman should not be in the ninja field. Not for their safety, but so he could make sure the pretty ones didn't die early so he could marry them, fuck them, and leave them for the next one. His partner and (the smart one out of the two of them) friend name's was Akumaru.

Last but certainly not a bit least arrogant was their female teammate, Hinata Hyuuga, heiress of the Hyuuga clan. She was also known as a political bitch and ice bitch as well that only went after clan heirs for money, fame, and power. She always thought that love had nothing to do with anything only money and power. She treated the secondary branch members of the Hyuuga clan like trash. Her main goal in life was to not only to become the Hyuuga clan head but also marry Kuniato Namikaze so she could steal all of the Namikaze power and wealth, and to make a secondary branch member Hokage so the Hyuuga would be in control of the village, and be its rulers forever.

All three of them had a goal in life for their own benefits, but none of it was going to happen.

As Kakashi finished off Haku who took the blow for Zabuza clapping was heard at the end of the bridge. "So this is the famous demon of the mist, eh? Pathetic if you ask me," a smug voice called out. The voice came from a short man with a cane in his hand, wearing a small dark yet expensive business suit, and a pair of sunglasses on with over one thousand thugs and mercenaries.

"What are you doing here Gato?" Zabuza demanded.

"Oh, I'm here just to pay out on a small insurance policy. You see Zabuza I never planned on paying you in the first place. Once you killed Tazuna, I was going to have you kill or turn in for your bounty ether way I would just get richer."

Zabuza was furious at Gato's betrayal, while Kakashi was thinking how to get out of the jam. He was out of chakra and the 'self-proclaim gods and or goddess' were not fairing so well either.

'Dammit should've known that this would've happened. Even if we survive sensei is going to have my head!'

Zabuza's body was broken from Kakashi's ninja hound attacking his arms. His chakra was down from keeping his kirigakure no jutsu (hidden mist jutsu) running through his entire fight with Kakashi, so basically he was screwed. 'Damn I'm completely useless. Is this it for me…Haku I am so sorry my son, I wish I could join you where you are going.' Zabuza thought remorsefully.

"Men after today will completely own this country. We'll have all it resources and ladies for entertainment. For the prelude, who ever kills and brings the heads of Zabuza and Tasuna to me will get quadruple the pay and get to break the virgins first!"

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" the thugs cheered.

"CHAAAAAAAARGE!" Gato shouted.

Unknowingly charging to their deaths the thugs tried to finish off Zabuza, the bridge builder, and team 7, but was stopped by an unknown and yet a familiar voice.

"Kaze no Kizu (Wind Scar)." A wave of yellow energy sliced through a quarter of the thugs.

Everyone on that bridge was frozen in pure shock and amazement. Kuniato was the first to break out of his stupor and look to see who outside the Namikaze clan and Konohagakure (hidden leaf village) had this kind of power 'This may be a threat to the village and to the power I'm supposed to receive.' As soon as he looked he was once again in shock, that soon turned into anger."YOU!" Kuniato snarled in hatred and anger.

In front of him was his long lost twin brother and the reason the Namikaze clan was known as the 'neglectful to children clan', 'the clan of favoritism', and the 'clan of child abuse' to all outside of Konoha, but inside it was still worshiped. It was like looking in the mirror, but this boy had sun kissed blond hair, deep blue glaring in hatred at Kuniato as he carried the legendary demon blade Tessiaga (Iron Breaking Fang) over his shoulder. He was wearing an orange t-shirt with a red jacket covering it, black jeans, and red gloves with orange stripes down the middle of them.

This was Naruto Namikaze, the 4th Hokage's forgotten son and the Hero's brother.

Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and pretty much the entire village worshiped the ground that Kuniato shit, pissed, and walked on and though not necessarily in that order. While Naruto pretty much suffered the wrath of the village, due to his own father paying off teachers to sabotage and switch his grades with his former brother's, beating Naruto for always beating Kuniato in the spars they had, and even making the Namikaze clan look bad by not showing up to formal events when he was sick with a fever.

But the day Naruto left was when the shit hit the fan, but that's for another time. Now here he was in front of his own brother looking at him with so much hatred that it could fry an egg.

"Hey you might want pay attention to us!" one of the mercenaries shouted out as they continued charging towards the team. Kakashi and the other members of team 7 got out of their stupor looks when they heard that and focused on the army of mercenaries. Zabuza was nowhere to be found.

