Hey guys! I've recently been watching Death Note, and fallen in love with L. This story is if L was at my house, AU of course! Now, I'll leave you alone, go on, read!


"How did I get here?" asked L, sitting in his crouched position on the couch.

"Car? Plane? Bike?" a short girl questioned.

"Wait, who are you?"



"This is my house."

"oh. Where is that?"

"On a hill."

"could you be any more specific?"



Shannon sat down beside him, and put her arm around his shoulders. They sat, not saying a word, for a while. The only sound was the radio.

"What song is that?" he asked, scooting away from her.

"Star-ship, by Nicki Minaj."

"Never heard it."

"Well, we are in America."

"Do you know anything about Kira?"

"actually, yes, I do."

"What would that be?"

"Can't say."

"Why not?" he asked childishly.

"Cause, you have to figure it out all by your self!"

"Are you working for him?"

"Nope. I'm in a band. I don't murder people."

"oh," L sighed, "okay..."

"I know something that'll interest you though."

"What would that be?"

"Do you like M&M's?"

His eyes lit up.


"How much do you like M&M's?"

"A lot!"

"that's good..."

She got up from the couch and walked over to the bookcase. Slowly, she picked up a bright red M&M dispenser filled with pastel candies.

L's eyes practically popped out of his head, as he stood and walked over to the girl.

"Can I have some?" he asked.

"If you can figure out the magic word."

"Really?" he asked, disapprovingly.


"Don't you think that seems a little, immature?"


"How old are you suppose to be anyways?"

"ugh!" she exclaimed, "You NEVER ask a chick how old they are!"

"It's just a question."

"Here's a question for you, L. Are you the pervert Misa claims you are?"


"I know three types of self defense. I could kill you."

"you just said you weren't a murderer."

"I'm not, yet."

"Can I have some candy now?"

"You still didn't say the magic word."

Shannon tapped her foot impartiality.



"uh... pineapple?"


The two went on, L guessing, Shannon telling him "nope" for a half hour, until L finally figured out the word.




"yep. I'm surprised it took you that long to figure it out. Aren't you suppose to be the world's best detective, or something?"

"Yes, I am the worlds greatest detective."

"or something..."


First chapter, and L still doesn't get the M&M's ! More should be up soon! Review please! Thanks! -LightIsTheKey14