There was a knock at the door, and Shannon raced to answer it.

"Kasha!" she squealed, hugging the girl.

"I'm so glad Franklin's okay! I heard about the scare," Kasha replied, slinging a body sized sack onto the yellow-green couch.

"Yup!" Shannon said happily, and then smiled as wide as her mouth would let her.

Kasha followed, and the two girls began to do silly smiles at each other for at least five minuets.

L sat on the couch, near the bag, and herd something from inside of it.


"You win!" Kasha yelped, "I can't beat that!"

"Oh, sorry." Shannon said, her smile fading.

Kasha turned to her bag, and met eyes with L.

"You're face!" she exclaimed, bursting into laughter.

"I just woke up," the man responded, un-ammused.

Shannon then began to giggle too.

"It's past time you get a make-over," Kasha continued, turning to Shannon.

"Would you like one, ma'am?" she asked in her best "store clerk" accent, "I could paint your face to be anything you want!"

"Yesh please!" the blond slurred, "I wanna be a banana!"

"One banana, coming right up!"

Kasha pushed Shannon onto a chair, and pulled out a bag of make-up.

With in fifteen minuets, the girl was painted to be a banana.

L, in this time, has opened the body sack, and pulled out a shaking Near.

"L! You don't know me, but I'm Near, and she," he pointed to Kasha, "kidnapped me!"

L looked puzzled.

"Uh, Shannon?"

"Yup?" she asked, turning around.

Shannon, seeing Near, turned to her guest, with a questioning look upon her face.

"I brought us some fun," said girl said innocently.

"Hm... okay!"

Near latched onto L, a frightened look upon his face.

Shannon, while Near wasn't looking, snatched his teddy-bear from his side.

"Near! I stole you're teddy! Now, you and L must fight to the death for it!"

Near was shocked.

"Yeah! Fight!"

"I-I just want my bear..."

Kasha stopped cheering.

"Aw! Look at that face! It's too cute! Do they have to fight to the death? I mean, can't they just fight each other into a pulp instead, so neither dies?... PWEASE?!"

"But death is so much more fun!"

"Pwease?" Near mimicked.

"... No..."

"... Yes..."

"I see what you did there!"

Both guys' eyes got wide.

"And for that, I will go with pulp."

"Yay!" the other girl screamed, latching onto Shannon.

"Now... Fight!"

The two girls stood either boy up at opposite sides of the living-room.

L, without a word, eagle kicked poor Near, knocking him out automatically.

"Sorry, little one, but it was either that or hit you repetitively."

L picked up the boy, and placed him on the couch.

"Now, the teddy-bear?"

"But that means it's yours, L..." Shannon mumbled, hugging Near.

"You monster!"

A pained mumble came from the now waking up Near.

L grabbed the bear from a stray chair, and handed it to the boy.


Near pushed himself upright, and hugged L.



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