"Scatter…Senbon Zakara (Thousand Cherry Blossom)," a feminine voice said calmly. (NOT BANKAI FORM)

Right there and then a short wall of cherry blossoms or sakura petals appeared between the thugs and mercenaries, and for those who couldn't stop in time they were cut to shreds. The sakura petals started to swirl and form a pink tornado.

"What is this?" Kakashi asked out loud.

A figure could be seen at the very center of the tornado, and when it dispersed everyone's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Standing with short cut pink hair that stopped at the shoulders, wearing a red battle dress with violet colored sleeves, with just a sword handle in her hands was Sakura Haruno.

"Naruto you're showing off again," Sakura stated while glaring hatefully at one of the very beings that caused her pain while she was at the Hidden Leaf Ninja Academy, Hinata Hyuuga.

Hinata was looking at the girl she use to torment throughout their academy days, with such contempt and anger that it was the very reason why her clan reputation was down the drain as well.

Why you ask? Because when the current Hyuuga clan leader, Hiashi Hyuuga, found out what truly happened he was furious at his daughter for doing such things and tried to have her punished. But the Hyuuga council over ruled it by saying and I quote, "She was just showing the Hyuuga superiority, having her disciplined for something that she is fated to do is completely foolish."

But thanks to the bitch in front of her Hiashi had the sole right to choose the next head of the clan. All because she couldn't keep her mouth shut and deal with the situation as a commoner should have. Sadly to always say that pride will always come before the fall.

Naruto just kept glaring at the person in front of him while Sakura couldn't blame him. After all she too had a dreadful tormenter that was standing in front of her, who caused her nothing but pain in her life and that's not even the worst part. Sakura's own parents, even though showed the mountain of evidence that Hinata was tormenting her, just ignored it. It was their way of saying, "You should be lucky the she is even wasting time with you. Just try to be friends with her so she will introduce you to a main clan member, and we can be financially secure."

Yep, that right! A clan full of gold-diggers just looking for the next rich train to hop on. Sakura made a vow to never become like her clan members in any shape or form.

"So, it was you huh? The very reason why my clan council lost power, and gave up the right to choose the next clan heir. All because you couldn't just keep your mouth," Hinata started to say.

"Shut up, Bitch!" Sakura said in a cold and venomous voice.

Hinata got angry was about to retort but was interrupted by Gato, "Kill them all! Don't let a bunch of petals scare you. Just what the hell am I paying you for!?" So once more the thugs just charged to their death without thinking.

Getsuga Tensho! (Moon Fang Heaven Piercer)

Funka ha! (Eruption Wave)

A giant arc of blue energy shot out horizontally toward the thugs and mercenaries, while lava like pillars rose up in front of team 7. Naruto and Sakura rushed forward.

"You see Sasuke, I told you that we should have took a right instead of a left. Otherwise we would have been here earlier," said one of the newcomers who just appeared in front of them.

Team 7 excluding Kakashi just look angrily with every intention to report this to the Yondiame.

"Shut the hell up, Motoshi." said the now known Sasuke.

Sasuke was wearing a black t-shirt with the Uchiha symbol on it, anbu style pants with a chain wrapped around his waist, and have a black thin long head band around his head. On his shoulders he had one of the legendary and scared swords that was used by the very leader of the Greil Mercenaries: The Ragnell.

Sasuke's clan was massacred by his own brother, and he had chosen to leave Konoha out of fear and the prejudice against him in the village. It was then that he'd had figured out that his brother was following orders from the 4th and the elder council to kill his family.

Kiba who was strangely silent the whole time finally made his pathetic presence known, "So, is this a gathering of losers and crybabies. Ha, you guys are a joke." Akamaru just shook his head and hid in his dumbass master's coat because of the killing intent Naruto gave off.

"Well it seems that the dog is smarter than him huh, Sasuke?" Motoshi asked. Motoshi was wearing a cobalt vest with a blue t-shirt under it and had black jeans on with blue flames.

He stood 5'2 with the legendary zapakuto that saved two worlds many times: Zangetsu (Slaying moon). Motoshi was just an orphan who was too smart for his own good, and got kick out of academy for confronting Kuniato Namikaze for picking on certain blond hair girl who was cast out of the clan by her uncle. And when he whooped the arrogant kid ass Minato had him expelled from the school along with the very girl.

Gato, who was sick and tire of the interruptions that were coming, shouted, "What are you fools waiting for? Get them!" Now you think after the 200 got slain they would take the hint but noooooooo.

Naruto walked forward with Sasuke, Motoshi, and Sakura by his side. "Everyone get ready for a blood bath," Naruto stated with a hint of excitement and blood lust.

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